A story where 4 social casualties turn into real heroes.


This is my first Movella ever. I hope u guys like it.


14. Part 14

 They had all the rights to be worried. Only God knew what was going to happen next with Deren. Well, God and that creepy man. They all were sure that there wasn't a good thing waiting for him.



 The nurses took Deren into a room that looked really familiar. He waited in there for a couple of minutes before someone would show up. Deren knew that he had to deal with that weird man, but he didn't care that much.


 -You made quiet a show out there. - the man said to him.

-It took you long enough to come here. - Deren said. He knew he was playing with fire, but that was just how he had planned things.

 -I had stuff to finish. I'm sure you know that. - the man replied.

 -Yeah, right! - Deren said more to himself than to the man.

-I wanted to know why you did what you did. I thought we had a deal. - the man said.

-We still have. - Deren replied.

 -It doesn't look like that to me. - the man said to him.

-I don't lie sir. I always tell the truth. I'm sure you know that I don't have any interests on doing something behind your back. - Deren said.

-I was wondering why you did all that show though. - the man asked.

-It's easy. I did that to make them believe me even more. - Deren said. - Love isn't an easy one and also the twins do almost everything she does.

-Very well then. You can leave now. - the man said to him.




  Deren came back in his room. It looked like things were good so far and he was sure that things would only get better.

-So? What happened? - Love asked him as soon as he showed up.

-Nothing. - Deren replied.

-What do you mean with nothing? - Love asked him irritated.

-Well, there were only lectures about the fact that I should behave and bla bla bla. - Deren said.

-I guess you should consider yourself lucky then. - Love said. After that she went to sleep.

 That's what Deren did too, but he couldn't sleep at all. He would just turn around and around on his bed thinking. There were just too many things in his head. He was thinking if all this was ever going to come to an end. He knew that even if he'd get out of this institution, things would never be the same again. Everything had already changed.




  That sleep turned to be out just a quick nap because the nurses knocked on the door and they didn't look quiet in the good mood.

-Ugh, what now? - Love asked. She hated when she had to wake up before she wanted to.

-Are these new drugs? - the twins asked once they got where the nurses were.




 A\N: Hey guys !!! I hope you like this chapter. I'm going to work with some other stories so I just wanted to tell you that I'm going  to upload a new chapter every Friday. I really hope you are enjoying this.

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