Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


4. I'm showing

me: Babe!

Ricky: what

me: look as I started to lift up my shirt

ricky: what's the difference you look normal

me: no look from the side

ricky: oh your showing 

me: yea 

tonight was the night that we tell everyone I'm pregnant...

-on the phone with my dad-

me: dad you still coming?

dad: of course

~5 hours later 6:28 pm~

-Knock knock-

me: oh dads here

dad: hey sweetie 

rickys mom: dinners ready!!!

me: hey bella

Bella: hi you look different?

me: I guess and warning my moms here 

Bella: okay?

dad: Jessica how are you

mom: engaged and never could be happier 

dad: haha same and a baby on the way for me and Bella 

mom: how nice

Jacob: hi you must be Justin I've heard good things

dad: you must be Jacob nice to finally meet the guy my ex-wife is with

jacob: want a drink?

dad: sure

mom: where's the thot that made your dad cheat on me 

me: over there and be nice

mom: oh don't worry I will

bella: hi jessica

mom: hi?

bella: bella

mom: right aha

*as were all at the table and eating*

mom: so why are we all here?

me: Ricky?

-Ricky's parents already know and they wanna help us-

Ricky: we wanna tell you all something 

Dad: What?

me: I'm pregnant

Dad: WHAT!!!!?!?!

mom: how far along

Ricky: 15 weeks

Mom: honey I'm happy for you   

Dad: he'll no my daughter is not 16 and pregnant

me: he'll yea I am look we didn't find out till yesterday 

Dad: doesn't make a difference 

Me: yea it fucking does!!!

Ricky: baby I think-

Me: no all I wanted was my dad to finally accept me 

I ran up to mine and Ricky's room and slammed the door and started packing all my stuff I went down the stairs quietly and opened the front door and just left


Ricky: baby wait

-I was under a lot of stress I sat by the car and started crying-

Ricky: baby it's okay

Me: no it's not my dad hasn't changed a bit

Ricky: let's go back inside it's cold out here

me: okay

~4 months later~

Shawn: how are my nephews?

Me: the twins are trying me crazy 

Shawn: I bet how's Ricky?

Me: he's fine -as I rub my stomach-

Shawn: what happened?

me: we got in a fight and I left 

Shawn: where are you staying?

Me: in a hotel

shawn: sweetie!!!

me: I know 

Shawn: it'll be okay

Sam: hey sense when is Alyssa pregnant?

Ricky: please don't talk about her right now

sam: where is she staying?

Ricky: I don't know

Shawn: so what do you think of Sam?

Me: he's pretty hot I guess

Sam: hey Alyssa you can stay at my house instead of a hotel

Me: okay thanks I think that would be better

Sam: my guest room then?

me: okay

~in class~

From Sam: 

your pretty cute from the behind

from sam:

and beautiful in the front 


It's been a week sense i moved In with Sam and he has no parents though

Sam: FOOD!!!

Me: okay okay

Sam: morning beautiful

Me: morning, ughhhhh

Sam: what's wrong?

me: these baby's have been growing and growing and I can't see my feet

Sam: haha that's normal soon you will again 

Me: haha yea


Me: morning shawn

Shawn: morning have you talked to Ricky yet?

Me: no but I have to today


Ricky: hey...

Me: I'm giving the twins up for adoption

Ricky: what why?

Me: we're not together anymore

Ricky: I thought we were taking a break

Me: we'll I wanna stop the break

Ricky: me too


i was staying the nigh tag Ricky's and he went out with his friend and he also left his phone and someone texted him and it said

From Serena 

Hey you still coming over I miss you love you baby

i dropped the phone to the ground and decided to go back to sam's.

Sam: you okay?

Me: yeah I'm gonna go to bed

Sam: okay see you in the morning

me: okay

as my phone started to ring of course it was Ricky

Me: What!!!

Ricky: where are you?

Me: gone

Ricky: why did you leave?

Me: you really are a jerk!

Ricky: how

 me: you have a fucking girlfriend!

Ricky: oh you found out

Me: yea I did goodbye as I hung up

i was thinking about going to sleep but I started to bleed 

Me: SAM!

Sam: what!?!?

Me: I need to go to the hospital right now

Sam: okay


Its been two days sense I lost the twins I'm tired of people telling me that I can't wait to go back to school but honestly I don't wanna hear all day oh sorry for your loss.but Sam has been here everyday for me lately.

Sam: hey baby

me: hey ready to go to school?

Sam: yeah

- he grabbed my hand and started walking I haven't seen Ricky sense I was gonna go spend the night at his house he doesn't know about the twins and me and Sam together-

Ricky: are you guys together?

Sam: yea we are.

Ricky: Alyssa why is your stomach smaller

Sam: you wanna tell him?

Me: I lost the twins

Ricky: and you didn't call me!

Me: I didn't want to.

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