Hiding You

Monica only knew she had a crush on her next door neighbor. She knew everything about him...or so she thought.

When she starting getting close to him, she realize how much danger he's in, and how she felt like it was her duty to save him.


2. Chapter 2

“Unless, your parents are expecting you to come home.”


  It took me a second to speak. I realized my mouth kind of slacked when I realized he invited me into his house.


  “Um...no. My parents work night shift at the hospital, and my brother is never home.”


  He nodded. “Well, are you coming in?”


  “Um, are you sure?”


  He smiled, and nodded. 


  He held the door wider, when he realized I was finally coming in.


  When I walked in, it was nothing like I was expecting. I was expecting trophies everywhere, from sports he succeeded in. Instead, it was like every other home. The only difference...it was plain. There was no pictures anywhere.


  Usually my mom would decorate the house with pictures. She would hang them up in picture frames.


  Most people do that...most women do that anyway. Obviously, not guys, or Zared Easton. 


  Why am I thinking about pictures anyway? The real mind blower is that, I’m in his house!


  There is a TV beside the door, and a leather couch facing it. Now, that is exactly what I was expecting.


  “Nice house,” I said. I meant it. He is real clean. 




  He sat down, on the couch. “You want to watch football?”


  I wanted to say, ‘no, not really.’ But since, I so badly wanted to sit beside him, I said a chirpy, “Sure!”


  I sat beside him on the couch.


  There was silence. All you can hear is the TV. 


  I’m going to admit, I’m getting bored. I really don’t like football.


  Finally, Zared spoke up. “You really have a crush on me?”


  His question took me off guard. 


  I thought I already made that clear...


  He still kept his eyes glued to the screen. 


  I opened my mouth to speak up, but, I couldn’t think of anything to say. I was to shy to say anything for starters. That’s ironic since, I just spoke my heart about a minute ago.


  I finally decided not to say anything at all and watch a burger king commercial that was currently on. 


  “What’s my favorite color?”


  “Huh?” I glanced at him.


  “What’s my favorite color?” He repeated.


  I kind of smiled. I realized what he was doing. He’s trying to figure out how much I been payed attention to him. “Orange.”


  “What’s my favorite sport?”


  “I’m pretty sure, Baseball.”


  He smiled. He turned to face me. “You can answer so much more. Can’t you?”


  I smiled back. “Yes.”


  He stared at me for a few more seconds. “Stop looking at me like that.”


  “Like what?”


  “Like I’m the only guy in the world. There’s guys... the same age as you, that would kill to be with you.”


  I smiled. “And?”


  He stared at me for a few seconds, with something in his eyes, I couldn’t exactly point out. “You’re still wet.”


  I almost groaned. I looked down at my hair and my clothes. “Yes, I am. I’m so sorry, I think I might’ve gotten your couch a little wet.” I was so shocked I was in his house, I didn’t notice anything else.


  “It’s fine. It’ll dry.” He stood up. “I’ll go get you a towel.”


  He moved in the next room to grab a towel. 


  I grinned while he couldn’t see me.


  He came back a few minutes later. He handed me the towel without a word. 


  He sat down, and stared at me while I dried myself. I started with my hair and worked my way down.


  “Do you need to change?” He asked.


  I shook my head. I smiled while I dried my feet. 


  He watched me. He opened his mouth to say something. “Who’s your brother?”


  “His name is Ryan Ledkins...” I paused. “I have another brother too, but, I haven’t saw him in five years.”

   “What’s his name?”




   He stared at me a few second without blinking. His expression soon turned afraid. “Johnny Ledkins?”


  “Um, yes.” I looked down at my feet. I was trying to look busy. I was still wiping my feet with the towel. I chuckled. “There’s a reason, I don’t talk about him much.”


  “Hmm.” I looked up to see he wasn’t even looking at me. He was looking further away.


  It was like he wasn’t even here. He still looked nervous.


  “Are you okay?” I asked.


  He shook his head out of his trance. He smiled at me. “Yea. I’m fine.”


  I looked outside the window. “Well, I think the rain stopped. Maybe I should go.”


  He nodded. “I’ll see you later.”


  I smiled. “Yea. Here’s the towel.” I handed it to him.


  He smiled at me while he took it.

  I walked home. 


  That was worth it. I just don’t know how I’m going to take Carmen’s advice, and, make him fall for me.


  I honestly think you can’t make anyone fall in love. It’s impossible.


  Just what I don’t understand is, Zared’s expression when I mentioned my brother. He looked like...he was almost afraid. I wouldn’t know why. Does he know my brother? I wouldn’t think so. For crying out loud I barely know my brother! 


  Ryan is my other older brother, he only comes home on Mondays. He goes to college on Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Fridays he goes to work all day and on Tuesdays he visits his girlfriend. Me and him...are kind of close, but, not really. 


  Johnny on the other hand is hard to get along with. When he was a teenager he hit rock bottom bad. He always had that protective mode over me, though. Sometimes he did kind of scared me. He always came home with a new bruise on his face. 


  One night I remember cracking my door a little ways so I could be a little nosey. I was eleven years old. My brother was about eighteen at the time. He came home once again with a new bruise, but, this time it was worst. He had a cut lip, a black eye, and worst of all, a scar running across his cheek. 


  My parents thought he was apart of a gang. I couldn’t blame them. Why would he even want to hang out with people that’s just going to hurt him? That’s all that was going through my eleven year old mind.


  He walked in his room (that was just across from mine) and called someone. All I know   that whoever it was, he was mad at them. Extremely mad at them. He was throwing insults in the phone. Terrible insults. He was threatening to kill him. Suddenly, I felt bad for whoever was on the other line. The guy that felt my brother’s wrath. I slipped back in my room, and shut my door quietly.


  That was the last time I saw my brother. The next day, he disappeared. We would look for him, but, after months he disappeared. He was gone. He is gone.


  I think he’s still living though. Probably barely. But I still think he’s here in this world somewhere.


  Maybe, he found his way...maybe he hasn’t. 


  I guess it’s his choice.


  A choice he has to choose wisely.


I laid down on the couch and turned the TV on. I flipped through the channels. I was about to flip pass the news, but I paused when I saw a familiar face pop on the screen. A too familiar face.


  He looked the same as ever. He still had his pretty dirty blonde hair. His brown eyes could bore holes into somebody. He had bruises all over his face, and a busted lip. That’s normal.


  He returned.


  He’s wanted.


  He’s near.


 He’s probably going to come back.


  I quickly shut my blinds and locked the doors. My heart was pounded loudly. 


  “No. No.” I muttered to myself.


  Why would he be coming back? What’s his reason?


  I tried to calm myself down. It’s okay, Monica. He might not come around here.


  That still didn’t calm my heavy breathing.


  My parents aren't coming home until the morning. 


  I closed my eyes. I grabbed the phone and the phone book. I looked up Zared’s number and dialed it.


  He answered after the second ring.




  His voice calmed me down a little.


  I looked around, like someone was watching me. All he could probably hear was my heavy breathing.


  “Are you all right?” He asked.


  I shook my head, even though he couldn’t see me.


  He’s back. My brother is back.

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