A story where 4 social casualties turn into real heroes.


This is my first Movella ever. I hope u guys like it.


16. Part 16

 The man decided to look down, while the nurses went out running to find them.

 -Hey over here! - the man heard a familiar voice. It was Deren.

 -What do you want? - the man said.

 -This. - Deren replied kicking the man. It was full moon and that gave Deren more strength. After he kicked him, the man fell down off that building.

 The nurses came really fast to catch Deren.

 -What do you want? He's dead now.  Look for yourself. - Deren told the nurses showing them the fallen body. After they saw that, the nurses started running away to save themselves.

 After that Deren decided to go along the plan.




-So do you have any plan on getting our a$$es out of here? - Love asked him.

-They're going to give us new drugs. You're going to try and find a way to confuse them. Make sure to have the twins by your side. After that you're going to fly away. Luckily there's going to be new moon so we'll all be a little stronger. I will try to get rid off that man and then I'll free the others and we'll all meet at the forest. - Deren explained.

 -What if all this fails? - Love asked not that sure about this plan.

 -It's the best we have. - Deren replied.



 Deren entered once again for the last time the inside of that building. This time it was for the last time.

-Come on! Get out! - Deren said to the other kids in there.

-How? - the kids started asking each-other. 

-Is there any of you who can deal with metal? - Deren asked.

The kids looked confused. It was sure that half of them didn't know what was going on.

-Maybe I can. - a little girl who looked very fragile said with a very low voice.

-Very well then. Break this metal and set them all free. - Deren said.

-How do we know we can trust you? - a little boy with scars on his face said.

-The man is dead. I'm giving you the freedom. - Deren said.

-We don't need that. We're OK in here. - a girl who looked like the queen of darkness said.

-No you're not. I know of a place where we can feel ourselves. - Deren said.

The kids started talking with each-other in whispers, trying to find out what to do. It took them some minutes before one of them said:

-Fine! We'll let Ris break the metal, but you have to promise us that no harm is going to happen to us. 

-I promise. - Deren said with a sigh of relieve.

The fragile girl called Ris went in front of the metal door. The other kids moved away to create as much distance as they could. Ris closed her eyes for an instant and when she opened them, they were yellow. Ris put her two hands on the metal door and in two minutes the door was ripped away from the wall. After that she closed her eyes to open them again. This time they had a normal color. The kids cheered at the view.

 The same happened into the other rooms. Ris always coming to rescue them. After everyone was free, a crowd with 50 or more people was created. They all had on common goal: to get their freedom.

They went away running. It wasn't because they were afraid of someone following them. It was because they missed doing it.

 After running for like 15 minutes they were finally in the forest. Deren let out a wolf- like scream. It was the way that Love would know he was there.


A\N: So this all is coming into an end. I would love if you all would check out my other story called The End. It's going to be a short one. Bthw there's 1 more chapter to this. :)

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