Scientists are always trying to predict when the Earth will end, but what about if it actually happened? What would anyone do and where would we go?


2. News Article - The International


22nd January 2120

The World Control Centre is established to control world epidemic


Yesterday, leaders of all 196 countries met to discuss how to control the issue of Clizapine, that has taken 4,567 lives so far, according to official statistics from the International Database of Population. The head of the meeting included President Kingsbury of the United States, and his majesty the King of England. Despite warnings that the leaders of the African countries should not be allowed out of their home states, the 47 (discounting the islands) leaders also attended the meeting, as President Kingsbury claimed: "their countries are the ones at the heart of the issue, so surely they should be the first leaders on the list?" The current King of England, King Benjamin, then said at the beginning of the meeting that the African leaders should be evacuated from their countries to save them from the Clizapine epidemic.

After over five hours of discussion (not including breaks), the leaders finally reached a decision about the epidemic. From their summary notes, they believe that it is futile to continue searching for a cure, and the healthy people should be saved. Africa will continue to be in quarantine, with monitors placed around the continent to prevent potentially healthy (but disease-carrying) people from escaping. As the president of France pointed out, this may cause a mass uprising from the African people who want to be saved. However, the president of South Africa also pointed out that the needs of the world were greater than the desires of the population of a single continent.  It should be noted that, at this point, the leaders of Spain, Russia and Australia all left the building and refused to return until they came up with a better solution. In an interview with the Australian President, The International found out that he could not support the idea of locking millions of people in a continent to die.

As yet, there is no replacement solution that does not involve the deaths of the entire population of the African continent. The leaders have agreed to meet again in a few weeks time, at the conference they now call the World Control Centre, based in a secret location, unknown to the public.

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