The Super Babies - Part 2

The legend of the X-Babies continue! Baby Lindsay longs to join the X-Babies, especially after her parents died and she was orphaned. Eventually she got her chance, and before she knew it she faced the first foe and the first adventure she knew was coming. "An X-Baby lives to help others," Peter warns her, "not seek adventure." And even when Mr. Stupid NoHead goes his sons are still at large, as is a nearly-forgotten enemy...also, that's Lindsay on the cover.


5. Bowels Of The Fortress

Baby Intelligence climbed aboard the wagon as it rolled down the conveyor belt. A long drop led him down to a pool of tomato juice. Fortunately, the wagon could float and it guided Baby Intelligence down a river current.

The trip seemed never-ending...and then he washed out onto a larger chamber. In the center was the same pool, but there were cemented sidewalks on either side. At the end was a garage-like door. Suddenly, a vat of tomato juice washed over Baby Intelligence, soaking him. And then he looked up to see a wolf, licking its lips at the sight of him!

More wolves crowded around. So this is the fate our master has chosen for his enemy, one wolf said in its roar-like language.

More wolves started to crowd around. They all wanted Baby Intelligence!

Just as all seemed lost, and dozens of wolves crowded the sidewalks, Lindsay, Baby Strength, and Force Baby came swimming in! They had come to save their master.

With newfound determination, Baby Intelligence used his telekinesis to throw a wolf into the red pool, where it drowned. Meanwhile, the other babies took up arms against the wolves, and a tense battle followed.

A wolf tried to grab Baby Intelligence, but it missed and made the wagon spin instead. The wagon stopped in front of the large door. With a roar, it opened!

Uh-oh, Baby Intelligence thought. Even from here he could see the top of a huge fire below.

Lindsay looked around as Baby Strength and Force Baby clashed with the wolves. It's my turn now. She threw her hand toward a wolf, and was shocked when she made it disappear. Huh? Let's do that again! She did the same to several more.

A wolf leaped at the wagon, catapulting Baby Intelligence out of the wagon and toward the edge, 10 feet away from the massive door. The current pulled Baby Intelligence to the edge and over a waterfall, headed for the flames. Baby Intelligence's mouth hung open as the flames neared him. Was this the end?

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