A story where 4 social casualties turn into real heroes.


This is my first Movella ever. I hope u guys like it.


9. Part 9

  It wasn't just a feeling. It was something that was really happening. They were falling down a long dark tube. It looked endless.

  Finally they arrived in the place they were supposed to be. It was a large, empty room. There was nothing on it, but a large, plasma tv.

  -What are we going to do in here? Watch a movie? - Love asked.

  -We are going to watch something, but not a movie, at least not one of those kind of movies that you young kids like. - the man said. Now he didn't look that evil. His face looked almost normal.

  -What are those chairs for? - Deren said.

  -You have to sit there. That way you'll understand better what you are going to watch. - the man said.

  -I don't have a good feeling about this. - the twins said.

  -Neither do I. - both, Love and Deren said at the same time. This was a day that should be marked in history. Finally Love and Deren were agreeing to something. That was weird.

  They couldn't do nothing else but to sit where they had to. They thought that if they'd do what that man was telling to them, maybe he could let them go. It was finally the time to see what has been prepared for them.

  It started off with a quick review of the news from all over the world. There wasn't much. They were talking about nature disasters, political troubles, celebrities scandals and things like that.

  -As you can see there's nothing about you. - the man said.

  -Why should we be in the news? - Love asked. - It's not like we're the coolest kids in the world.

  -You have a point there, but then again, you're missing. If people really cared about you, even you own family, they'd make chronicles and articles about you all missing, but no. You can search all over the world for things like these and you won't find a thing. - the man explained.

  -How long have we been here? - Deren asked.

  -2 months. This is enough time for the world outside to notice that there's something going on with you, but no. They pretend like they don't know a thing about you. They just don't care. - the man said.

  They were all thinking the same. The man was right, but they didn't want to believe it.

  After they saw those things they were taken back into their rooms, but this time they were in a different section. There was no one around them. They were all in different rooms, but luckily they could talk to each-other whenever they wanted to.

  They knew that they were alone, but this much alone? It wasn't possible that people didn't care about them. There had to be some nice neighbor or some secret admirer who was actually thinking about them. These were only hopes. They knew those were never going to be true.

  A couple of days passed since that. The doctors and the nurses didn't come very often to check on them. They were finally getting into their old life, but in a new place.

  -We need an insider. - Deren suddenly said in one of those days.

  -What do you mean by that? - the twins asked.

  -I mean that we need someone they trust in order to get information on what they're after for. Shit has been too good. It just can't be like this.


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