The Super Babies - Part 2

The legend of the X-Babies continue! Baby Lindsay longs to join the X-Babies, especially after her parents died and she was orphaned. Eventually she got her chance, and before she knew it she faced the first foe and the first adventure she knew was coming. "An X-Baby lives to help others," Peter warns her, "not seek adventure." And even when Mr. Stupid NoHead goes his sons are still at large, as is a nearly-forgotten enemy...also, that's Lindsay on the cover.


22. Duel On The Construction Site

Eager to stop the baby who had betrayed him, Baby Intelligence sounded the alarm, getting Telekinibabe, Force Baby, and Baby Strength in action. They all climbed into the garage through a hatch, and Baby Intelligence revved the engines of their mobile. This will be a hard mission, he thought as the babies took off. But a paying one. It will see the death, or possible redemption, of Sebiscuits. No doubt New York will be safe when we get home.

Sebiscuits took off with the President to burn him in a volcano. Because New York City had been entirely built over with buildings and technology, for years the local volcano had stood out amid the city. It had been built over and turned into a facility for the police department, and was always welcome as a shelter.

However, it wasn't long before he noticed Baby Intelligence' mobile swoop in. He sped away, but behind him he saw the Derby coming up fast. The enemy ship fired several bullets at him, but he dodged them all. "Ooh, look who dropped in!" he said over a microphone. "Also, you missed."

A moment later, the hood opened automatically and fired at least a dozen missiles at his fighter. Sebiscuits gritted his teeth and swerved around, causing the missiles to veer into each other and explode. Sebiscuits flew ahead of the wreckage and cackled.

Then he unstrapped himself and climbed out onto the roof of the ship. "Hey, guys! Eat this, chumps!" He fired a barrage of lightning that shorted out the Derby. A moment later, he saw several babies eject from the smoking car and fall onto a platform below.


It was hard for Baby Intelligence to land the car, but he finally did. The landing was bone-jarring, but he'd made it, and their transport wasn't gone completely. Even the smallest victories have their prices.

On the other side, Sebiscuits had dropped the President's bench onto the platform. It landed on its legs, but the President was still bound to it.

Baby Intelligence came walking over and used his telekinesis to crush the ropes. The President was free!

But then Sebiscuits came walking in behind them. Force Baby rushed at him.

"No!" Baby Intelligence shouted as Force Baby charged.

Still wearing his cloak, Sebiscuits extended his hand. Force Baby gagged as he felt the air leave him. And then a surge of lightning blasted him out of the air and smashed him into the ground.

With Force Baby knocked cold, Sebiscuits activated his sword and lunged at the rest of the group. In a moment of distraction, Lindsay was slashed in the stomach by Sebiscuits. Somehow, she survived and was only wounded. 

No! Telekinibabe attempted to strike the NoHead from behind as Lindsay fell, but was smashed into a wall as Sebiscuits swung around to face him. With two of the five babies wounded, Sebiscuits immediately engaged Baby Intelligence and Baby Strength. Baby Strength managed to fend off Sebiscuits' initial strikes due to his mastery of a more defensive style of fencing, but he was electrocuted and smashed into the ground mere seconds after the fall of his three friends. With everyone else unconscious, Baby Intelligence was left to contend with might of the Dark Lord alone.

After slashing at Baby Intelligence a few times, Sebiscuits flung aside his cloak and reached for his second sword. "Thanks to NoHead, my skills have improved since our last confrontation," he said, and attacked. He spun both of them toward his quarry.

It was almost like fighting two people at once. Baby Intelligence's sword worked in a blur as he blocked and parried, but he knew he couldn't keep this up for long. Time for a different approach. He leaped, flipping high over Sebiscuits to land behind him.

Sebiscuits turned and cut him off. Both of their swords clashed again. By instinct, by feel, Baby Intelligence blocked.

And then Sebiscuits made a soaring leap onto the ridge above their platform. Baby Intelligence followed him. He climbed onto the ridge above them, exercising a few leaps in the process. He landed on a nearby ledge, face-to-face with the evil X-Baby.

Sebiscuits flung a sword at Baby Intelligence. Baby Intelligence dodged narrowly, and the sword landed behind him and smashed into the wall. Sparks flew over his head, narrowly missing him on all sides.

Sebiscuits' jaw dropped...and then Baby Intelligence pushed him back onto the ledge. He landed heavily, and a moment later Baby Intelligence was on him.

After a brief bout of swordplay, their blades locked together. Sebiscuits turned and extended his powers, causing chunks of rock to crumple upon the members. Baby Intelligence turned and lifted them away, but even doing so took time, and Sebiscuits was able to escape.

Baby Intelligence saw him running toward his mechanical wheel. I knew it! He has an escape craft stashed somewhere, and he thinks he'll get to it while these stones keep me busy! Well, not this time.

Baby Intelligence rushed for his Pinewood Derby and took off after his opponent. Seriously, Sebiscuits is an even more reckless driver than he was as an S.M.S.B. member, he thought as he pursued Sebiscuits in a furious chase across the construction site. There were buildings and men working on them; Sebiscuits pretended they weren't there and continued to flee.

However, the Pinewood Derby could fly. Baby Intelligence smiled. My car can do things he can't. He flew 20 feet into the air, far overhead of any builders. He gained ground on Sebiscuits rapidly.

As Baby Intelligence caught up to the NoHead, Sebiscuits thrust at the Pinewood Derby with his remaining sword. Baby Intelligence managed to grab hold of the hilt of the weapon and wrench it from the baby's hands, throwing him off-balance in the process. Baby Intelligence then attempted to puncture the wheel Sebiscuits was in with the sword, hoping to make the tire deflate and end the chase. When this failed, he attacked the NoHead himself with it instead. Sebiscuits managed to regain hold of it and pulled it back, and Baby Intelligence along with it. As the two grappled for control of the wheel, Sebiscuits attempted to slash Baby Intelligence, though the baby evaded the strike. His tactic worked; Baby Intelligence's movements off-balanced the wheel and caused it to flip as they arrived at Sebiscuits' landing platform. While they were thrown off, the wheel skidded off the platform and fell into the mist below.

Sebiscuits did not spare a glance for his wheel, and instead used his telekinesis to reclaim his sword. Baby Intelligence drew his swords and slashed at Sebiscuits. Sebiscuits parried one blow, then another--and then Baby Intelligence managed to knock him over. However, the NoHead recovered quickly, getting up and continuing the duel. As the clash continued, Sebiscuits remained in control, doing several flips before landing and slashing at his enemy. Eventually, their swords locked.

A moment later, the other babies arrived. Seizing his chance, Sebiscuits shoved Baby Intelligence into a pit at the center of the platform. With the babies and President in the pit, Sebiscuits headed back for his fighter on the other side of the construction site.

Somehow, miraculously, everyone managed to cling to a ledge. And then the platform began to sink into the mist!

Not for the first time, Baby Intelligence didn't know what to do. The mist was coming up fast from the bottom. However, the President noticed a series of buttons and toggled with them.

The cloud shortened...and disappeared.

"Climb," Baby Intelligence instructed. Everyone climbed to the top. Although Sebiscuits had sealed the pit, it wasn't hard for Baby Strength to punch a hole in it. After climbing out the hole Baby Strength had provided, they made for the Pinewood Derby and took off. The futuristic vehicle had plotted Sebiscuits' coordinates, and now they were taking off after him.

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