Will i be saved?

Being Niall Horan's sister isn't as fun as it sounds. Sure you know a lot of famous people. Everyone wants to be your friend, but only because you're related to Niall Horan. But soon all the hate and fake friends drove me over the edge. What will happen? Will I be saved?


11. Chapter 8

Kat's POV


Today I was going for a walk with Sheeva. "Hey Sheeva! Are you ready to go?!" Sheeva had been staying at our house. "Yeah! Just give me a second!" Holy shit she takes forever! "Morning Kat!" I turn around and see Zayn. "ZANIE!!!!!!!!!!!" I run up and give him a hug. "Well I see I've been missed!" "Duh!!" He gets himself some breakfast while I finish my smoothie. Sheeva walks down and says,"Okay! I'm ready let's go!" "Took you long enough!" I mumbled. We walked out and decided on getting some ice cream. "Hi ladies! What can I get you today? Your usual?" Yeah we come here a lot. Don't judge. "Yes please." He gave us our ice cream and we sat down. I had two scoop of mint chocolate chip and Sheeva had two scoops of vanilla. The bell above the door rang meaning someone walked in. I looked and saw 4 boys walking in. ONE looked kind of Asian but I don't think he was. The next one had curly hair and dimples. The next one had red hair and an eyebrow piercing. And the last one had blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a lip piercing. Sheeva had to kick my leg so I wouldn't stare at them.


Okay I lied but I had free time and I felt like updating

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