A story where 4 social casualties turn into real heroes.


This is my first Movella ever. I hope u guys like it.


17. Part 17

Love and the twins were out there in the forest, sitting in some trees that were cut before. Now those trees were good only for branches.

- What do you girls think? Did Deren escape? - Love asked. There was something telling her that Deren was able to do so, but he was taking to long to come in the forest. So far Love hadn't hear any wolf scream.

 As soon as the twins were about to answer, they heard the signal. They heard the wolf scream.

 -Come on girls. Show what you can do. - Love told the twins. The twins closed their eyes and started guiding Love in finding Deren. It didn't take long, just a couple of minutes, before they met with Deren.

 - Here we are. - Deren said to Love.

 -Yeap. I see you have a lot of people with you. - Love said.

 -They are all like us. They were trapped there. - Deren told her.

 -What is going to be next? - one of the kids asked.

 -We're just going to show our true colors. - the twins said.

 After that, Deren let out another wolf scream and he turned into what he really was, a wolf. Love let out her wings. The twins were just their selves, but their eyes looked different, like they were about to hypnotize someone. The other kids did the same. All of them were showing their true colors, their true nature. There was nothing holding them back. 


 A/N: Hey u all !!! This is the last chapter of this story. There might or might not be a sequel. I'm really not sure about it. Meanwhile you can just read my other stories because why not. Love you xoxoxox

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