See dad


1. I'm fine

I'm fine.
Aaron why you crying? Oh it's okay i'm fine.
Aaron why you so sad? It's nothing i'm fine.
Aaron we haven't talk in a while? Oh i've just been busy i'm fine.
I'm fine, i tell myself everyday.
I'm fine, maybe this time i'll believe it.
But am i? How could anyone.
With a life like mines.
With a father like you.
''You're so stupid, you'll never mean anything in life, all you are is a failure''
​Oh i'm sorry dad. I'm sorry i'm not like everyone else, i'm sorry i'm not up to your standards. But can you blame me. I mean why kinda life did you give me. Or did you think i forgot everything.

When i was younger all i worried about was hiding things from my teachers don't you remember? That tough love you said you had. What did you tell me? Oh that's right ''if anyone sees them they will be worse'' don't worry daddy. I'll hide them.. I made sure i did DIDNT i? I thought maybe then you would love me with out leaving marks. But  i sure did love you. I didn't run. I took my tough love. You heard me say it tho. ''Dad why are you doing this'' ''Dad  please stop'' ''DAD I CANT STAND UP'' but what did you do. Nothing. You didn't give a damn. You didn't care about my love did you. But that's okay. You slowly broke that love like you broke those cords on my legs. You slowly broke that love when my skin started to bleed. So tell me, how can a child learn when all he thinks about is how to hide the bruises the marks your tough love left me. When all he wanted was for his dad to love him like he did all his other sons. My love for you. Is gone, like the marks slowly fade away. 

See i'm fine dad.




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