The Super Babies - Part 2

The legend of the X-Babies continue! Baby Lindsay longs to join the X-Babies, especially after her parents died and she was orphaned. Eventually she got her chance, and before she knew it she faced the first foe and the first adventure she knew was coming. "An X-Baby lives to help others," Peter warns her, "not seek adventure." And even when Mr. Stupid NoHead goes his sons are still at large, as is a nearly-forgotten enemy...also, that's Lindsay on the cover.


1. Lindsay's Fate

Baby Intelligence was home.

The S.M.S.B. members were waiting inside the narration room when he arrived. He scanned his keycard over a panel and walked inside. At the wall he put the keycard in a slot, activating the controls. As the computer exchanged his microphone, he pushed a series of buttons that turned Lindsay's seat to leading position and rotated Baby Strength and Force Baby's seat to face him.

Holding the microphone, he called, "Attention! Let the story begin!"

Lindsay, Baby Strength, and Force Baby looked up as Baby Intelligence sat with them. Lindsay was the newest member of the S.M.S.B., and she was ready to tell her backstory.

"Hello, readers," said Lindsay with a bold smile.

"The name?" asked Baby Intelligence.

"Lindsay. I am 4 months old and have lived in the MBH for two. My greatest, most unforgettable adventure led me here. I was an orphan who no one wanted to adopt since the death of my mother. I longed to be in the group, and obviously got my wish. I even saw them fight once." The baby paused. "Gosh, all this elaboration, and me with a whole story to tell."

"Bring it on," said Baby Strength.

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