Tyquan Dorks

Dan Connor and Michael are disgusting perverts they all get sent to Tyquan doe classes because of the grades at first it was hell until the 3of them met Amanda( girl on cover) but they were so busy paying attention to Amanda that a tournament slips by


1. its summer

~~Last week of school

Text Message


Dan :yeah

Michael: last week of school bitch

Connor: summer bitches

Michael:this is a ABC conversation so D yo way out

Connor:dumbass its ab conversation so c yo way out

Michael:I'm the dumbass but i mean your grades we all know you got a fat ass d on your progress report your mom said if you don't pull them up yo ass will be doing karate instead of football

Connor:for your information its tyquan doe ya jackass


End of text message

At school

Connor:sup mike i dare you to go pull down that girls skirt

Michael:but whatever sneaks over.andpulls down skirt



30 minutes later

Michael Williams Connor Jones please report to the front office

Principal:you were caught sexually harrasing that girl so you'll be in detention for 1st 2nd period

Michael: "sigh"

In Detention

Dean:I'll be using the bathroom

Dan:"grabs a marker points at the board" if you see 3 xs that is a sign of a porno

Michael:"raised his hand" how do you get porn for free

Dan:duh dumbass online

Connor:what site

Dan :pornhub

Door opens

???:Idid not do anything

Dean:whatever girly go in there

???:hi I'm Amanda

Michael's point of view

She's beutiful that black hair blue eyes those cute glasses

She was simply amazing I wonder if she has a boyfriend

Gosh she's so cute I know she has a boyfriend

Amanda:why are you guys here

Connor:sexual harassment you

Amanda:pranked my teacher

Michael:Dan what are you doing let me guess porn

Dan:hell yeah

Connor:no wonder that we are in detention

Dan:because you dared Michael to-

Connor:shut up I did not do anything for detention

Michael:you A damn lie bitch

Dean:NO TALKING!!!!!!!

After detention

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