The Super Babies - Part 2

The legend of the X-Babies continue! Baby Lindsay longs to join the X-Babies, especially after her parents died and she was orphaned. Eventually she got her chance, and before she knew it she faced the first foe and the first adventure she knew was coming. "An X-Baby lives to help others," Peter warns her, "not seek adventure." And even when Mr. Stupid NoHead goes his sons are still at large, as is a nearly-forgotten enemy...also, that's Lindsay on the cover.


17. The Fight Continues

Inside the generator complex, the force fields cycled off and Lindsay sprinted down the hall. Ahead she could see Baby Intelligence, already dueling Hell Burnbottom. The two duelists circled around the pit, aiming terrible blows at each other. I will make it in time...

Something flickered in her peripheral vision; the force fields were already closing. Lindsay flung herself forward, but crashed into the last force field, right behind the duelists. No! she thought, but it was too late. She was trapped again, just short of the battle, unable to help Baby Intelligence.

Lindsay stared through the clear field, and felt a sudden chill. This is wrong, this is all wrong. I should be out there. This is my turn to fight. And she had never seen Baby Intelligence struggle like this, even against NoHead and his wolves. Won't the force fields ever let again?

Baby Intelligence dodged one awful stroke, then parried another, then struck back. The NoHead blocked--and then slammed the wide handle of his sword into Baby Intelligence's chin. Half-dazed from the unexpected blow, Baby Intelligence staggered backward--then Burnbottom kicked him toward the pit. Baby Intelligence landed right at the edge. As he crumpled to the floor, Burnbottom kicked him in the head.

"NO!" shouted Lindsay. Thinking her master was dead, Lindsay fumed as she turned to Burnbottom.

"I hope you are more challenging than your Master," Burnbottom said. "I'm somewhat disappointed in him."

And then the force field retracted, and Lindsay rushed forward to face the NoHead.



Hell Burnbottom's brothers were waiting in the security center with more Rockets. Bladepoint glared at them, and Brute Gunray smiled.

"Your invasion of our home has ended," said Gunray smugly. "Time for you to surrender."

Suddenly, Baby Strength punched a Rocket and grabbed its gun. The Rockets turned and fired. Baby Strength took out a few more Rockets and ordered the police to grab the Rockets' guns. It wouldn't be as good as his sword, but it would do.

As the last Rocket fell to the rearmed squad, Bladepoint noticed a secret compartment and grabbed the sword inside. He also noticed that the compartment had tabs wedged to fit four swords, and that one was smaller and another missing. The smaller one must belong to Baby Strength! So, where's our weapons? He tossed it to Baby Strength. Then he swung hard at Brute Gunray. However, Brute Gunray intercepted the blow with his own weapon, and the blades locked. Bladepoint broke the contact and attacked. Brute Gunray blocked his every move.

Finally, Bladepoint proved able to drive Gunray back toward the stairway, then kicked out with his right leg, knocking the NoHead down from the platform. Gunray groaned as he hit the metal floor below. He got up and advanced on Bladepoint, barely scathed.


The lights on Telekinibabe's control panel were still red. Great, what to do?

The Rocket leading the group demanded identification. Telekinibabe replied by hitting a switch, certain this would do something. The lights on the control panel turned green. "Yes!" he cried, and started the engine.

"You!" called the head Rocket. "Come out with your hands up. Otherwise, we'll blast you!"

"Not if I can help it!" said Telekinibabe, and flipped a switch to activate the deflector shield. This should stop them! He fired lasers at the Rocket ring, taking them out. "Take that!" However, more poured in from the doorway in front of him.

"And that!" Telekinibabe launched a pair of proton torpedoes at the Rockets. However, they flew overhead and through the wide-open doors.

"Darn it, I missed," Telekinibabe muttered to himself. A moment later, he heard an explosion as the torpedoes went off inside somewhere inside the control station. Through the doors, he saw a large object become to tear apart. At least I did some damage! "Let's get out of here!"

Swinging the ship around, Telekinibabe gunned the engines. The skyfighter roared through the hangar and back into the open base, just ahead of a sheet of flame. "Whoopee!" he shouted.

Behind him, he heard the building rumble. Then fire burst from the windows and exhaust ports, and exploded from the inside out.


Back on the plains, the Rockets began to pause abruptly. Some began to shake, and all the tanks fell over and crashed. Then, suddenly they all stopped moving completely.

The police stared in frozen surprise. "What're they doing?" Force Baby asked.

"The signal has been destroyed! Look!" At his words, Dexter pushed a Rocket. Like a wobbly statue, it fell over.

"But I didn't do anything," said Force Baby, and knocked over another. This diversion was a success! Looks like we won't die after all.


In the generator, the duel between Hell Burnbottom and Lindsay continued. Burnbottom attacked Lindsay relentlessly, driving her around the pit. All of Lindsay's efforts could not break his guard. And Lindsay was tiring, while her opponent seemed fresher than ever.

Halfway around the pit, Lindsay dodged a vicious swing. The NoHead was on her before she could recover her balance. With a telekinetic shove, Burnbottom knocked the baby girl into the pit. Lindsay reached out to grab one of the nozzles.

Time seemed to slow. Lindsay could hear Baby Intelligence's words in her memory. Above her, Burnbottom looked down and grinned wickedly. With deliberate malice, he kicked Lindsay's sword into the pit. Then he raised his sword for the kill.

At the last minute, Lindsay disappeared from the nozzle. She reappeared behind Burnbottom and quickly caught Baby Intelligence's sword with her telekinesis. Lindsay swung her Master's weapon abruptly. Burnbottom attempted to parry, but amid his shock he wasn't quick enough. The strike ran through his waist. With his last breath, he screamed, then his corpse fell into the pit.

Detracting the weapon, Lindsay rushed over to Baby Intelligence. "Master!"

Baby Intelligence sat up. "I knew I couldn't hold him. I was waiting for you to fight him so I could get him from behind. I know that...failed trick was neglectful. I'm sorry."

"It's OK," said Lindsay. "So, did his sword miss you?"

A small smile curled on Baby Intelligence's lips. "Yes. It did. Come on."

Both babies rushed through the force fields, which were conveniently open. After a pitstop with the closing contraptions, the force fields opened and let them finish the trip. Lindsay saw the door straight ahead, but from there was hardly larger than a stamp. Lindsay used her telekinesis to break a force field free. Then she hurled it at the door, breaking it.

"But where's Hell Burnbottom?" asked Baby Intelligence as they started across a bridge.

"Dead," said Lindsay, shooting him a brief look suggesting her amusement he didn't hint that.

They continued across the catwalks until they reached the busted door. Both took an elevator to the top floor, where they saw frozen Rockets on the other side. This eluded both of them, but when they reached the door, Baby Intelligence was beyond caring. Ahead, he saw Sheriff Bladepoint dueling Brute Gunray on one end of the room, and the police, headed by Baby Strength, were holding Mean King at gunpoint. It's not over yet, Baby Intelligence thought. It never seems to end.

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