Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


12. Adoption?

i woke up this morning with no one beside me i went downstairs to see if Jaspar was there but he wasn't he doesn't work on saturdays so i wonder where he is the boys are still here so why isn't he , we have a gym on the 4th floor and he's not there so i decided to call him .

-calling Jaspar-

A women : hello 

Me ; is Jaspar there?

A Women : oh yes he's in the shower want to take a message

Me : yes tell him to not come home

-i hang up-


Jaspar : who called?

a Women : a lady told me to tell you to not come home

Jaspar : oh god 


Sammy : mommy you okay ?

Me : i'm alright

Brendon : MOM!!!!

Me : yes ?

brendon : Sam was in another accident

Me : omg 

Sammy : mom i'm going with you

Me : well you both have to go come on


ME : hello i'm looking for Sam Hudsons room

Doctor : in room 212

Me : thank you 

Sammy : Hey your okay!!!

Sam : yea i'm alright

Sammy : what happened ?

Sam : i just got a little hurt that's it 

Sammy : but what happened ?

Sam : i just got hit by a car a little bit

Sammy : oh 

Sam : hi Brendon 

Brendon : hello

Sam : boys can i talk to your mom alone 

Sammy : yea

Me : i'm glad your okay

Sam : why are they both here

Me : because i couldn't leave them home alone

Sam : what happened 

Me : Jaspar is cheating on me

Sam : i'm sorry -as he starts to hug me-

-Why is it every time something bad happens i go to Sam or a different ex ughh-

---------we get home-----------

Jaspar : Alyssa just let me talk to you

Me : no 

Brendon : Dad!!

Jaspar : hey B

Me : boys come on 

-------the next day----

-Knock  knock-

Me : mommy's sleeping go away

Jaspar : Alyssa

Me : please go away Jas i do not have the energy to talk to you

Jaspar : why do you have a puke bucket right by you

Me : because i'm puking 

Jaspar : Alyssa , i wasn't cheating on you that lady is helping me get ready

ME : ready for what?

Jaspar : she was helping me find the right size suit 

Me: so a fitting

Jaspar: yes

me : for what

Jaspar : i can't tell you it's a suprise so get something on and meet me in the car 

Me : what about the boys

Jaspar : my mom is here

Me: okay


Me :Jaspar this is the most expensive Restaurant in town

Jaspar : well good

-The restaurant starting playing some love songs-

Me : oh geez love songs

Jaspar : i know :) 

-we sit in our chairs and order while we were eating he asks me this-

Jaspar : Alyssa , how many more kids do you want

Me : as many as we have

Jaspar : 2?

Me : no i mean as many as we have along the way

Jaspar : i like that Answer 

Jaspars POV : oh god i'm so scared to ask her she's been the person i've always loved alright Jaspar you can do this let's do it ....I get down on one knee and i say Alyssa i love you more than nything in this world you've always been my one and will be for the rest of my days i love you so much and i wanna , Will you marry me? , yes she say's .

POV over

 ------The next day------

Me : Jaspar 

Jaspar : yea 

Me : i havent started my period yet

JaspaR : okay?

Me : i'm almost a month late 

Jaspar :do you think your pregnant

Me : yes Jaspar i do think that


Doctor : well it appears you are pregnant 8 weeks 

Me : there is only one right

Doctor : well...

Me : what is it?

Jaspar : is that really three of them

Doctor : it appears so

Me : omg why can't i have one single baby for once

Jaspar : it's okay


-we see an abandon kid trying to get adopted from the hospital-

Me : honey look

Jaspar : yea he will find someone else

Me : JAspar! thats is rude i wanna see if he has a family to adopt him

Jaspar : your gonna have three others 

Me : i wanna see


Me : hi what's your name?

Boy : Jesse m name is jesse

Me : where are you from ?

Jesse : Australia 

Me : That's nice , how old are you

Jesse : 6 , everyone usually wants a new born 

Me : i have two five year old boys at home and three on the way

Jesse : sounds like you have a handful

Me : i wouldn't mind having one more

Jesse : you really would consider adopting me

Me : of course i would , do you wanna meet my Fiance 

Jesse : okay

Jaspar : hi i'm Jaspar

Jesse : jesse

Jaspar : i like him already his name starts with J

-Jesse laughs-

-2 months later-

Judge : Alyssa & Jaspar you may take Jesse home now he is in your hands now

Me : yay!!

