The Cream And The Athlete

Which is worth more: a piece of green string or the Sun?


1. The Cream And The Athlete

The Athlete was sitting outside in the sun,

The beautiful, wonderful, warm summer sun,

"There's nothing," he said, "quite as good as the sun!"

Then along came a Cream with a piece of green string.

"How much," the Cream asked, "will you pay for this thing?

I know that you'll like it. You'll find it great fun.

And it's worth a lot more than that old-fashioned sun."

"Worth more than the Sun...? Why that surely can't be!"

"But it is!" said the Cream. "Let me give you the reasons.

The Sun's only good for a couple short seasons.

But in winter and fall,

The Sun is quite weak. It is not strong at all.

And sometimes the Sun doesn't even come out!"

"Hmm..." thought the Athlete. "I still sort of doubt..."

"But it's great!" said the Cream. "Sometimes the Sun's not there

But strings sprout from your pocket if you keep it there.

The Sun, I warn you, is dangerous stuff!

It can freckle your face. It can make your skin rough.

And when, at its hottest it melts you like fat!

But this piece of green string can never do that!"

"Hmm..." thought the Athlete. "That would be quite handy..."

"This piece of green string," the Cream screamed, "is a dandy!

This piece of green string is colossal! Immense!

And to you...well, I'll sell it for 98 cents!"

And the Athlete...he bought!

(And I'm sorry to say

That such manipulations happen each day.)

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