The Super Babies - Part 2

The legend of the X-Babies continue! Baby Lindsay longs to join the X-Babies, especially after her parents died and she was orphaned. Eventually she got her chance, and before she knew it she faced the first foe and the first adventure she knew was coming. "An X-Baby lives to help others," Peter warns her, "not seek adventure." And even when Mr. Stupid NoHead goes his sons are still at large, as is a nearly-forgotten enemy...also, that's Lindsay on the cover.


12. Escape

The long, sinister vessel settled to a landing in the open garage of the MBH. Hell Burnbottom checked the ship's readouts to make sure no one was in, or near, the garage who could have detected the landing. There wasn't much space to search, and he did not want to lose his prey--and the following fight--to a single step of carelessness. He only left down the ship's ramp when he was certain no security cameras were focused in his direction.

Outside, he studied his surroundings briefly, then lowered his binoculars. Soon, I will have them. One probe for each floor should be enough. A laser from his wristband proved handy when he used it to blast the coded door to smithereens and to burn a hole in the ceiling, making a runway for the probes. Then he pushed a series of buttons on his same wrist-mounted control pad.

Six white, lollipop-shaped probes floated out of the ship. As they cleared the new runway and took flight downstairs, they split up and each skimmed their own floor. Burnbottom watched as they vanished into the darkness. Soon.


The attack had made the S.M.S.B. members feel quite tense, but Baby Intelligence had finally managed to calm them. While Force Baby just wanted to go to bed after that, Baby Intelligence and the others told jokes at a bench in the fun room after plaing around and getting out any excess energy. Nothing like this after an unnerving attack, Baby Intelligence thought with pleasure.

One probe slipped in and scanned the room. Although Baby Intelligence noticed it, he was unable to stop it before it left with the needed information. It had already passed Force Baby.

Now holding their whereabouts, the probe returned to Hell Burnbottom, hours before he expected it. Unbeknowest to the probe, Baby Intelligence had spotted it leaving and had made plans for a respite at the NoHead base. Not knowing the others hadn't returned, the probe reported in its native language. "A goyant yakee. Maka geeku. Hoi!"

Burnbottom grinned. It's the babies, all right. Hanging out in the fun room. "Nonsense, you haven't been spotted," he said, though he immediately doubted the reality of his own words. Ordering the probe to keep at maximum speed, he jumped aboard his speeder and took off for the fun room. However, he saw the S.M.S.B. running past a probe and sped back to the garage using a different route.

Baby Intelligence led the charge, and they ran across the halls. They reached the garage, where Lindsay found herself struggling to keep up.

Baby Intelligence's eyes widened, and he turned. "Lindsay, duck!"

Lindsay did, throwing herself facedown on the marble floor. A speeder zoomed over her head, and from it leaped Hell Burnbottom! Swinging his sword, he leaped at Baby Intelligence, and they clashed for the second time. It was only through extreme focus that Baby Intelligence could shake off any surprise and put up a defense.

How did he find us? Lindsay wondered as their swords slashed at each other.

"Lindsay, alert the others! Go! Go!" Baby Intelligence shouted as he intercepted another slash from Burnbottom.

Lindsay rushed for the Pinewood Derby. Inside, she rushed for the front. "Master's in trouble! Over there! Fly low!"

Baby Strength flung himself toward the driver's seat before Lindsay finished speaking. Within moments the engines roared to life. As Lindsay watched the swords flash with apprehension, the flying car skimmed the surface of the garage.

Meanwhile, Burnbottom backed up, hoping for a respite. Then he charged again, and their swords locked together. Finally, Baby Intelligence noticed the ramp was open, broke the contact, and jumped aboard, leaving Burnbottom fuming in their garage as they took off for their destination.

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