Holy heaven

Alex is a young girl. She's 16 years old and gets bullied at her school. But that's not her only problem, she keeps having strange dreams about getting attacked in the moonlight.

In a world of secrets... Can you uncover the truth?

Perfect book, for a girl who loves forbidden love.


1. A world of secrets

Kapitel 1

a World of secrets 

" L-leave me! Please please, leave me alone!" I woke up screaming in my bed, my hair sticking to my forehead and whit a beating heart. I looked around, calming down I guess. My bedroom looked the same, same old posters, same pictures, even though it all looked normal, I knew I wasn't. Same dream in - what?- it seemed like months. That was differently not normal. I got out of the bed and slowly made my way to the bathroom. I just needed to feel the cold water, then it would all be good again. I've kept telling myself that even trough, I knew I was lying to my self. In the dream I was standing alone in the woods, I recognized it, as the same forest, my daddy used to bring me to. It was In the midel of the night, and I got the felling that Somthing was wrong. In that very moment, the cloud the had been covering the moon drifted away. All the things that I could not see without the moons light, now stood perfectly clear to me. And I was looking right into a pair of reed wolf eyes right before it attacked, and all went dark


i know very short!! Give me a chance. I promise it to get better!😂😁❤️   ❤️Comment / like / favorite ❤️






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