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Last year it was all diffrent. Not in a bad Way i love my life now but sometimes i Think back and wonder what my life would be like if i had done things diffrent. I remember my moms face when i told her. I could not tell if she was surprized or if she knew that i wasn't like Them. Scared of change. From when i was child i allways knew that i did not belong here. In Denmark. When i was 16 i startet Saveing up for a ticket. Two years later Here i am sitting on the plain next to smelling kids and farting old men. Have i told you Were im going yet? Well im going to California. Jep you heard it the land of the freedom. Now i need i place to live so after i booked the plain tickets(i know its a little late but who cares? Im young and free haha) i Got on the Great thing called internet and looked up: appartment in California. It tooked me two hours and a pizza to find something i liked and could kind of affort. It was a little appartment, 500 meters away from the Beach. The plain was now landing. I feel a little alone here in the middel of a plain but i kind of like it you know? I took a cab away from the airport and to my new appartment. I opent up the door, took a step inside, looked up and screamed like i never screamed before when i looked right in to a par of makeup covered Braun eyes. "Hi i am your new roommate" she said. Well this is gonna be fun.

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