A story where 4 social casualties turn into real heroes.


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13. Part 13

  Love felt like she couldn't trust to Deren. It was for sure that he was a liar. He stayed out of the room longer than it should for just "nothing". There was something behind this odd attitude and she knew she was going to find it out, sooner or later.

  Weeks passed and there wasn't a new thing. Everything seemed just like it had been like that since always. They were always doing the same things. Eat, sleep and take drugs. Nothing was changing.

 One day they had to go down stairs because they had to hear something really important. Finally Love was going to be able to see what this was all about, or so she thought. When Love, Deren, Twixie and Pixie went downstairs they saw that they weren't the only ones. There were other people with wings, some other people looked like classical vampires, but the four of them felt that they were different from those around that place. They were all dressed in white long robes and looked very exhausted, but this wasn't happening with the twins, Love and Deren.

 Love was scanning the area in order to see someone who was going to speak or who looked more important than the others, but there wasn't anyone. There were only other people who looked just like herself and her friends or a little bit worse to be honest. Deren and the twins were doing the same thing.

 It looked like the others were doing the same thing too, but it looked like they didn't have any luck either. "Poor people!" - Love thought. They all looked like they would faint from one moment to another. They were all weak and exhausted. Probably they didn't have enough power on their body to even do a shower. 

 Love thought that she was lucky that she wasn't at the same conditions as those were. She wasn't all drugged up and she wasn't alone. For the first time in her life she wasn't alone. Even though one of her so called friends was a jackass, still she was grateful to have him by her side.

 A voice interrupted her thoughts. It was a new, unknown, male voice.

- First of all, welcome ! - the man said. Still no one appeared in person, but some huge screens appeared on the white walls of the building. Everyone started murmuring about what was going on even though most of them could faint from one moment to another.

 - I am sure, you are all asking yourself why are you all here. - the main continued. As soon as he said that, there was nothing else, but the quiet and his voice. It looked like they all wanted to know what was going on. They all wanted to know why they were there.

 -You're in here, because you are all special in all the meanings of this word. You're not like all the humans out there. I'm sure you can all notice it. You're in here because you have to be protected. - the male voice said.

 -Or programmed! - Deren shouted. Everyone was looking at him like he was crazy. In the faces of the nurses a sign of panic appeared.

  -What are you talking about? - Love asked him.

 - The truth. - he said to her.

 -Shut up or you might get us all in trouble. - the twins said.

 -I won't. - Deren said.

  -Yeah, right. Go against them and you think you'll be alright? - Love asked him.

  -I don't care. You can go ahead if you want, but I'm sticking to what I said. - Deren said.

  Love couldn't understand what was going on with Deren at the first time, but she was starting to understand everything. That was why Deren was so mysterious all that week. He was probably planning this all this time.

  While they were all talking, there was silence. Everyone heard their talk.

  -Someone get the boy! He doesn't know what he's talking about. - the man said, once the twins, Love and Deren stopped talking with each-other. As soon as he said that, two nurses came close to him and took him with them.

  Love and the twins couldn't help, but feel worried about what was going to happen next.


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