Hiding You

Monica only knew she had a crush on her next door neighbor. She knew everything about him...or so she thought.

When she starting getting close to him, she realize how much danger he's in, and how she felt like it was her duty to save him.


1. Chapter 1

There was no way I was going to rid him from my brain. One thing I know for sure is I am in love with Zared Easton. He’s my next door neighbor that I never talked to. Well...I have talked to him, but, only for a few seconds...before he became my neighbor.


  “What are you staring at?” I jumped at my dad’s booming voice. 


  “Nothing dad, um, a...nothing.” I turned away from the window. We have a beautiful yard. What makes it even more beautiful, is all I have to do is walk through the woods to Zared’s house. 


  Of course I never had the nerve to do that. What would be my reason anyway? ‘Um, I ran out of peanut butter and I was wondering if you had any...’




  “Hmm.” I snapped out of my daze.


  “I’m about to go to work, sweetheart.” He kissed me on the cheek.


  Soon my mom ran out of her room. “I’m gone to, baby girl.” She also kissed me on the cheek. 


  Both my mom and dad work as a nurse at the same hospital. They both work night shift. It’s actually kind of cute to work at the same place, but, also unusual. I wouldn’t want to be around my husband all the time.


  Once they left, I stayed in my room on skype, like usual talking to Carmen. “Can you hear me?!” I screamed.


  This is every single night...


  “Yes! Finally!” I heard Carmen scream.


   I chuckled at my best friend.


   “So, why is it I don’t see Zared anywhere? Is he in the bathroom or what?”


   I glared at her.


   “What?! You need to stop holding back. You’ve been in love with the dude since, you were fourteen! Fourteen, Monica! You’re Eighteen now! It’s legal! You can go at his house right now and kiss him and I’m pretty sure he won’t kick you out!”


  I chuckled. “He probably would.”


  “No, he probably wouldn’t. He’d be stupid to kick a pretty girl out of his house.”


  I smiled. “Thanks Carmen.”


  “I’m serious! How old is the dude anyway?”


  I shrugged. “When I was fourteen he was twenty. He has to be at least twenty-four now.”


  Zared moved in next door last year. That was the happiest day of my life.


  I sighed. “I want him to be mine...but he’s not.”


  “Well...do something about it. It’s your life, baby. Don’t be miserable while living it. If you love the boy...make him chase after you.” She smiled at me sadly.


  “Oh yea. What about you and Mason?”


  She grinned. “Oh, about that. I think he likes me to.”


  I grinned back. “Nah! You’re just now realizing that?”


  Carmon and Mason had a crush on each other forever. They just have always been scared to tell one another. It’s really obvious that they do. You can tell from the way they look at each another.


  I heard Carmen’s mom calling her in the background. “I got to go. I’ll talk to you later. Remember what I said. Don’t chase him. Make him chase you.”


  “He wouldn’t.”


  “He would. You’re a pretty girl, Monica. You just don’t realize that. Now go make him crawl on his knees for you.”


  We hung up, and I thought about what she said. What if I could? What if I could walk up on his porch right now and tell him I had a crush on him forever. That would be totally random. What if he has a girlfriend? No, he’s single. What? Facebook comes in handy, ok?


  I checked the clock, it’s 8:30. Well, I always wonder when I’m going to talk to him. I guess it’s going to be tonight. I got up. 


  I hope he’s not asleep. No, he might be asleep. I sat down.


  Monica! Today! You don’t want to die alone! Do you?!


  The voice in my head is right. I don’t want to die alone. I stood up.


  I could try again tomorrow.


  No. Tonight! Right now!


  I walked outside and realized I don’t have a plan. What will be my excuse?


  I’ll wing it! I walked slowly towards the woods.



Once I got to his porch, I didn’t really know what to do. 


  I let my fist hang in the air, deciding whether I should knock or not. 


  I finally knocked...


  I heard rustling on the other side. Finally someone opened the door.


  And there he stood. Looking the same as ever. Brown hair, wavy on the edges. 


  His tall figure hovered over my short one. His brown eyes bore into mine. 


  Oh, help me. 


  He stood there waiting for me to speak. Typical Zared. Making the love sick puppy talk first.


  “I...was wondering if you had any peanut butter. We’re out.”


