Hiding You

Monica only knew she had a crush on her next door neighbor. She knew everything about him...or so she thought.

When she starting getting close to him, she realize how much danger he's in, and how she felt like it was her duty to save him.


3. Chapter 3






“Who is this?” asked Zared on the other line.



  “M-Monica.” I’m still looking around, like a serial-killer is in my house. 


  “Monica? Are you okay?” Asked Zared. 


  “Y-yea,” I whispered.


  I knew I wasn’t, though. What I saw on the news was frightening for me. Defiantly since I can almost feel like I’m not the only one in the house. I don’t know maybe I finally went crazy.


  Suddenly, I heard a big bang that sounded like it was coming from my room. Maybe I’m not going crazy.


  Before I know it, my phone slips from my hand and slides across the floor. “Ugh! Great!”


  I went to retrieve it, until I heard a voice. “You were always clumsy, sis.”


   My whole body froze.


  I slowly faced him.


  He smiled darkly. “What, sis? You don’t miss me?” He held his arms wide apart. “Come give your brother a hug.”


  I gave a small shake of my head.


  He looked down at the phone. “Who was you talking too?”




  “Good.” He picked the phone up.  He hung up.  He threw me the phone and I catch it. “Now, I’m going to ask again. Who was on the phone?”


  “Za-” No, Monica. Don’t tell him. Tell him a lie. Lie! “My friend from school.”


  “Is it a boy?”




  “You were always a bad liar. It’s okay though. You’re at the age...to have a boyfriend.” He looked around after he said that. “Where’s Ryan?”


  “He only comes home on Mondays now.”


  He nodded. “Good. I wanted to see only you anyway.” He stepped closer, and I stepped back. “Why, sister, are you afraid of me?”


  “You murdered someone! I saw you on the news.”


  “I won’t hurt you. You’re my sister. We’re blood related. You can be just like me.” He nodded like that sounded good to him. It didn’t sound good to me. “You can become just like me,” he whispered to himself. 


  I shook my head. “You’re not sane.”


  Johnny laughed like I just told the funniest joke in the world. “You don’t have to be sane, sis.” He took out a lighter from his pocket. “Do you know what this is?” He held it up for me to see.


  “Yes. It’s a lighter.”


  “Very good. Do you know what it could do if I got gasoline and poured it outside of a house and I lit the lighter?”


  “You could set the house on fire,” I nervously choked out. I hope he doesn't set this house of fire.


  “Correct. And when I figure out where Zared Easton lives... I will set his house on fire.” He stated angrily.


  My heart started beating louder. Zared? He’s going to hurt Zared? What has Zared done to deserve this?


  He doesn't know where Zared lives. So that’s good, right? All I know is, I need to figure out how to get Johnny out of my house before he does. 


  “W-who’s Zared?” I asked. 


  “Let’s just say, he’s the reason I got put in jail a long time ago.”


  “But it was a long time ago...do you think maybe he regretted it?”


  “He will,” Johnny said angrily. “Anyway, I wasn’t here about him. I wanted to ask you if maybe you wanted to be a part of what I do.”


  I shook my head. “What you do is wrong.”


 I heard a knock on the door. Oh no. Zared.


  Johnny didn’t seem to hear the knock, and continued talking. “I need you to help me find Zared.”


  “I told you. I don’t know a Zared.”


  “That doesn't matter, sis. I would ask Ryan...but he doesn't have the potential.”


  “What makes you say that?” 


  Another knock. “Hey, Monica. I need you to answer me! Okay? Are you okay?”


  “Who’s that?” says Johnny.


  Maybe Johnny is talking about another Zared, or he forgot what Zared sounded like.


  “Um, my neighbor. I can go get rid of him.”


  Johnny just nodded, and took out a cigarette. I did not need the house burning on fire.


  I just rolled my eyes, and walked outside. I closed the door before Johnny could take a glimpse  on who was on the front porch.


  “Monica, are you okay?”


  “You need to leave.” I crossed my arms and looked anywhere, but him.




  I faced him. “You need to leave. Right now.”




  “Look I’m sorry, but it’s a really bad time right now.”


  “Monica, what’s going on?”


  I smiled at him. “Nothing. I just need you to go.”


  Is he going to cooperate or not?


  Hurt flashed pass his eyes. He walked off the porch slowly. 


  Wow. Did I really have to be so mean?




  He turned back around.


  “Are you doing anything tomorrow?”


  He shook his head.


  “You want to hang out tomorrow?”


  He smiled, and nodded. “That sounds good!”


  I watched him leave. I sighed in relief. 


  I walked back in and faced my brother. He had his back turned toward me. “I’m leaving, sis. I have to leave until the police find me.”


  Oh, thank God! “Oh.”


  “Bye, sis. I might come back to get you one of these days.”


  I shook my head. “I’m not interested.”



I’m glad, Zared is okay. I’m glad Zared is okay. It would be terrible if my crush was in trouble. This kind of trouble.


  I picked up the phone and called Zared. Just in case. A few seconds later he answered.


  “Monica? Hey.”


  “Hey.” I closed my eyes. I’m glad he’s okay.


  “Why did you call?”


  To make sure you are safe. “To hear your voice.”


  There was a pause on the other line. “Do you want to hear it more?”


  “Huh?” I was surprised by his answer.


  “Come over, please.”


  “Okay,” I whispered, before hanging up.



I knocked on his door. He opened it right away. Before I had enough time to think. His lips crashed on mine.


 There wasn’t any cheesy fireworks or sparks. But I did feel something. I felt like, at that moment we were the only two people alive. My heart started beating faster.


  He pulled me closer, that’s when I realized I wasn’t kissing back. All I was doing was melting into his kiss.


  I slowly kissed him back. I ran my fingers through his hair. The thing that I have always wanted to do. His beautiful brown hair slid in-between my fingers.


  He stopped, gasping for air. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer than what we already were. He buried his face in my neck. “I have a crush on you too,” he whispered. “I always had.”


  I smiled. I wrapped my arms around him. I ran my fingers through his hair again. I will never get used to this. 


  I suddenly remembered my brother, and my smile fell. Zared needs to get inside. What if Johnny never left and is watching us from a distance?


  “I think...you need to go inside,” I whispered.


  “Stay with me,” he whispered back. He kissed my neck softly.


  I know that wouldn’t be a good idea. Although, my heart kept screaming yes. My heart says there is no where else I would rather be.


  Unfortunately, my love struck side won. I couldn’t deny him even if I wanted too. “Okay.”


  He pulled me inside, with his arms still wrapped around me. I wonder how he managed that.


  He shut the door with his foot.


  “I’ll sleep on the floor,” I said.


  “No way. I’ll sleep on the floor. You take the bed.”


  I grinned. “I’m sleeping on the flooorr.”


  He laughed. I listened to it, like it was music to my ears. He loosened his arms that was around me. He took my hand in his. He walked to his room with me following behind.


  My hand was still laced in his. When we got to his room, I found out this is where he keeps all of his sport trophies in.


  He had shelfs on the walls. One side of his wall was covered with lots of trophies.


  “Wow,” I muttered.


  He nodded to the bed. “You can sleep here.”


  A piece of his hair fell in his eyes. I really want to move it out of the way. Unfortunately, he beat me to it.


  I shook my head, and smiled. “No. I’m taking the floor.” I laid down on the cold, hard floor.


  Zared sighed and chuckled.


  He got two pillows and threw it on the ground. He covered me with a blanket. 


  A few minutes later, (after the lights were all off) he crawled in right beside me. “If your on the floor. I guess I will be too.”







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