Scientists are always trying to predict when the Earth will end, but what about if it actually happened? What would anyone do and where would we go?


1. Prologue


I was five years-old when it all began. I still remember when the first person died of the disease, and the three doctors who had been caring for them died shortly afterwards. Everyone panicked and hoped that the disease wouldn't spread. No one knew what it was, so no one could come up with a cure until the next person was infected.

It was on my sixth birthday that the next person became ill. They lived in Kenya and had a husband, three children and a herd of goats (the 'pet' goats fascinated me at the time). A couple of days into my seventh year, the person died, and so did the two doctors who were caring for them. I remember my parents telling me of how some scientists had managed to take some blood ("is that why the person died? because they'd had their blood taken away?" I had asked them), and they were examining it. It was unlike anything they had ever seen before, it had come completely out of no where.

By the time I got to my eighth birthday, thirty people had died from the unknown disease and it was spreading rapidly. They had called it Clizapine. I discovered later that it was named this because it sounded similar to the drug "clozapine", used in the treatment of schizophrenia; and the victims had experienced hallucinations, and strange motor movements (both symptoms of schizophrenia).

When I entered secondary school, we studied the disease in my Science lessons because over 1,000 people had already been infected, and died from it. Scientists predicted the fall of the Earth to happen in the next century, and people immediately drew conclusions that everyone would be killed by Clizapine. Although, at the time, the disease was mainly concentrated in Africa. Not a single person was allowed in or out of Africa and all trade was suspended. Because of this, the people in Africa who didn't die of Clizapine soon began to die of starvation. My Geography teacher in year eight told me that people were dying of starvation because there was no trade happening, so people weren't earning money from their crops, which meant that they couldn't buy any food.

It has been decided by the world leaders that something should be done about it. I do find this strange though. It all began when I was five years-old, I am now eighteen years-old. It has taken them thirteen years to decide to come up with a solution for something that has stolen thousands of lives.

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