PUREBLOOD: hunt or be hunted (a transformers oc fan fiction)

In the world of modern day earth, lockdown tends to look for the perfect person to hunt as his prey. And once in his grasp, she vanishes once again into the depths of the great gods of cybertron. Will PureBlood survive the dark trenches of brutal war on the knight ship? Or will lockdown capture her and claim her godly powers as his own.

(This story is based off of transformers age of extinction with lockdown and some of my OCs) lol



After I have gained alliance with MaulBreaker's 'team', he teleported me and him to a new room. This room was grey and metallic like the rest of the rooms on the knight ship. But there was something in this very room that stood out different from the others. And it was that MaulBreaker himself, owned it. Not lockdown and his flimsy squad. This room was all ours.
So I walked up to him and I tapped him on the shoulder; feeling the soft fuzz on the cloak that draped over his metal body and I took a deep breath.
"So then, how did you find this place and take its ownership from lockdown?"
MaulBreaker looked at me with trust and he scratched his chin plates.
"He just... gave it to me. That's all."
I look back at him and I gave him a warm smile. Then I sat down on the cold metal floor with surprise.
And I look up at him; towering over me, like some mighty giant, over a flock of baby chickens.
"So you have your own room now?"
MaulBreaker then smiled at me softly and he laid his hand on my back.
"Yes, I do. And so, do you want to begin your training? Or would you like to keep on talking about my surprising ownership of ONE of 'lockdown's' rooms on this vessel?"
I blush and I turn away from him.
"Yes, I would like to do some training. So then, what are we doing first?"
MaulBreaker smiles back at me with sincerity and he helps me off the floor with ease.
"Well, your first session will be of concentration and stability; for when I saw you almost kill our, horrid lieutenant, Bloodtrail; I have noticed nothing but the lack of concentration and control of your powers. So we will start with that..."
I then interrupted and held my hand out; signaling
MaulBreaker to pause his words. And then I spoke.
"So you were watching me? Why we're you watching me get my aft whooped by Bloodtrail? Do you...like me... or something?" 
MaulBreaker then paused with embarrassment and he smiled lightly.
"Uh... no.. don't take it that way. I was only watching you because I know how rough Bloodtrail could be with her new recruits. Especially if their part 'human' or something. So no, I was not being a peeping nosey snag. I was just watching you for your safety."
Then he blushes more and he turns around quickly. So I ran up to him and I biffed him on the back of the helm.
"Yeah right. I would believe you if you didn't just blush at me a few seconds ago."
Then I smiled at him and he stopped blushing. And he pulled out his blade from the back sheath that was concealed under his thick furry cloak. Then he smiled once more.
"Okay then... let's now stop talking and get right to business shall we?"
I roll my eyes and I face him with my optics glaring into the metal reflections of his gigantic blade. And I smiled.
"Whatever, MaulBreaker. Let's start our training then."
So MaulBreaker lead me to the opposite end of the room and he held his weapon towards my direction. And he began to twirl the blade around his hand's fingers.
" Try to Dodge or receive my attacks, PureBlood, without raging yourself. Then you will gain better concentration and control your powers and actions."
Then he made his first move; slicing me on the lower leg and causing me to almost collapse onto the hard floors of the room. And he knocked me down and held his blade to my neck. Then my eyes began to glow and he backed off slowly to the opposite end of the room.
"Calm down PureBlood, calm down before you hurt somebody, or yourself. You need to control your powers without them controlling you."
"No MaulBreaker!!!" I yelled back with interrupt. And so, I used my powers to smash him into the wall.
"I will not calm down!! You hurt me and didn't give me a chance to fight back!!"
"But I had to!.." He yelled. And he teleported behind me and he forced me to the floor, and I collapsed.
"...I had to! Real foes wouldn't try to give you any chances to fight back. So you would need to learn how to control yourself in that situation. So calm down PureBlood! Or I'm just gonna have to deactivate you myself! This is for your own good!"
I then laughed at him with my uncontrollable strength, and I pushed him off me.
"No MaulBreaker!! I won't calm down! And I can't calm down! So you do have no other choice!! Fight me, you slag!!!"
Then I released my powers from within, and from the walls of the room, large plates of metal started to peel off and swirl around my consciousness.
Then it began to form into different shapes and stick onto my body like an outer shell, until I had a full set of armor glued onto my body, like the armor of the ancient lords and knights that used to roam on my planet. Then I laughed viciously at my mentor.
"Come on!! Fight me, you slag!!"
MaulBreaker frowned and stared at my new image with astonishment; Then held his blade firmly in his hands with awareness.
"Okay PureBlood...if you want to"


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