New girl

Gracie is new to North Carolina area what happens when she meets Hayes Grier and Clay Labrant


1. The new girl

I looked around the new house that i would be living in nothing was really in it just boxes filled with memories from my old life. Maybe this was going be the time i'd come out of my shell and find friends this time and not be a loner? i'm a pretty enough to fit in.


All those thoughts flooded in my mind as i looked around and then a knock come from the front door. It could of been the neighbors trying to be friendly like that happens in real life maybe some sells guy trying to sell some shitty thing for $50 or something.


"Gracie come down please" said my mom from the way downstairs and i did what she said making my way downstairs in only a grey sweatshirt and blue jean shorts, black converse.


"Yeah mom?" I asked, my eyes landed on the most beautiful blue eyes ever that i've ever seen in my life time.


"Hello you must be Gracie! am Hayes Grier your neighbor and this is my best friend Clay"


Woah this a dream it must be nope i pinched my stuff so many times.


"Hello Hayes, and Clay nice to meet you both"

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