tomorrow never dies > michael clifford

you're on the edge just stumbling
and the road it starts to wind
but every time a page is turned
a chance to make it right


1. // uno \\

T O M O R R O W  N E V E R  D I E S

*Everything that happens in this book happens three months after everything turns to shit*

*Michael & Calum*

"Don't make a sound" Elizabeth whispered to the room of terrified kids. Nobody dared make a sound, they had seen what had happened to Justin, Henry and Mazie. They had been ripped apart by the diseased hiding in the shadows, waiting to get in. After that Elizabeth refused to let anyone out of the doors and had barricaded them all inside; that didn't stop the diseased outside from getting in though.

Michael stood alone by the large window looking out at the opposite buildings thinking back to when things were easier, before everything went wrong and the world became a safety hazard. His band had just made it big and they were in London, recording a new album, when everything changed. Calum and Michael had been in the hotel playing video games when the news report came on the television.

'We advise everyone to stay inside their homes and away from any human contact. This plague is travelling extremely fast around the whole world. If anyone out there knows why this is happening or how it started please get in contact with any doctors close by. Also if you are twenty or over please be careful as that seems to be the age this virus is attacking. The symptoms are headaches, a high temperature, vomiting, hallucinations and eventually death, however that's not the end. People have reported victims of the disease coming back to life after their hearts stop and they attack anyone around them. Thank you, please stay safe'

Everyone went crazy after that announcement, Calum and Michael were stuck in their hotel room, not being allowed to leave it for even a second. Food was brought up for them but that was the only contact they had to the outside world, nobody told them anything. The only thing they knew was that the world was probably ending and everyone had gone mad. They could see the people looting the shops nearby from the large window, they could also see people burning down buildings and fighting... a lot. Neither of them had any way to contact their other band mates, Luke and Ashton, as everything had shut down, the internet, heating, radios, nothing functioned without people and as the world had become crazy and diseased they had nothing.

"Michael have you seen Freyer? No-ones seen her" Calum whispered to Michael as quietly as he possibly could but he still got a shush from Elizabeth. He knew he shouldn't be talking but he had to find Freyer, he had to look after her, he promised he would.

"Sorry mate haven't seen her since the break in" Michael whispered back.

"Can you help me find her, I can't let anything happen to-" Calum was cut short when there was a scratching at the door. Oxygen no longer mattered as everyone held their breath hoping not to be found. A small hand wrapped itself around Michael's, he looked down terrified as he thought the diseased people had somehow got in but it was only a boy called Matt. He had taken quite a liking to Michael's bright red hair and had become his shadow after everything kicked off. Michael pulled Matt closer and tried to stop the little boy from shaking so much but he was shaking as well so it didn't help as much as Michael wanted it to.

The scratching had stopped but there was still a presence by the door and nobody knew what to do. Most of the younger kids were in the joining family room next door with the door locked so no one could get in without a key; the older kids were in the smaller room ready to try and fight off the diseased people. In total there were around forty children the youngest being only four and the oldest at nineteen however the older kids were just as scared as the young ones.

"CALUM!?" a girl screeched from the other side of the door.

"FREYER?" Calum screamed back recognizing her voice straight away "She's out there we need to get her!" He said pushing to the door, when he got there he tried opening it but Elizabeth was quick to stop him.

"We can't open the door! They are out there, do you really want to sacrifice the safety of everyone else just to save one girl?" She said still pushing all her weight on the door to make sure Calum didn't open it.

"I need to help her, I promised, I can't let her die not to the hands of a monster!"

"She's right mate we can't risk everyone else's lives just to save Freyer, I know she was important to you but you have to let her go and don't take the blame for it, you tried" Michael spoke to his friend quietly trying to comfort him whilst still holding Matt's hand.

"PLEASE LET ME IN!?" Freyer screamed hitting the other side of the door.

"SHE'S RIGHT THERE! I NEED TO OPEN THE DOOR!" He ripped the door open, knocking Elizabeth to the floor, it reviled a panting Freyer, her clothes were ripped and there was blood covering her from head to toe. They couldn't tell at first if it was her blood but it was. There was a bite mark on her neck and almost every part of her showing skin was cut. Calum didn't waste a second and grabbed Freyer to his chest and slammed the door shut on the approaching zombies. Is that what they were, he thought. Zombies?

Unfortunately it was too late the diseased knew where they were now and there was no stopping them from getting in. After grabbing Freyer up in his arms Calum ran back to the window where the fire escape was, this is why they chose this room to hide out in, it was one of the few rooms with an outside fire escape. Michael was just ahead of him so he was the one to rip open the window and slide through first and Matt followed close behind him. When they got to the first flight of stairs Michael pulled Matt up on to his back as he figured it would be easier for them to get down as Matt had short legs and was much slower. Calum was following but he held Freyer in front of him as she was too weak to hold on herself.

"Did everyone else follow?" Michael shouted to Calum. He didn't have to answer. Screams from above answered for him. Nobody else survived that night, only those four who managed to escape before it was too late.


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