Jaspar : you ready to meet the crew 

Jesse : yes i am

Jaspar : let's go then!


Jaspar : were home

Brendon : dad can i meet my new brother 

Me : here he is

Jesse : hi im Jesse

Brendon : I'm brendon you can call me B 

Sammy : I'm Sammy , i'm the youngest twin

Jesse : that's cool 

Sammy : your seven right?

Jesse : nope i'm six

Brendon : Cool! don't you wanna meet everyone else?

Jesse: okay

Me : Alright so there may be a lot of people but there always gonna be here for you

Jaspar : there is Sam , Ricky ,Matthew , Riley , Grandma Bella , Grandpa Justin , Grandma Jessica , Grandpa Jacob , Uncle Justin , Uncle Alex, Uncle Sebastian etc.

Jesse : there is a lot of people here (he whispers to me)

Me : does it scare you?

Jesse : no i'm happy

Me : good :)

Jesse : can i ask something

Me : yea of course

Jesse : did you name Sammy ater Sam ?

Me : yes i did because me and sam were together once and i named him after him

Jesse : oh okay 

Me: do you wanna come with us to the doctors tomorrow?

Jesse: do you get to find out the genders yet

Me : no next time 

Jesse : oh okay , i'll go still

Me : okay


Me : Where's jesse ?!?

Sammy : he's sleeping

Me : atleast he goes to bed early unlike you two

Brendon : are we going with you tomorrow ?

Me : if you want yea

Sammy : we wanna stay 

Me : okay well tell your dad that

Sammy : DADDDDD!!!

Me : Sammy do not scream

Sammy : Sorry

Jaspar : WHAT!!!

Me : Jaspar  stop screaming , go upstairs to talk to him sammy

Sammy : okay

Jesse : excuse me

Me : yes jesse ?

Jesse : I had a nightmare can i lay with you

Me : yes you can


-i picked up Jesse and put him in bed-

Jaspar : long day huh

Me : yea for sure

Jaspar : well goodnight

Me : Jas

Jaspar : yes

ME : i love you

Jaspar   : i love you too baby , What's wrong?

Me : i was laying with jesse on the couch and he was talking while he was sleeping

Jaspar : what happened

Me : His mom passed away and he was crying and he was worried about his brothers 

Jaspar : oh my

Me : then he said thank you Kevin for making them safe

Jaspar : do you think it's the Kevin we know

Me : i don't know i'll call him

-calling Kevin-

Kevin : hello?

Me : hey kevin

Kevin : Alyssa hi uh what's up 

Me : so i just adopted a little boy Jesse

Kevin : Jesse the one who was hanging out at the hospital a while ago

Me : yes , did you adopt his brothers

Kevin : yes i did i was gonna adopt him but he told me he can wait

Me : oh my god , how old are his brothers?

Kevin : 3 years, and 2 months

Me : your taking care of a new baby

Kevin : yes i am 

Me : do you think we can go over there tomorrow so he can see them

Kevin : yea that will be alright

Me : okay see you then 

Kevin : alright bye.

----he hangs up , i walk back into the room , and Jaspar is already asleep----

Me : well goodnight 

-----------2:00 a.m-------

Jaspar : bye baby girl see you after work

-i mumble okay-

-7 hours later-


Me : i'm up , looks like you all three are coming with me today

Jaspar : im home!

Me : or not

Jaspar : nope were all going

Sammy & B : oh dang

Me : aha let's go 

Jaspar : Actually boys if you don't wanna go i bet One of the guys can watch you like what about Justin

Me : right Uncle Justin go get him , he's in the guest room

----at the doctors---

Doctor : Alyssa ?

Me : that's me

Doctor : come on back , who is this little buddy

Me : this is my son Jesse

Doctor : nice to meet you Jesse Im Doctor J 

Jesse: hi

Doctor : Jaspar not coming today

Me : he had a work call

Doctor : oh alright well let's check these little ones out -his face looks concerned-

Me : Doctor?

Doctor : Well i can't find any heartbeats

Me : oh my god

Doctor : i'm sorry Alyssa but where gonna have to do some work

Jesse : what's wrong

Me : the babies don't wanna be here anymore

Jesse : oh no

---a couple of hours later----

-Jaspar is calling , jesse answers it-

Jesse : Mommy doesn't wanna talk dad

Jaspar : what happened Jesse ?

