Never Again (5SOS)

'Can I do this, should I do this, Can I fall in L..' I said to myself, I cant do this again, not again. I saw him there staring at me with his dark brown eyes. 'I cant not with him, his a player. All he wants is a night with you like Aaron did. I got up from the table to leave "whats wrong did I do something wrong" Calum said as he stood up grabbing my wrist stopping me from leaving. I pulled back and walked away without saying anything.


10. Chapter 9 // Surprise

I need help, When and where do you want them to start to fall for each other?


"You need to talk to her Luke." Michael spoke up after the weird discussion we just had about how Luke should really man up and face reality. "His right Luke, and here she comes." I continued backing up Michael's statement as I saw Cat walking over to us. Mel was with Ashton laughing their heart out not knowing anything that had happened last night.

"Hey babe," Cat said as she squint down beside Luke giving him a peck on the cheek, it was like nothing had just happened. Luke looked annoyed, I know he was still mad at Cat but he really does have to man up and take the fucking wheal. He stood up and looked straight at me, "You tell her," and he walked away from us. "About what?" Cat asked as she stared at me.

Fuck you Luke Hemmings. I'm not suppose to tell her. Its not my place to tell her, Luke is so stubborn and a dip shit of a wimp. Maybe he is just afraid to break down in tears in front of his girlfriend. Thinking about Luke breaking down in tears made me let out a little giggle,

"Lina what is it?"

"Its not my-" before I could finish Addy spoke up with full of rage in her voice, "The fuck Cat, don't pretend like you don't know."

"Know what Addy, and why are you yelling at me." Cat asked is confusion. She really looks like she doesn't remember.

"I never imagine that you could be such a Bit-" before she could finish Mel shouted "ADDY STOP IT!"

"Why should I," "She brags about how Luke is her soul mate and that their relationship is perfect and how the were born to be together, still you fucking took a guy to your room and gave yourself to him. That is just BULL CAT! Lina may have the goods by not giving it to you to the face but to me its different."

There you go Addy has no chill, She could be the most intimidating girl and the kind of girl you see in detention in high school. But she doesn't really like seeing her friends doing thing that she had done.

I looked over to Cat and saw tears running down her cheeks, I hated seeing my friends cry. From the conner of my eye I saw Michael getting up leaving us to our business. Mel had her mouth dropped open from the beginning of Addy little speech. She looked shock and disappointed.

I cant stand it, I quickly pulled Cat in a hug and started to hush her "hey, stop it. You were drunk, you made a mistake."

"She didn't look drunk at all to me." Addy interrupted, I looked at her and gave her a death stared as she put up her hands in surrender "She has to know, and I know you nor Luke was going to give it to her." Cat pushed me away from the hug and turned to Addy who was standing ready to leave. Her eyes was red and full with tears. "Cat I love you never doubt that but I hate seeing you do that to a guy like Luke. He has been so loyal to you. You got to correct the wrong." And she walked away, back to where Michael and Ashton.

"I dont know what to say Cat, but Addy and Lina are both right. You shouldn't have done that to Luke yet you may have been too drunk to think straight. And you have to make it right with Luke before its too late." Mel spoke up after a serious silence between the three of us. Cat just buried her face in her hands as she cried her eyes out. Mel looked down at me as she stood signaling me to do something.

The four of us aren't that perfect of friends we do get into fights about a lot of things. Mostly stupid thing but we get through it all the time. And I'm always the middles person when it comes to a fight. I seems like I'm their problem solver. The four of us are pretty straight forward when it come to one of us are being a 'Bitch'. Well except for me. I don't really like to hurt peoples feelings, unlike Addy who is too straight forward. If you don't know her then you might easily get offended by her remarks. I would try my beat to sugar coat everything I say. We try to keep each other on the right track in life, we are weird bunch of friend. We are so different and that makes us so perfect together.

"Addy is right I am a Bitch." Cat sobbed out with hands over her face. "But I swear to you Lina I don't remember a thing from last nigh." I hate being so nice, "I know Cat, but you got to let Luke know that what you did last night was a mistake and it didn't mean a thing to you." I said as I wrapped my hand around Cat's shoulder.

Then she pulled me in a hug and sobbed out "Lina you got to help me I don't want to lose him."

