The Super Babies - Part 2

The legend of the X-Babies continue! Baby Lindsay longs to join the X-Babies, especially after her parents died and she was orphaned. Eventually she got her chance, and before she knew it she faced the first foe and the first adventure she knew was coming. "An X-Baby lives to help others," Peter warns her, "not seek adventure." And even when Mr. Stupid NoHead goes his sons are still at large, as is a nearly-forgotten enemy...also, that's Lindsay on the cover.


16. The Battle

After retaking the weapons stolen by the NoHeads, Bladepoint ordered Dexter to lead the police into battle. And then the transports landed, and the cars rolled out. After rearming his troops, Bladepoint left to join the S.M.S.B. members and small group of police. Force Baby remained with the police as one of their generals.

Baby Intelligence used a captured NoHead tank, Transport 714, to approach the base without being detected by NoHead forces. The group navigated the transport to the entrance of a secret passage at the base of the cliff face. Because all the troops were on their way to stop the police, only a small number of Rockets crowded the outside of the cliff.

As they climbed out and took positions, Bladepoint saw Baby Intelligence whisper something to Tyler. "Sure," he heard Tyler say casually.

Suddenly, Rockets soldiers spotted them. "There they are! Blast them!" The Rockets opened fire, and the police rushed out from their hiding place and fired in turn. Rockets went down quickly. Baby Intelligence, Baby Strength, and Lindsay intervened with their swords, cutting down Rockets and aiming blasts away from Bladepoint and Telekinibabe.

Upon reaching the doorway, they met a wounded spy who told them how to open the security doors. Baby Intelligence used his telekinesis to wedge it open. All the police rushed inside, and the babies followed.

Inside the base, Bladepoint and his troops began firing at the Rockets inside. The babies, in turn, used their swords to deflect bullets and send them back at the Rockets. But as Sheriff Bladepoint blasted another Rocket into fragments of brown metal, he couldn't help but wonder how the police were doing outside, or how they could beat all three NoHeads.

As soon as the hangar door opened, Telekinibabe, who had not yet made his sword, rushed into the cockpit of a one-man NoHead fighter for cover.

At last the firing lessened, and the squad moved for the door ahead. Telekinibabe cautiously peeked over.

The hangar door opened. Standing in the doorway was a dark, hooded figure. Sheriff Bladepoint's troops scattered. "We'll take care of this," Baby Intelligence said confidently.

Burnbottom threw aside his cloak, revealing a tight yet modest one. As the rescuers ignited their swords, Burnbottom ignited his own. When he lit it, two blades protruded from either side. In the middle of the hangar, he spun his sword toward them, and all three engaged in a fierce battle.

Behind Tyler, three Bratpros rolled into the other end of the hangar. As he watched, they all folded into attack position and opened fire. "I've gotta do something!" he said to himself, and turned the enemy fighter toward the Bratpros. The controls, as he noted, were different from his skyracer, but not too different. Where's the trigger? He pushed a button, and the ship shook. Oops, wrong one. Which one? Oh, wait. He tried another button, and this time the lasers fired.

The following explosion knocked out two of the Bratpros. "Yeah, all right!"

Tyler looked back over his shoulder. The babies and the NoHead were engaged in a fierce battle on the other end of the hangar. They paid no attention to Bladepoint and his squad. The squad looked ahead, shocked at the lone Bratpro who wasn't shooting. They can't leave until that Bratpro goes, and I'm the one to do it. He activated the laser cannon, pointed it at the Rocket, and fired. The Bratpro exploded in a ball of fire. Ahed, Bladepoint and his troops slid unnoticed out the door opposite Burnbottom's. They're safe!

But Tyler could not stop the ship now that he'd started it. It headed out the hangar.


The Police Army made for a grand sight. Hundreds of armed police led horses and cars into battle. Behind them, buffaloes trudged along, carrying the shield generators. The long lines of warriors and equipment were easy to see as they crossed the plains.

Force Baby was nervous as he led the army alongside Dexter. And then Dexter shouted. Force Baby looked up and saw a row of enormous tanks roll in slowly. Kay. Now we begin.

"Activate the shields!" Dexter ordered.

The buffaloes plodded forward, each carrying a large generator. White rays shot out of the generator toward a huge dish-like amplifier carried by another buffalo. The amplifier spread the rays into a perfect protective umbrella, completely covering the police army on all sides.

Just then, the tanks opened fire. The shields absorbed the blasts.

The tanks stopped firing. Their doors opened, and racks of Rockets unfolded and assembled. The Police Army went silent, watching as the thousands of Rockets marched toward them.

However, the shield blocked their entrance, much to the polices' relief. But then, Bratpros rolled in and passed right through. Before they knew it, the Bratpros had shot down the generator. The force field let down, killing the buffalo holding it. With that, the Rockets advanced.

At Dexter's command, the cars fired with their recently-deployed laser cannons, taking out several Rockets. The police used their guns and advanced.

This is bad, thought Force Baby. This is very bad. He drew his gun and helped take out several Rockets, but hundreds were still up.

The battle had begun.


Lindsay had never been in such a battle before. It was even worse than the fight for Rocken Role. It took every skill she knew just to stay alive.

Slowly, Burnbottom forced Lindsay and Baby Intelligence back. Out of the hangar and down a long hall they fought, then onto the power generator plant. Burnbottom leaped from the bridge they were on and onto another. The two babies followed, and their swords locked. As Baby Intelligence broke the connection and took the brunt of the attacks, Lindsay tried to slash him from behind. However, Burnbottom twisted and kicked Lindsay over the edge. Lindsay fell past several bridges before landing on another ramp.

Meanwhile, Baby Intelligence kicked Burnbottom off in turn, knocking him two bridges down. Baby Intelligence leaped after him, but Burnbottom got to his feet and continued the fight. When trying to return to the battle, Lindsay tripped and fell through the catwalk down to the next level.

