Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


14. infection.

-Starts to call lia-

Lia: hello?

Me: hey can you make an appointment for me

Lia: oh girl what time?

Me: 2:00?

Lia: yes that's fine , why?

Me: i can't say you'll see when i get there

Lia : alright good bye loves

Me: buh bye

Kevin: I'm going to work -as he kisses my forehead-

Me: bye honey


Lia: alright Alyssa have you've been very active lately 

Me: yes

Lia: tell me how many times in the past 24 hours

Me: 13 times 

Lia : oh girl alright let's have a look 

Me: i hope you know your the only doctor i'm ever letting see my vagina

Lia: yea you have a Uti

Me: oh great

Lia: just drink lots of fluids alright

Me: okay 

Lia: and no sex for a little

Me: alright


Kevin : hey i'm home

Me: hey we're in the kitchen 

Kevin : oooo cookies 

Jesse: no eating them yet

Kevin : oh alright -he looks in the fridge for something else- so what did you all do today

Jesse : Uncle Justin came over while mommy went to the doctors

Kevin : oh?

Me: kids go in the other room

The kids: ok

Me: i went to see Lia

Kevin : so not really the doctors 

Me: no she's a doctor she's my doctor

Kevin : what's wrong?

Me: i just have a uti

Kevin : did she yell at you because of how much sex we've been having

Me: well kinda , we've been doing this for the past 5 months 

Kevin : true , i guess we could cut down it a bit 

Me: no a lot , just because your body and my body are wanting each other 24/7 we have to ignore it like let's just pretend i'm on my period for a while

Kevin : oh alright

---------a couple days later-------

-knock knock-

Kevin : did we have someone coming over today?

Me: no i don't think so 


Me: oh okay i'm coming 

-i look to see who it was and it was Eliot

Me: (i whisper) Eliot?

-i open the door-

Me: Eliot? what are you doing here?

Eliot: Alyssa i didn't know you lived with Kevin

Kevin : ay Eliot!!

Me: oh my god 

Eliot: Kev hey 

Kevin: totally spaced you were coming today

Eliot: well i'm here

Kevin : Babe this is Eliot

Me: yea we met

Kevin : good , come in Eliot

Eliot : alright

-i start to go back upstairs and Perfect timing someone else knocks-

Me: (i whisper) you fucking serious

- i go to the door and open it-

Me: Sam?

Sam : hey

Me: oh my god it's been forever -i hug him-

Sam : i know it has i missed you though

Me: come in we should go upstairs game room i guess lol

-we head upstairs-

Me: how are the boys?

Sam : Terrible

Me : what? no their not 

Sam : ever since you moved out here when you were with Jaspar everyone has been pretty bad

Me: well i don't live with Jaspar anymore

Sam : i know he's in the army now

Me: he actually went?

Sam : yea 7 months ago

Me: the last time i talked to him was 7 months ago

Sam : oh 

Me: but really how are the boys?

Sam : Ricky is  a complete ass he had a girlfriend but she broke up with him , Shawn is Engaged with a baby on the way , Riley is well he's Riley , and i just came back Iran

-we hear Eliot and Kevin screaming at the tv-

Sam : who's here? -as he goes downstairs- hey you're Eliot right?

Eliot: yea...

Sam: ah i remember now - as he looks at me- Kevin?

Kevin : Sam

Sam : so you're friends with Eliot is that why you're here?

Eliot: no i'm friends with him and visiting 

Sam : Oh so you're dating Alyssa again Kev?

Kevin : yea have been for the last 7 months

Sam : oh nice it's kinda weird you're friends with Eliot 

-i hit him with my elbow-

Kevin : why you say that

Sam : oh nevermind

Kevin : No what? 

- i start to go upstairs to the room-

Sam : i'm serious goodbye

Kevin : alright bye

-i was so relieved that Sam didn't say anything , i hear Kevin coming up the stairs-

Kevin : what are you doing up here?

Me: oh nothing just thought i should get the dirty laundry that i forgot i did it yesterday

Kevin : what's going on , why did Sam think it was me the one visiting 

Me: i have no idea...

Kevin : oh my god

-oh no i think he knows oh god no no no no-

Kevin: you slept with Eliot haven't you

Me: shit -as i whisper to myself- babe it was like two years ago 

Kevin : he's dating Shila and has been for 5 years

Me: i didn't know he had a girlfriend

Kevin : ELIOT

Eliot: fuck -he whispers-

Kevin : i thought you were with Shila 

Eliot: me and Shila broke up like 2 1/2 years ago

Kevin : so you had sex with my girlfriend i hear

Eliot: i didn't know at the time dude we were drunk as hell the first time

Kevin : The first time?


Kevin : oh great , how am i supposed to get over it when you've have had sex with him 90 god damn times

Eliot: ok i don't think it was that much

Kevin : it was she counts 

Me: just take it easy

Kevin : He's had his dick in you

Me: well yea that's what sex is basically 

Kevin: i can't right now -as he heads up the stairs with his head down-

Eliot: i'm gonna go 

Me: That'll be a good idea

Eliot: goodbye

Me: bye

-he leaves , i walk up the stairs into our room-

Me: Baby -as i sit behind him and wrap my arms around him-

Kevin: He's had sex with you and never bothered to tell me

Me: it's okay

Kevin: you didn't tell me either

Me: i didn't know you were friends with him 

Kevin: i know , it's alright

Me: Kev baby

Kevin: yes?

Me: i love you more than the world heck you were my teacher for a year when i was 18-19 then now i'm with you and i'm 22 years old and in this beautiful house with our beautiful 5 kids and my handsome boyfriend

Kevin: Let's get married

Me: What?

Kevin: you heard me let's get married

Me: okay let's do it

Kevin: tomorrow

Me: Kev why a rush

Kevin : because i'm tired of calling you my girlfriend i want to call you my wife

 Me: are you serious

Kevin : of course i am

Me: ok tomorrow it is.


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