Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


5. Is this a dream

I woke up by Sam

Sam: hey baby

me: hey

jasper: mommy

me: what jasper?

jasper: I luv you

me: I love you too

thayer: what bout me?

me: come here my little boys

sam: our babies

*beep beep*

sam: daddy's gotta go to work

all of us: awwwwhhhhh why

sam: someone has to provide stuff 

Thayer & Jasper: we'll bye dad and mom were hungry!

me: okay okay, who wants to watch tv while I make breakfast 

The boys: me me me

me: okay

*ding dong*

me: Shawn!!!

shawn: hey! How've you been

me: I'm good how about you?

shawn: I'm fine I miss you though

me: we'll come in

shawn: how's the boys

me: yunno just being two little crazy boys 

shawn: haha yes of course! How's Sam?

me: he's fine

shawn: he's at work?

me: he always is

shawn: let's go visit him

me: okay boys let's go we're going to go see daddy

-when we got there I asked for Shawn and they said he doesn't work today but then I saw Ricky-

me: ricky!

ricky: yea?

me: have you seen Sam

Ricky: he just left when a lady

me: do you know where?

Ricky: Starbucks I think

Me: okay thanks

-I looked through the window and saw my mom what's going on there?-

me: mom?

mom: hey sweetie

me: what are you guys doing 

sam: I was asking your mom if you liked a band

me: what band?

Sam: Panic! At the disco

Me: OMG yes I do why didn't you ask me though?

Sam: because it would ruin the surprise 

Me: of what?

Sam: you know the party that were hosting

me: yea

Sam: I was gonna let them play

me: OMG that would be amazing

sam: I know

-tonight's the party only in two hours and I heard a knock on the door-

me: hi I'm sorry I'm just in love with your music

PATD: aha we see

Brendon (lead singer)- thanks for letting us crash here and sing too

me: honestly I would do anything for you aha

 brendon: okay 

Dallon: thanks though

Me: no problem 

~ 2 hours later~ 

Me: hi so I'm gonna make a toast thank you all for coming tonight and being here my husband will still not tell me why were hosting a party but anyways enjoy.

-as I was walking off the stage there was a wire and I didn't see it and I tripped and fell all I saw was Dallon and brendon and Sam rushing me to the hospital but it was too late when we go there and I died but something then happened-


Sam: baby you okay?


Sam: baby it's okay

-thank god it was just a dream I'm not ready to die yet-

me: I had a nightmare 

sam: come here


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