Will i be saved?

Being Niall Horan's sister isn't as fun as it sounds. Sure you know a lot of famous people. Everyone wants to be your friend, but only because you're related to Niall Horan. But soon all the hate and fake friends drove me over the edge. What will happen? Will I be saved?


1. Characters

Katherine Horan-Niall Horan's sister

Niall Horan-Katherine's brother

Bobby Horan-Katherine and Nialls father

Maura Horan-Katherine and Nialls mother

Liam Payne-Nialls band mate

Louis Tomlinson-Nialls band mate

Zayn Malik-Nialls band mate

Harry Styles-Nialls band mate

Sheeva Cox-Katherine's best friend

Payton Styles-Harry's sister and Katherine's best friend

Chad Vilks-Katherine's abusive boyfriend

Tara Gill-Katherine's bully


Hi everyone! Okay so this is not my first time writing fan fiction so I just wanted to say that and If I make any mistakes feel free to tell me! I'm not very hateful and if you have any questions about me just ask. So this story will contain.................. Self-harm, strong language, and abuse. I have warned you so read if you can handle it. Bye lovelies!!❤️❤️

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