Holy heaven

Alex is a young girl. She's 16 years old and gets bullied at her school. But that's not her only problem, she keeps having strange dreams about getting attacked in the moonlight.

In a world of secrets... Can you uncover the truth?

Perfect book, for a girl who loves forbidden love.


3. empty words

kapitel 3.

empty words

 I knew Ashley didn't spit out empty words, when I sore four or five guys following me. I was on my way home, from work at a coffeeshop. It was late afternoon, and if it wasn't for the streetlight, you  couldn't see your own hand, even  if it was right in front of you. They dident seem drunk, but I didn't know if that was a good thing or not. I picked up my pace. I was almost home, maybe I'm just paranoid. I looked back, still walking. Nothing, the guys was gone. " so, now I see things, great" I mudded. Just when I was about to run the corner, I felt someone behind me. Slowly turning around, I sore all the guys from before, one standing right behind me, almost touching. Fear shooting through me, as I got a closer look. They all looked perfect, in a kind off scary way. The boy closest to me, had light brown hair and eyes like blue ice. They all looked like beautiful 17 year old boys, except the fact that they where build like boxers and had the word 'dangerous' ridden all over.  The guy closest, slapped me across the face. That was all I needed. I dropped my shitty bag to the ground,  turned around, and ran for it. The adrenalin pumping trough me. I culd hear foodsteps right behind me, the fear for what would happen when they catch me, was the only thing that kept me going. Breathless, I runded another corner, then one more. I had no idea where I was. Was only aware of the steps behind me, quietly disappearing, as I got farther away. Looking around, sore that I'd run all the way to the forest. Looking back. They where almost here. I quickly climbed up in a tree. In the dark they wouldn't see me, I thougt. The guy who slapped me, was in front. He stopped right under my tree. I frowned. It kind of looked like he was...smelling? Just as son as the thought had materialized, he looked up at me with blood reed eyes, and a evil grin. It was as if my dream had come true. Or should I say nightmare.

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