Holy heaven

Alex is a young girl. She's 16 years old and gets bullied at her school. But that's not her only problem, she keeps having strange dreams about getting attacked in the moonlight.

In a world of secrets... Can you uncover the truth?

Perfect book, for a girl who loves forbidden love.


2. Assholes

kapitel 2.


I was on my way to school, when I felt something being thrown at my back. The laugher followed me all the way to the girls bathroom, were I quickly took my jacket off, and washed it in the sink. Assholes, I knew they would do it, that's the point. They don't even come up, whit a better idea than throwing eggs. I don't have number on how many times that had happened to me. When I went out, they all stood there - like they used to - Ashley, and the girls I liked to call dolls; they were as skinny as a match, and had perfect noses after to long under the  knife. In short, an uglier version of Ashley. " What the fuck? Alex, don't you have a dryer at your house?" She snorted, some people laughed. A big crowd gathered around us. Somebody kicked me. I got a punch in the gut, nothing unusual. Sure I culd feel the rage in side, there was nothing I would rather do, than kick their asses. The only thing stopping me was the memory of the last time I fighted back. It was bad. Really bad. I knew I couldn't beat them then, and I know I can't beat them now. The only difference is, that now, I'm letting them do this to me. And I hate it.

 The bell rang, saving me, but before I couldt escape Ashley spit in my face. I hurried down the hallway, and into my first class. I wiped my face, and sat down in the back off the class, already feeling, my cheek chancing color, getting bigger. When the teacher sore me, he quickly looked away, but i managed to see that sympathetic look in his eyes. Yes, of course the teacher knew what the others did to me, it's not their fault, they do care, just not enough to do something. Ashley is the principals  daughter, they could practically lose their job. To them I'm just another problem, that's better off leaving alone. I guess their right. I shrugged and started doing my mat-task.

In the lunch break I was heading  my to the library, a place where the dolls never would set a food in. Perfect. Unfortunately, the destiny had other plans with me. At my locker stood the dolls and Ashley. I was just about to turn, when they caught my eye. Acting fast they grabbed my wrist and pushed me up the lockers.  " nice jacket, sweetie" Ashley said, with a face, who told her real opinion. The dolls next to her laughed, as if it was the funniest thing they ever head. Which I actually knew wasn't true, cause I've head that same line every day, for I don't know how many years. I was so going to regret this, I thought putting up a confident look   " c'mon ash, I know you've can do better than that, okay, well maybe I don't, but I certainly hope so" I leaned forward, so we where almost touching. While staring at her, I put up my most innocent face and whispered " else it's going to get awkward " getting a little surprised, her bright blue eyes widened, but then she leaned in " so the dog got calves, clam down honey, you don't wanna know my big boys, cause if you do" she slide a red finger nail over my damaged cheek" these marks would seem like nothing, and I wouldn't be your biggest problem . She turned on her hells,laughing, leaving the hallway, followed by her dolls.

Oh shit.



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