Jesse : there is no babies

Jaspar : oh no.

-he hangs up-

Jesse : this isn't home 

Me : i wanna show you something

-we knock on Kevins door-

Kevin : Hello again Jesse

Jesse : Daniel! 

Kevin : Alyssa you okay ?

Me : no -istarted crying-

Kevin : hey hey what's wrong

Me : i had a miscarriage 

Kevin : oh god i'm so sorry

Me : how could three of them be gone

Kevin : hey let's get you inside and come sit 

Me : okay , but i can't move or im gonna fall

Kevin : i got you -he picks me up and carries me to the couch-

-i laugh and smile-

Kevin : what?

Me : you still have the couch that we did everything on

Kevin : yes i do

Me : oh wow

Kevin : so do you know what caused it

-the baby starts crying-

Me : so what's this one's name

Kevin : he didn't have a name before i adopted him but his name is Andre

Me : named after Andre from high School?

Kevin : yea i miss that kid , i'm still really mad that they took his life too soon

Me : me too

Kevin : why is Jaspar here?

Me : i have no idea 

Jaspar:  i knew i would find you here

Me : Jaspar wait

Jaspar : you know Alyssa i really thought you would stay loyal with me

Me : i didn't cheat on you!

Jaspar : yea right

Jesse : WAIT

Jaspar : you brought our son with you

Jesse : she came here to surprise me to see my little brothers she never cheated on you , you exactly were just at some girls house goofing around don't be yelling at my mom

Me : jesse what do you mean he was at some girls house

Jesse : her name is Katie , she came to the house yesterday but he said to go away and he will see her today

Me : wow Jaspar

Jaspar : your really gonna believe him

Me : ofcourse i'm gonna believe him he wouldn't lie like that 

-Someone pulls up-

Jaspar : shit -he whipers-

Katie : Jas why did you leave so early

Me : your the girl i called a couple months ago aren't you

Katie : yes?

Me : who are you

Katie : i'm Katie Jaspar's Girlfriend

Me : Girlfriend wow .

Katie : there a problem

Me : i'm his fiance 


Me : i don't know what the fuck your thinking he cheated on me , he's the dad to my kids

Katie : what?!?

Me : my kids are 5 years old

Katie : oh my god Jaspar your just like my father!

--she leaves--

Me : I can't believe you Jaspar , you were hoping we loose the triplets weren't you

Jaspar : i would never be happy about that

Me : bullshit , bye Jaspar 

- we go back into Kevin's house-

Jaspar : it always has to be one of you guys to break up us

Kevin : it's not my fault you all cheat

Jaspar : oh shut up it's not like you have never cheated

Kevin : i haven't

Jaspar : bull , well i better go , he drives off


Justin : really Jaspar

Jaspar : what 

Justin : you cheated on my sister too

Jaspar : you already know?

Justin : of course i do , now get the fuck outta my house

Jaspar : i live here too

Justin : not anymore

Jaspar : alright i'll go get my stuff

Justin : already packed it all in the living room


Kevin : you okay ?

Me : i'm better then ever

Kevin : no your not -as he hugs me-

Jesse : mom?

Kevin : you already call her mom

Jesse : she is my saver , my hero , my mom

Kevin : that's so cute

-an unknown phone number started calling me i answered-

Me : Hello ?

Katie : Hi It's me the girl who you met earlier today

Me : Katie 

Katie : Look , me and Jaspar were never together he set this all up as a play so it would be an easier way to break up with you i guess or that he wanted to leave and hopefully you would never forgive him or anything goodbye.

-she hangs up-

Me  : oh wow

Kevin : What's wrong

Me : we will be right back come on Jesse

-we get in the car and start driving to our house-

Jesse : What's Wrong ?

Me : You will see

-we get there i get out of the car and so does Jesse-

Jaspar :Alyssa

me : Why would you plan that out -as i start crying-

Jaspar : what are you talking about

Me : you paid her to pretend that you did all that

Jaspar : i never paid anyone or done anything , Alyssa i didn't even know who that girl was

Me : yes you did 

Jaspar : no i didn't -as he comes closer to me and wipes my tears away- Alyssa i love you more than anything in this world , because your my world and i love you 

Me : why did she say she was your girlfriend

Jaspar : because she's obsessed with me

Me : i don't know if i can believe that



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