  He stared at me a couple of seconds. I understand that completely, since us being neighbors for a while we never once decided to talk to each other. Finally he started smiling. “Yea, sure.”


  He walked back in his house. A few seconds later he returned. He handed me the peanut butter without a word. 


  “Um, thank you.” I smiled and started to walk away.


  What is wrong with me? 


  We have peanut butter!


  It was totally worth it, though! It was worth it to hear him talk, even if it was a few words. It was worth it to see his eyes and his hair. Ugh! His hair! I want to run my fingers through it.


  When I made it to my house, I let out a quiet shriek and kind of danced around in a circle. I threw my arms in the air and closed my eyes. I’m letting myself be a love struck teenager for a few seconds. 


  But, oh no... It’s not for a few seconds.



I just talked to Zared Easton. Ok, it was only for like, five seconds, but, it was worth it. Even though, I just asked for...peanut butter.


  I frowned.


  I know I have to do better than that. I have to return the peanut butter...


  I groaned.


  That has to wait for tomorrow, Because, there’s no way I’m going back now.


  I hopped into bed.



The next night came by in a blur.


  The whole day I argued with my parents about getting a job. They said I could get one if I ever get out of bed. But what they don’t know, is that I’m a night person. 


  And all I can think about is ‘Thank God it’s summer.’ I can relax as much as I like. Even, if I already graduated from high school.


  Tonight. Tonight is the night, I’m going to see Zared again.


  Usually, every night, I would talk to Carmen on skype. Except for Fridays (which is today.) She visits her mom on Fridays and she doesn't let her get on the internet. Her mom says she should spend more time with her family. 


  Carmen is not complaining, though. She get’s to see Mason. Mason lives right next door to her mom.


  I hopped out of bed. I felt a headache forming. Gah! Maybe, I should stop staying in bed all day. 


  I walked in the living room to see my parents getting ready to leave for work.


  “Bye, baby,” says my mom.


  She walked over to me and kissed me on the head. 


  My dad did the same. “Bye. I should maybe suggest you walk around a little. Go outside. Get some fresh air. You’ve been in bed all day.”


  “Your dad is right.” My mom agreed.



When they left I decided to do exactly what they want me to do, and go outside. It wasn’t to get fresh air, though. Maybe...I should get some of that too (now that I think about it.)


  First I looked in the mirror and brushed my hair. Making sure it doesn't look like I slept all day. 


  I put some makeup on (even though it wasn’t necessary.) 


  I walked next door, pass the woods to Zared Easton’s house. 


  I made sure to grab the peanut butter on the way out.


  I knocked on his door without hesitation. At first I wasn’t very nervous, but, when I came face to face with him, again...I was nervous.


  He started smiling when he realize who it was. My heart started speeding up. 


  He took a look at the peanut butter, and frowned. Confusion settled on his face.


  “Yea. Um,” I bit my lip. “I don’t like peanut butter.” That’s a lie. I like peanut butter, but, I didn’t really know what else to say.


  His confused expression actually looks kind of cute.


  “I wanted to return it.”


  I handed it to him. He took it and even though he still looked confused, he seemed to shrug it off. He turned to go inside.


  But I couldn't take it anymore. I started rambling, I barely knew what I was saying myself, “I like peanut butter. I used to eat it all the time when I was like five. I would eat it, with almost anything. Well, not with...just beside it...or whatever.” He turned around and crossed his arms. He smiled a little, like my rant was amusing him. “But I didn’t come over here for peanut butter. I came over here, because I needed to talk to you. I really like you. I really do. Everything you do is amazing. Your amazing at everything you do.” Something wet fell on my nose, and I looked up to see it was sprinkling. That didn’t stop me from talking. I glanced back at him. “I know you don’t like me, but, I had to tell you my feelings. Because I can’t take it anymore. You need to know.” I felt the rain pouring harder. I knew I was getting soaking wet.


  “You need to know,” I whispered. “When I saw you. The first time I saw you, I had an huge infatuation. A few years later, I went to the park and you were always there. I figured out more things about you. I figured out how you liked almost any kind of sport.  You don’t like to dance.” I chuckled. I soon stopped, realizing I’ve said to much. But that didn’t stop me from adding the last bit. “That’s when I started to like you,” I whispered.


  He looked up. “You better come inside. It’s pouring.”


  I stopped to gape at him. Did...he just invite me into his house?

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