Will i be saved?

Being Niall Horan's sister isn't as fun as it sounds. Sure you know a lot of famous people. Everyone wants to be your friend, but only because you're related to Niall Horan. But soon all the hate and fake friends drove me over the edge. What will happen? Will I be saved?


14. Chapter 11

Luke's POV


I went out to the car because I forgot something but when I did I saw Kat and Sheeva in a car and Kat was... Crying? Why was she crying? She seemed fine in the ice cream shop, but then again, she was talking to Sheeva kinda secret like. But... We also just met them. Should I go see if she's okay? Ugh! What should I do? I KNOW! I'll ask the guys to come with me. I texted them just to make sure they didn't leave. The boys walked out and I waved them over to tell them. "Hey guys, I know you're probably confused but look," I said pointing to their car. "Let's go and see if she's okay." They nodded and we walked tires the car. Ash tapped on the window and Kat jumped. They looked over and relief took over their face. Sheeva and Kat got out and Kat walked around the car. "Are you okay?" Cal asked while hugging her. She wrapped her arms around him and nodded. "Yeah I'm fine... I-it's just f-family stuff..." Kat managed to get out.

Kat's POV


After I said that it was family stuff that was bothering me, I thought about Niall. I know how much he cares for me but I don't think he knows how bad it hurts ME when he leaves. I cry myself to sleep every night until he comes back. So when he goes on a world tour that's a lot of crying. I looked up at Calum and got out of the hug. I went over to Sheeva and whispered in her ear,"I'm just gonna walk home..." "Are you sure?" She asked me concerned. "Yeah... I might stop at the park..." She nodded because we were like the only ones who knew about this park so she knew that I wasn't going to be followed or kidnapped. "Hey guys, thanks for checking on me but I'm just gonna walk home... Bye" I said kinda fast and started off towards the park.

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