tomorrow never dies > michael clifford

you're on the edge just stumbling
and the road it starts to wind
but every time a page is turned
a chance to make it right


2. // dos \\


 Tomasz, Liberty, Sebastian, Tayah, Zach, Emmerson and Summa. 

Luke smashed his baseball bat into the side of the fathers head just to make sure he was completely dead, he couldn't take any risks. This was his first kill that he made without any help and he would be lying if he wasn't proud of himself. Only last month he was hiding out in a block of apartments, with thirteen other kids that couldn't hurt a fly, now he was out slaying adults to save others. It had taken him months before Zach's hunting party let him come out with them, they were the ones that saved him from the apartment block so he looked up to them and decided he wanted to go out with them and save other kids. On his first outing they had found a group of about five adults and let Luke loose.

"Well done mate. You killed your first zombie" Zach said hitting his back, not that hard but it still made Luke stumble around as he was just a tall lanky boy.

"Thanks, and thanks for saving me back there, I was so busy trying to get my knife out of this one I didn't see that mother behind me." Luke replied wiping his bat of blood just like Zach had taught him.

"Mother?" Zach asked, giving Luke a strange look.

"Yeah, thats what she probably was before this happened. Probably every single one of our parents are like that now. They were our mums and dads, so it only feels right to call them what they are." he replied slipping his knife back into his homemade holster.

"Call them what you like, to me they will always be zombies, makes it easier for me to kill them." Zach replied wiping his axe. Zach was in charge of the hunting party because he was a skilled fighter and quite scary. Before the apocalypse everyone in the group had know each other because they all went to the same school, London Nautical School, Luke was the first outsider they allowed into the group. He thought it was mostly because Summa had a major crush on him, that was partly true, she was second in command so she had a big say in whether Luke was in or not.

"Well done Luke, I'm proud of you. I told them you'd make a good fighter" Summa said approaching Luke, she had sat this fight out as there were only a few zombies and she didn't want to take any fun away from Luke.

"Thanks, I'm pretty proud of myself. I mean did you see the way I hit that Father in the head, his brains are literally all over the floor!" He said a smile taking up his face. Ever since he had joined the hunting party he had felt a lot safer and confident, it was probably having skilled fighters around all the time. 

"Hey, we got more over here!" Tayah shouted from round the corner, as always she was one of the lookouts as she was a small timid girl who could barley swing a stick.

"How many?" Zach shouted back, strolling over to Tayah swinging his axe from side to side, ready for another fight.

"Too many! We need to run!" Tayah shouts but her legs stay frozen to the ground. That's when the group start running towards Tayah instead of slow walking. Before they can get to the corner a surge of adults overpower Tayah.

"NO!" Emmerson yells as his legs carry him closer to the crowd as the others decide to hang back as it is obvious there are too many to fight and it was too late for Tayah. Luckily for the others the adults hadn't noticed them as they were too busy ripping their friend to shreds.

"Em! She's gone! Don't fight them! Turn around, Em!" Zach shouted at Emmerson who was still running towards the crowd. He didn't listen, instead he pounced on the nearest adult and smashed his skull in with his club. This caused a few other adults to turn his way and slowly decrease the space between them. Emmerson was running on adrenaline so these few monsters didn't phase him as he easily hit them down and poked them with his small dagger.

Zach sighed and hurried over to Emmerson as more and more of the adults noticed him slowly weakening under the hands of the others. As Zach finally reached him he was already being taken down by three adults covered in warts and puss, fortunately one was missing both its arms and the other two could barley handle their stained legs. Luke watched as Zach heroically pulled Emmerson from the mess of bodies, he finally obeyed Zach's command and left the adults to fight one another over Tayah's remains.

"Go, go go! We need to get out of here! Fast!" Zach shouted at the small group as more adults appeared down the street. The group of seven ran as fast as they could. They ran towards the place they had made safe at the time, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, Luke new it well as he had preformed there a few times with his band... his band. He missed them everyday, not knowing if any of them were still alive killed him, but if they were still out there Luke was determined to find them.

"Quick, Summa in here" Luke grabbed her forearm pulling her inside the venue and slamming the door shut behind her, he knew secret short cuts around the theater as he remembered exploring it when they were supposed to be doing a sound check.

"Where are the others?" Summa asked, realizing the other five were not in the small corridor.

"Don't worry, they went round the front but I remembered this bit as a easy way in so I thought why not." Luke said before stumbling down the dark corridor to go and find the others. 

"Ya know, I came to see this really shit band here once, would of been a great band but all the members were dorks" Summa started a conversation.

"What was the bands name? Maybe I've heard of them" Luke replied.

"Five Seconds of Summer" She giggled.

"You came to see us?! Here?! That's so cool!" Luke turned round with a wide grin on his face "Wait you thought we were shit?" His smile dropping.

"Nah, I'm just playing with ya, I thought you rocked that stage. I was always Luke AF" She said poking his nose and stumbling down towards the others, Luke followed close behind, a new even bigger grin set on his face. His giddy mood didn't last long as Zach called out for them.

"Summa, Luke!? You there? We've got a problem" 

"What?" Summa shouted back picking up her speed towards the two large front doors where the others were gathered.

"Emerson's been bit"


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