"I'll try my best Cat." See what I mean, I hate being me. I'm always too nice.

She let go of the hug and looked over to me with her puffy red eyes. "Really you would,"

"Anything for my babe." "Now I should go, I don't want to be late for English poetry. Mr. Sullivan said that he had something for me." I got up and gave her little hug before walking over to where the others were.

"Luke go talk to her." I said as I gave him a death stare, "what if I don't want to," he teased or so I thought he was

"If you don't then don't bother talking to me either. Now I got to go." I didn't wait for his stupid reply about how he is to scared to face his girlfriend. I walked pass some boys and into the hallway heading to class.


Poetry is kind of my second favourite class to be at. I basically can express my emotion to it whenever I want to, I tell scrapbook everything that had gone through my mine. Mr. Sullivan adored me, sometimes I just think that he adores me too much.

He often ask me to help him with thing, but when it comes to him asking me to go by his place oh no I never go by there alone. He has a wife and three kids. I have heard rumors about him, and even though its labelled as rumors I wont risk it.

The bell rang and settled all my stuff, as I walked out Mr. Sullivan called me back in saying that he had something to talk about with me.

He bragged about how I was doing so good in class. And how most of my assignment was more then perfect.

"I have never read a poetry that had so much emotion in it."

"Thanks Mr.Sullivan."

After a few more compliments he gave me a piece of paper and looked at me with his flirty eyes. I looked down at it and realized that it was a flyer.

"This competition would be the best opportunity for you to get a scholarship to anywhere you want to go next Lina."

I looked up at him in confusion, I mean this isn't just any poetry competition. Cause this is a song writing competition an its a fucking worldwide competition.

"This is not a poetry writing competition."

"I know Lina, but I know you can do it. If you ever need help you know I'm here for you." He grabbed my hand and gave a little wink, but I pulled away before anything else could happen. I looked back at the flyer, this could really help me. "Thanks Mr. Sullivan. I'll try my best." And I don't know what the hell to write. Shit!


"Calum, did you here what I had just said?" I looked up to see Christina smiling down at me. "No," I could care less about what she has to say.

Looking around the campus cafeteria looking for Lina, she should've been with the others by now. Is Lina still mad at me about last night. I knew calling her 'love' would get her to her bad side. But she looked so cute when she's mad, and who the hell was that guy from last night. She seems to be throwing herself at him. Its not like I was jealous or anything. I'm just worried. Yes worried, just a little worrying doesnt harm anyone. Its not like I have a thing for Lina or anything.

Christine jumping on my lap brought me back to reality, "Calum what's on your mine baby." Chirstine blurred out as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She is beautiful but she is such a slut, if she's not all over me she would be all over some other guy. I know she's her because people all over campus say that we look cute together. I dont hate her but I dont like her either. She's just always there when I need someone. (If you know what I mean.)

Then I spotted her walking to where the others were, they had their favorite spot in campus. It was under a big hollow tree. The tree covers all of them from the sun. It was as if the spot under the tree was marked as their spot to hang out on breaks. And the best part was that she wasn't alone. It was that guy from last night. I would remember that fucking face anywhere. What the hell is he doing here, I have never seen him before. And what the hell is he doing with Lina.

"CALUM!" Christina yelled at my face snapping me out from my thoughts, "WHAT!" I yelled back as I pushed her off my lap and walked away. I cant stand it anymore. Being his go-to-guy when she need me and telling people around campus that I was hers. Not that I cared, she doesn't own me, I cant sleep with any girl I want like how she sleep with any guy she wants.

"Calum, what has gotten in to you?" Christina gasped out as she ran after me. She grabbed my hand to stop me but I pulled back me hand and walked straight without looking back nor saying anything to her.

Why do I have this feelings in my stomach when I see Lina pass by. I mean I HAD a thing for her, well once upon a time. When I said had I really mean it. At that time she was with Aaron that fucking dick, I found out that the douche was cheating on her but she wouldn't listen. "Not everyone is like Jenny ok, he loves me." She told me. Kind that is the other reason why I didn't help her when Christina pushed her.


I literally ran out of idea. Suggest to me what do you think should happen next? Cause if you give me suggestion I may update two in a day.

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