Lindsay took the elevator back up to the giant rings, then jumped to the next ring after dispatching a waiting Rocket. Lindsay leaped to the next ring, and took the ramp down to another area in hopes Baby Intelligence was there. Two Rockets waited for her in the corridor. Although they shot first, Lindsay sent their singing bolts back at them. She then hit the switch to open the panel to the next chamber. Advancing along the catwalk, she turned on the lights in the chamber.

Further down the catwalk, she used the controls to disable the energy barriers in the chamber. She then extended the bridge part way from her side, then telekinetically pushed the opposite bridge control. She then leaped across the gap to the next catwalk. Here she was able to continue back to the main chamber where Burnbottom and Baby Intelligence were continuing their fight.

Lindsay then jumped to the next ring. After cutting down the local Rocket guard, she went around that ring and leaped to the next one. She took the elevator back up to the next level and pushed a Rocket off the ring, allowing her to enter another room. Instead of entering, however, Lindsay returned to the first part of the room. This gave her a path, letting her go back up to the top level. Once there, she then descended to the lower level of that room, and went back up to the top level with a single leap. Ahead was a room featuring a hall of force fields. Lindsay went into the control area for the laser gates, where she was able to find an opening. She then went through the force field hall, where the other two combatants were close by.

But Lindsay was trapped in the second field, and she saw her two targets were also trapped ahead of her. Through the clear purple energy, Lindsay saw Baby Intelligence kneel down and begin to meditate. She tried not to think about just how badly Baby Intelligence would need that rest. Burnbottom can't get much farther, the only thing I see ahead is a pit. I'll be able to catch up as soon as the fields go down.

But what if I can't?


The base was full of Rockets. Bladepoint and his troops blasted several of them, but there always seemed to be more. "We don't have time for this!" Bladepoint cried in frustration as they turned to see another group.

"Let's try the outside," said Lewis in response. Turning, he shot down one of the windows. Bladepoint and the troops climbed through.

The NoHeads didn't seem to be watching the outer walls of their base. Bladepoint and his forces fired suctions on thick strings, all which stuck to the third-floor window. The police hauled themselves up. When they reached the top level the suction cups were connected to, Lewis shot out another window. Everyone climbed through and into the hallway, three stories above the bottom floor. The door to the security camera center was dead ahead, the place they had found earlier held Brute Gunray and Mean King.

Suddenly, two Bratpros unfolded in front of them, and two more behind. Another duo stood at the opposite end of the hall. Rockets we can fight, but these--our weapons will pummel their shields eventually, but by then, they'll have shot most of us. Bladepoint dropped his gun. "Throw down your weapons. They win this round."

"But we can't--" Lewis began.

"Lewis, I said throw down your weapons," said Bladepoint, and glared at Lewis until he did. The troops did the same, and more Rockets poured in to escort them.


RC-4 wasted no time. After deploying Bratpros for backup, it ordered the tanks to fire.

Uh-oh, thought Force Baby. Us outnumbered, and no shield, and countless Rockets, and dozens of Bratpros and tanks...

"Retreat!" called Dexter.

Force Baby was more than happy to obey. With the police, he turned and ran. The next moment, the tanks rolled in, firing steadily.

One of the explosions knocked Force Baby off his feet. He shrieked as he flew through the air...and landed on one of the tanks. The tank swung its gun around, trying to shake Force Baby off, but he clung to the barrel. At least they're not hitting police right now...oh, what am I thinking? I'm about to get killed here!

Dexter rode his horse up under the tank. "Force Baby, use your gun!"

Force Baby was about to Force-grab his gun when he realized it wasn't there. "What? I don't have one!"

Dexter looked surprised. "Here! Take this!" He fired a laser blast toward Force Baby, who used the Force to redirect it toward the tank's pilot. Score! The vehicle crashed into the ground, disabled.

"Jump, Force Baby!" Dexter shouted, and extended his arms. Gratefully, Force Bay swung into his arms from the overturned tank barrel. Just then, two Rockets poured in.

Around them, the tanks had slowed and held fire. Why have they stopped? Force Baby wondered. He looked up and saw Rockets rounding up the police, who had their hands up. Are they surrendering? The guys inside had better stop the NoHeads quickly, or we'll be losing horribly.

Just then, the Rocket spoke. "Surrender!"


The skyfighter, with Telekinibabe inside it, continued to rise.

Ahead, Telekinibabe could see the central control station. Behind him, a stray fighter came up behind him. A moment later, clouds of robotic skyfighters emerged from the base, programmed to protect it.

Frantically, Telekinibabe studied the controls. Here's where the autopilot button should be... He flipped the switch. This time, the ship responded. "Yes! I've got control!" he said out loud. But figuring out the controls in the middle of a battle was not easy. As much by luck as skill, Telekinibabe dodged and ducked shots, avoiding fighters when he could. Behind him, the pilotless ship following him had exploded, but at least it had done some damage: it crashed into a fighter, breaking both ships.

And then a shot connected with his wing. Telekinibabe struggled to regain control as his ship headed straight for the control station. Desperately, he hauled on the steering. I'm going to smash into the control station! Oh, wait, there's the entrance. Telekinibabe aimed for it, trying to kill his momentum. It wouldn't do any good to dodge in through the opening if he crashed into a wall inside.

Although Rockets and transports were in the way, Telekinibabe found the right switch. The reverse thrusters fired, allowing the crippled skyfighter to stop short near the rear wall. Telekinibabe heaved a sigh of relief and bent over to examine the control panel. Everything's overheated... He looked up to see a squad of Rocket coming for his ship. "Oops, this is not good." He ducked down and began to toggle with the controls.

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