Author's Academy

Hi! Welcome to Author's Academy! This is the school that will help you be a better writer! Lessons will be posted. Each chapter is a different Lesson. This academy will help with ALL genres. including Fan Fiction. every 15 lessons I will have a writing competition. Details for that in Chapter one.

I NEED TEACHERS aka Co-Authors. Details in Chapter One.



Welcome to the Academy. Please select your rout below.



Students: Hello, welcome to one of movellas' finest Writing Academy's! Every chapter is a different lesson. Every 15 lessons I will have a writing competition, and every 5 I will have a "ask the teacher for help" chapter. To join our school, it costs 100 dollors. LOL JUST KIDDING. This school is 100% free. After you "Graduate" you will be a much better writer then before you began at this school! Every Thursday I will try and post a lesson. when/if we have more teachers they will each choose a different day to post lessons.



Teachers: Hello. It is not a garentee you will get to be a teacher here, so here is what you must do to hopefully joind our school.

send a link of your best book on the comments.

If you are good enough, you will become a teacher.

follow me, so I can add you as a Co-Author.

Then BOOM! your hired!


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