A story where 4 social casualties turn into real heroes.


This is my first Movella ever. I hope u guys like it.


12. Part 12

 -What do you mean with the fact that we are a danger to the humanity? - Deren asked confused. It was the first time for him to hear these things. Of course he knew that something wasn't that normal, but this much? It couldn't be. This man was probably lying.

 -I mean that, that is the way people look at you. In fact the real danger here are the humans. - the man said.

 -What are you? You seem probably normal. You seem like a human too. - Deren said to him.

 -If you think I'm a human, then ask yourself how I can do this. - the man said and suddenly Deren felt a tight grip around his neck. He couldn't even breath.

 -Stop. - Deren chocked, trying to get some air into his lungs. After that, he felt that the grip around his neck started to go away. He was starting to finally breathe normally.

 -Are you now convinced? - the man asked.

 -Yes, sir! - Deren said.

 -Now go! And don't say a word about this to your little friends. - the man said to him.

  Deren walked out of that room with so much relief. He was finally out of it. During all the way to his own room, he was thinking only one thing. Could that man be trusted? He looked like he was saying the truth, but there were some things that seemed to be out of place.

 Why was he a danger to the humanity? He never did something bad to people. In fact, people did bad stuff to him.

  Without realizing he was finally in his room.

 -So? - he was snapped by Love's voice.

 -Nothing. - he said.

 -What do you mean with that? - Love asked raising her voice.

 -Can you shut up? I don't have time to deal with you. - Deren said.

 -We had a deal. - Pixie said.

 "Damn it. She always looks so innocent and pure." - Deren thought.

 -I'm sorry girls, but I can't tell you. Not now. - Deren said to the girls.

 -I told you he was going to do everything on his own. He only thinks about himself. It should've been me. - Love said.

 -Chill! Maybe he has a good reason. - Twixie said.

 -Fine! - Love said with a grumpy face. She was sure that sooner or later she was going to be right.


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