Never Again (5SOS)

'Can I do this, should I do this, Can I fall in L..' I said to myself, I cant do this again, not again. I saw him there staring at me with his dark brown eyes. 'I cant not with him, his a player. All he wants is a night with you like Aaron did. I got up from the table to leave "whats wrong did I do something wrong" Calum said as he stood up grabbing my wrist stopping me from leaving. I pulled back and walked away without saying anything.


9. Chapter 8 // After Party

I have no freakin idea on how to get Lina and Calum together, YET. So lets just start then.



I woke up to a serious headache, hell last night was a mess. I cant remember what I did last night. And I really need an asprin right now. I looked over to my right, Luke wasnt there. I was hoping to see his peaceful and heart warming smile. But maybe he went home,

"Wake up girls!! Class starts in 3 hours." I heard Lina screaming from downstairs. I hate classes on monday, who doesn't right. I forced myself out of bed and to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror, "What the hell happened to me." I gasped out, I had lovebites all over my neck. It must have been from Luke last night. But why the hell did he leave, he usually spend the night after sex. Hell I dont even remember if I did had sex with him or not.

Without thinking about it anymore I took off what ever I was wearing and hopped in the hot shower, hell ya. Its all I needed, as the hot water ran down my bare body I heard shouted "Breakfast's ready!"

She was always early, she really need a boyfriend and keep it slow. She's always rushing to grow up. She used to be this outgoing girl always full of laughter. She's always the one who keeps us together and happier then ever. I really miss the Lina who's always on for mischief and adventure.

When I was done with shower, I headed out to our big closet to find Addy and Mel who was at the dresser getting ready with their make-up.

"Hey girls." I walked over passed the girls heading to the bra and underwear compartment. Our closet was organized by our girl Mel. She isn't just good at modeling, but also good in interior designing.

"Hey," Addy answered as she comb her wavy brunette dipped pink hair to the side, "bye," she walked out.

I put on my inner wear and search for a cute blue tank top and my black denim jeans.

"I hate that I agreed to Calum's crazy idea." Mel blurred out,

"I know what you mean." I answered as I put on the outfit and headed to the dresser to get started with my make-up.


I walked out the room closet leaving Mel and Cat. I really don't want to be talking to Cat right now. Seeing her with that guy last night got me really mad, I thought she isn't that kind of girl. Cheating was always me. I wasn't the kind of girl who could be in a serious relationship before Michael. Well I have no intend on ruining this relationship anytime soon.

I thought she loved Luke. I mean even though Cat is my best friend, Luke doesn't deserve what she did.


"Michael, Stop!" He wouldn't stop tickling me, hearing the party going through the house made me nervous.

Have you ever had the feeling in your guts where you know somethings bound to go wrong. What doesn't go wrong at a party that is going wilder then it was planned to be. I can't just let this happen, I have to go downstairs and check on the girls. The must be drunk by now.

"Michael, please." I pleaded as he kept on tickling me. "If you let me go maybe tonight I will give you the best wild sex ever." And at last, he stopped

"Really, you'd do that for me." He pouted, I looked at him and lean closer giving him a peck on the lips "Absolute, Now lets go downstairs."

I got up and grabbed him hand as we headed downstairs. He pulled me back as we reached the living room, "Babe, I need to find Cal, can you go find the girl on your own." I pouted but still nodded yes.

"Don't keep me waiting." I teased as I ran my fingers down from his neck and almost to his crotch. And kissed my on his cheek, then we walked out separate ways.

I was walking all over the place looking for Mel and Cat. Lina wont be home yet I think, she is always late. But if she gets home she would probably go ballistic over this party.

Maybe Mel's at the kitchen, usually at parties she would be there, killing the bowl of chip. She may look like she has the perfect body but she eats more then anyone of us.

When I reached I bumped into Luke, he looked like he was about to lose it. He didn't even say anything, not even a smile. He just rushed away. "Luke!" I yelled over the loud music, but I knew he heard me. Yet me didn't answer.

Well maybe he was in a rush, want to know something. Luke is so cute with his blue ocean eyes and his quiffed hair. But Michael is still hot, his my first love.

I turned back and walked in the kitchen and I realized why Luke was rushing away, I saw Cat and a guy making out on the kitchen counter. The kitchen was crowded with people, they might be far away, but I know how Cat looks like from the back or even from miles away. What the hell is happening, Cat cheating. "CAT!!" I yelled but she couldn't hear me. I squeezed myself through the crowd heading to where Cat was but when I reached the counter she was already gone.


