It's a promise.


3. Chapter 3

I look at her life drained body and a flicker of flame wavers inside of me. How do I expect her to pull through for me when she took so much impact to her body and brain? Part of me knows to expect the worst. Part of me knows that she won't be able to protect me forever,

No. She'll be fine. Everything will be fi-Something interrupts my deep reverie, pulling me back into reality, to a world I want to desperately disappear from.

The noise is coming from the life support machine. The sound isn't a short beep like all the other ones. The duration is long, it doesn't sound good. The noise promises something...

Doctor Asher comes bursting into the room. He looks at me with sorrow sparkling in his blue eyes.

"Alyssa, I'm-I'm so sorry."

The noise promised death.

My mum sacrificed her life for mine, but was it really worth it?

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