A story where 4 social casualties turn into real heroes.


This is my first Movella ever. I hope u guys like it.


8. Part 8

A\N: Hey people so here it is that new part. I really really hope that you are liking it so far. Please let me know what you think of it. Now I think we should get back to the story.


   They all felt like there was something pulling them, but they couldn't do a thing to stop it. They had no control over their bodies. It was like they were sleep-walking. 

 -Why can't I stop this? - Love thought with her-self.

-What the hell is going on in here? - Deren thought.

- What am I doing here? - Twixie thought.

-I was supposed to be asleep. - Pixie thought.

 They knew there was something not right, they just couldn't put the finger on that wrong thing. While sleep-walking, they were able to see that they weren't the only ones acting like that. They could see that in that place were a lot more other people who were just like them. They looked different from the others outside that place. Their eyes weren't normal. They were white. It was clear that something was controlling them.

 In a moment Love, Deren and the twins turned around to see each-other's faces. Their eyes were white too, but they felt that something was different about them. While looking at the others they could see that they couldn't move or do a thing. They were so different from the others. They could move and think with no problem, while others couldn't.

 While thinking all these, they heard someone saying:

-They're the ones.

 What did that mean? Was these a sign for good things or for more troubles?



  The quiet soon turned into a chaotic noise. Everyone was in panic. They didn't know what to do. There were people with white clothes giving orders. Some others were all in black with some strange-looking weapons. Those weapons looked like were made for a sci-fi movie.

  Deren, Love and the twins could see others around their ages who were slowly trying to move, but they couldn't. There was something stopping them.

 Love was curious to know if she could talk or not. She could see that the eyes of her friends were normal again and she didn't feel like something was in control of her own body. The only thing left to know was if she could talk or not.

  -What is going on? - Love said. Her voice came out louder then she wanted it to. She knew this wasn't something good, but somehow she felt relieved because she had her talking back.

 -What are you doing? - Deren said to her in a whisper. - We were supposed to act just like them.

 -It's too late. They already know about us. - the twins said in sync, just like always.

 While talking, they heard the steps of someone getting close to them.

 -Looks like we finally found what we were looking for. - a man wearing a white suit & tie said.

 -There is no way you're getting us. - Love said. The word us was a little strange for her. She had always talked for herself, but this time she felt like it was different. They were all in the same situation.

 -I already have. - the man said with an evil smirk.

  After he said that, they had the feeling of an earthquake. It was like the ground was falling under their feet. In the white floor they saw a rounded black line forming under their feet.

  -Don't tell me I didn't warn you. - the man said. After that, they all felt like they were falling down. 

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