Hiding You

Monica only knew she had a crush on her next door neighbor. She knew everything about him...or so she thought.

When she starting getting close to him, she realize how much danger he's in, and how she felt like it was her duty to save him.


4. Chapter 4

I opened my eyes, slowly. I blinked a few times. At first I was confused. Then, last night came back to me in flashes.


  I felt Zared’s arms wrapped around me. 


  How am I going to explain to my parents, that I spent the night at Zared’s house? 


  It’s amazing how much I feel for him. He could be taking advantage of me...and I would let him. I’m attached.


  But my parents... My parents. What about them? My parents. They work... They work at night... At night... They come back... They come back in the morning...


  Oh no! It’s the morning! I scooted out of Zared’s arms in a hurry. Zared groaned. 


  “Where are you going?” He muttered. His eyes was still closed.


  “I have to go home. My parents are home. They will be worried.”


  He finally opened his eyes. My heart started beating faster. The reason? I have no idea.


  “Can you come back?” he asks in a groggy voice.


  “I’ll see what I can do.” I smiled, and walked home.



When I got home I expected my parents to be really upset with me. Instead, they were nowhere in sight. Maybe, they’re still asleep?


  I’m right...


  I sneak a peak in their room to see them both in bed soundlessly asleep.


  I sighed in relief. I walked upstairs to my room. Today is Saturday.


  I changed into my pajamas, and hopped into my bed. I wanted my parents to think I was here all night.


  Should I tell them about Johnny?


  Should I call the police?

  Should I tell Zared that Johnny wants to kill him?


  Should I find a way to protect Zared?


  Should I?


  How would I? 


  I would take a bullet for this boy. I would do anything for him. I have been love stricken on him ever since I was fourteen.


  Now that I actually have him...I’m not going to let him slip through my fingers. Not even from my own brother.


  I closed my eyes when I heard footsteps getting closer to my room. I heard the door open. I opened my eyes, and yawned like I just got up. “Hey mom.”


  She smiled at me. “How was your sleep?”


  Perfect. “How was yours? Considering you go to work at night. It seems to me you didn't get enough sleep.”


  She stretched and yawned. “I’m about to go back to bed. I just wanted to check on you.”


  I smiled. “I’m all good. I’m just going to take a walk.”


  “Oh, sweetie. You should have breakfast first.”


  “Okay, mom.”



I grabbed a pop-tart from the kitchen on the way out. Then I walked to Zared’s house.


  I walked in without knocking. I snuck in his room, to see him still asleep.


  I smiled, and laughed quietly to myself. I laid down beside him and wrapped my arms around him.


  “You’re back,” he whispered.


  I didn’t say anything back, and just try to savor the moment. I’m trying to know exactly how it feels to have my arms around Zared Easton. 


  I closed my eyes. 


  This is how it feels. I’m finally living my dream. 



It’s like one a’clock in the afternoon now and we’re still laying down. My head was on his chest while he looked up at the ceiling with his hands behind his head. 


  “You should go home. Your parents are probably worried about you.”


  “Yea. Probably.” 


   He chuckled. “You can come back over tonight.”


   I groaned. I wanted to ask him about Johnny and his involvement with him. But that might be too soon.


  “Yea. Okay.”


  And from seeing that smile on his face... I didn’t want to ruin it. 


  I stood up and admired him a little while.


  “It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ll be here the whole day. I don’t work over the summer.”


  I realized I didn’t know where he worked at... I’ll just ask him later. 


  It’s no big deal. Maybe I’ll ask him tonight.


  I was half way out the door when I heard his voice. “Bye, Monica.” 


  I smiled. “Bye, Zared.” 



I got on Skype with Carmen as soon as I got home. Carmen put her eye to the camera.


  “Carmen? What are you doing?”


  “I’m trying to make sure the camera is working.”


  “It’s working, Carmen.”

  She backed up a little so I could see her whole face. She beamed. “I got something to tell you! You’ll never believe-”. Her eyebrows wrinkled up in confusion. “You got something to tell me, don’t you?” Do I look that happy? Her face soon lit up. “It’s Zared, isn’t it? You two together now?”


  “I guess.”


  “You guess?” She shook her head. “Girl, what is that supposed to mean?”


  “I don’t know. I mean, we kis-”


  “I knew it! I knew it was going to happen! When did you work up the nerves to kiss him?!”


  “Actually...he kissed me first.”


  “He what?!”


  That’s Carmen for you. She is way to dramatic. She’s been that way ever since I can remember.


  “Carmen it’s not that big of a deal. That’s the least of my worries anyway.” I looked down.


  Her smile fell. “Oh sweetie, what’s wrong?”


  I faced the camera. “M-my brother came back.”


  Her smile slowly started slipping back on her face. “Oh! Well, that’s good, right? Maybe I shou-”


  “Carmen!” She stopped talking. “Not that brother. Johnny.”


  Her mouth formed in a ‘o’ shape. “Johnny?” She whispered, like he could sneak in and hear her.


  I nodded.


  “You saw him?”




  So I told her. I told her starting from the beginning. I told her about Johnny being on the news. I told her about Johnny’s unwelcome visit. I told her about how he wants Zared dead for some unknown reason. 


  “Zared? He wants Zared dead? Who...in their right mind...ever want to mess with that sweetheart?”


  “Carmen...he’s not in his right mind.”


  She nodded. “That’s true. I’m sorry. I know he’s your brother and all.”


  “It’s okay. I’ll be fine. I’m his sister. I don’t think he wants to hurt me. But he wants to hurt Zared...and I can’t let that happen.” I thought about Zared and his smile. I would hate to see that smile disappear.


  “Monica. You can’t let yourself get into that predicament. Maybe you should just turn Johnny in.”


  I sighed. “I can’t. He left. I don’t know where he is now.”


  “I love you, Monica. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I know you’re Johnny’s sister and all, but he could change his mind about hurting you. Defiantly when he figures out you’re close to Zared.”


  Suddenly anger started burning in my heart. “Just a moment ago you were getting excited about me getting close to Zared. And now...just because of Johnny-” 


  “Monica. Johnny is dangerous. You know that.” Her expression stayed neutral. Even though it turned to concern when I started crying. 


  “Carmen...you know I love him. You know exactly what started it. And you know exactly why I need to hold on.”


  “Monica. You were only fourteen.”



“Dear, God. Please let me find love. Please let me fall in love with him and he falls in love with me too. That’s all I want, lord. Please. Thank you for everything. In your holy name. Amen.” 


  I fell asleep with a smile on my face.



The next day, after school, Carmen and I headed to the park. I wasn’t really paying attention to much. How could I? How could I pay attention to what Carmen was saying? How could I pay attention to my surroundings? How could I pay attention at all, when there was a beautiful boy standing right there?


  He has to at least be eighteen or nineteen. Stupid age difference. 


  Ever since then I would arrive at the park more than I would usually go. He would be talking to kids around my age and joking around with them. Even thirteen year olds would be flirting with him. The only thing is, he would treat them like he knows they’re kids and shrug it off.


  It broke my heart. I know that all I’m going to be is a child to him.


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