PUREBLOOD: hunt or be hunted (a transformers oc fan fiction)

In the world of modern day earth, lockdown tends to look for the perfect person to hunt as his prey. And once in his grasp, she vanishes once again into the depths of the great gods of cybertron. Will PureBlood survive the dark trenches of brutal war on the knight ship? Or will lockdown capture her and claim her godly powers as his own.

(This story is based off of transformers age of extinction with lockdown and some of my OCs) lol



Blades clashed and energon spilt onto the metallic floors of the room as me and MaulBreaker went after each other, waging a mini battle of sliced steel and thrown debris. 
And as we fought on against each other, I began to lose more of my sanity; until I finally snapped, and sent MaulBreaker crashing to the floor from my overwhelming strength and power.
Then I laughed at him with humor.
"You are so pity!!" And I tossed him around like a rag doll until he used his powers to slam me to the ceiling and onto the wall with great force. And he called my for my attention.
"You need to try to control yourself!!" Then he used his powers to restrain me. But my powers grew stronger, and by my almighty strength, I broke through his power's force. And my eyes glew brighter; allowing my abilities to possess and take over me until I lost my urge to fight it off. And so, I used my powers to create a giant blade over one of my old katanas, made of the energon that we have spilt onto the floors of the room; and MaulBreaker clenched onto his blade with defence. 
"You need to control yourself! Unicron's powers have taken over your spark and you need to fight it off! Or else his pure strength will kill you!!"
I then look directly at him and I try, from within, to stop the rage from spreading and soon, I melted my extra armor off of me and fell to the floor in tears; still clutching my blade in my hands, trying my hardest not to hurt MaulBreaker with it. And I began to cry.
"H-help me, MaulBreaker... I'm trying... But...I can't control myself much longer..."
MaulBreaker then stood up from the floor and he teleported over to me and tried to take my blade away. But I swung it at him uncontrollably, and I sliced him across his chest plates; causing energon to leak out from his lower abdomen. And he looked at me with pain and knocked my blade back with his own; making it send into the wall behind him. Then he held down my hands and he frowned at my suffering consciousness with sadness and worry.
"I will help you PureBlood. But first, I will need to deactivate you. So I would need you to try your best not to hurt me, and to relax. This will be quick."
I then looked at him in the optics with fear and agony, and I began to calm down a little. And soon, MaulBreaker pulled out his small dagger from within his hidden leg sheath. And he gave me a promising smile.
"Are you ready?"
I forcefully smile back, and I began to cry harder with the pain searing throughout my body from my uncontrollable strength.
"Just do it... And get it over with..!"
And so he did. MaulBreaker slid his dagger through my spark chamber with no hesitation; covered my mouth from my painful screams with his energon stained hand. And soon, he pulled it out, and I fell onto my back and deactivated instantly.
"I'm sorry PureBlood. But I had to."
After my temporary decease and loss of my powers possession of my emotions and bodily movements, one of lockdown's troopers came walking by, down the halls of all the examination rooms in the knight ship, until he came across a door stained with energon. And so, the trooper walked in and he stared into the room with shock for in that very room, laid three dead soldiers, and a dead Officer; Lieutenant Bloodtrail. So, he called forth his master, and he came running in.
"What happened here! And where is PureBlood!?"
The soldier scratched his helm with confusion and he shrugged his shoulders.
"I don't know, master lockdown. But all I know is that PureBlood is gone and that two of these soldiers have been snipped, one sliced, and Bloodtrail, blown to smithereens..." Then the trooper looked at lockdown with concern.
"...So who do you think did this?"
Lockdown then ran up to the crime scene and he examined one of the fallen corpses until he found a small clump of maple brown fur hidden under the fallen troopers leg, and he smiled with bloody vengeance at the trooper; lifting the evidence in his dark bloody hand with confidence and revenge. Then he stood up and walked to his soldier with anger, and pride.
"I think I might know who had done this, and I know just the plan,... to bring him to me; For he will die for his actions, once and for all!!"


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