A story where 4 social casualties turn into real heroes.


This is my first Movella ever. I hope u guys like it.


11. Part 11

 ... It was Deren's first time to go out of his "cage" without the girls. He was starting to feel something weird. It wasn't fear or anxiety or something like that. It was none of these. It was just ... something weird that words couldn't explain. 

  He was walking on a long hall with two nurses by his side. They were probably in there just to keep an eye on him, in case he'd escape, but that wasn't on Deren's plans.

  It looked like they had finally arrived. They were standing in front of a black door with a strange - looking symbol carved on it.

 - Stay here! - one of the nurses said to him and that's what he did.




  Meanwhile, back in the rooms, Love and the twins have been talking about this recent event since when Deren left the room.

 -What is going on? Why is taking so long? - the twins asked.

 -You really need to chill girls. - Love said. - Everything is going to be fine.

  She didn't say that to make Twixie and Pixie feel better. She said that because she needed to hear it, even though she wasn't that much of an optimist person right now.




  In the same time the nurses who were with Deren entered into the door, leaving him alone at the hall, but that didn't last more than just a couple of minutes.

 - Come on in! - a nurse said to him.

  He walked through that door and entered in a huge room. The room was almost as big as the room he and the girls were a couple of hours ago, but in this one, there were no tv-s. In this room was a big table and someone sitting there in the furthest corner from the door.

 -You can leave! - a man's voice said to the nurses.

 -Come closer Deren! - the man said.

 -You sir know my name? - Deren said surprised.

 -I don't only know your name. I know the name of everyone in here and everything about all of you too. Now sit! - the man said.

  Deren sat without saying another word.

 -Do you want to know why you're in this place Deren? - the man asked.

 -I already know sir. We're just important-less social casualties that no one cares about. - Deren replied to the question.

 -You're right about the "social casualties that no one cares about" part, but you're wrong about "important-less". - the man said.

 -How is that so? - Deren asked.

 -You see my friend, there are these signs about you all that make you special. You have those tattoos that shine every full moon, Love has angel wings and the twins are always so in sync like they use telepathy to communicate with each - other. These are the things that make you special. - the man said.

 -What are we exactly ? - Deren asked. Now he wanted to know more about who he really was.

 -You are a wolf-men, Love is a rare kind of a guardian angel and the twins have telepathy. The twins are immune to drugs, but we're going to find new ones. This is why you should stay in here. You're a danger to humanity and the humanity is a danger to all of you. - the man said.

 A\N: I was finally able to update this. I really hope you guys like this. If you do, well you already know what to do ;).

  See you next update.

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