Then I felt hands around my waist and felt soft lips on my neck, I looked over to my shoulder it was Michael. "Michael not now, follow me. I maybe need your help with something." I said as I turned to me. I quickly pulled him by the hand and wormed ourself out from the crowd heading upstairs. "Whats wrong Addy?" Michael pulled me to a stop, I cant stop now. I know where Cat would be right now, well its just a hunch. Its worth a try right.

"Just follow," when we both reached Cat's room I turned the door knob and pushed the door open to find a guy on top of Cat touching her all over, I knew it! "HEY! GET OFF HER." I yelled, and I saw Michael rushing to the guy pulling him off her then swung a fist to his jaw.

"What the hell man!" The guy yelled, Michael grabbed him by the collar. "Get the hell out man, or you'll regret it." He said to him, not roughly but in a good guy tone.

Well basically everyone in college is scared of Michael. He has this history where he got into a fight with three guy in a club and won. Those guy were big, right now those three guys worship Michael.

"Ok Michael, I'm going." The guy replied as he raised his hand in surrender. Michael let go and the guy stood up walking out the door whispered "Dick." Fuck this guy, my boyfriend let you go like that and you called him a dick.

"Hey you!" I called out, as he turned to face me. My leg instantly moved up to his balls making him groan in pain. "W-What was thattt for?" He asked in pain as he covered his crotch.

"I don't know why, I just felt like it." I giggled out, he wanted to yell at me something but couldn't get the guts to do it cause Michael went to my side. He walked away without saying a thing.

I looked over to Michael, and he instantly knew what that meant. I needed a time alone with Cat. "I'll be downstairs." And he walked away.

I turned to face Cat she was already up and ready to walk out, before I could say a thing she cuts me by saying "I don't need your lecture now." And she walked pass me heading down to the party. Hell no, she's doesn't look drunk at all. What happened to Cat?

*End of Flashback*


At breakfast Addy and Lina wasn't talking to me as they usually was, and I don't have a clue why. Luke hasn't call me asking if I was up yet.

We arrived at school early as usual. Lina likes early, Mel parked the car in our usual spot, as we walked out the car I saw Luke climbing out of his car, but he didn't look or even call out to me. Usually I would be in his arms by now. Maybe he had things to do, when I looked over to the girls, Addy and Lina was already walking ahead of me and Mel. "Hey Mel, whats up with them?"

She looked up at me then back at the rearview mirror doing her hair "I don't know," she snatched her bag and looked back at me "I look like shit don't I. I blame Calum for this." She shuts her car door and locked it before looking back at me, "Where's Luke, I see his car but no smooching" she scarcasted as she wiggled her eyebrows up and down.

"Maybe his just busy," I answered, but I knew deep in my heart that something was wrong, Mel was right Luke usually is excited to see me. Luke is the kind of guy who is loyal and kind hearted. He has never tried anything that would hurt me in any way. But that's the thing, he has never hurt me. I hate him for that, all he does is make me fall deeply in love with him every single day. And I just cant, don't get it wrong I love him. I live him too much.

Next year he might be going to London to pursue his life live dream on becoming the worlds best soccer player and I'm going to be at the other side of the world searching for my adventure. I have to prepare myself for the heartache. Loving him was easy, but preparing to say goodbye well that's another story.

"Cat did you here what I just said?" Mel waved her hands over my face snapping me to reality. "Urrmm, no. I was daydreaming." I admitted, we were now at the school yard. I saw Addy sitting on Michael's lap while Lina was lost in a conversation with Luke on the under a tree where we always hanged out after class.

Mel didn't hesitate when she saw Ashton arriving from the other direction holding his book. Ashton is a weird punk-ish looking nerd, she ran over to Ashton and gave him a peck on the lips. Mel was short so she had to be on the tip toe to give Ashton a kiss. Just like how I was with Luke.


This morning I didn't really have the mood to talk to Cat in anyway. Not after what she did to Luke. And I didn't want to tell the Mel about it yet. Addy on the other hand knew about it, she basically saw the whole thing. I'm waiting till Luke confronts her.

Basically last night Luke was a little drunk when he told me he loves me. I was weird out about it, but I asked him calm the fuck down cause he wont stop telling me how he loved me from the start and he kept on trying to kiss me. Until I slapped him to reality.

Addy and Michael saw the whole thing, Addy asked Michael to drive Luke back to his place. I knew what Luke is feeling, loving someone so much and seeing them crush our heart right before our eyes. Total betrayal.

Sitting there under the tree in campus alone with my book was the best thing ever to me. Peace and quiet is always my thing. Addy and Michael was on the bench going on with their morning make out session.

"Hey," I looked up and saw Luke with his books on his hand smiling down at me with his lip ringed pink lips. Just looking at him reminds me if last night and those word he said to me,

"Hey, where's Cat?" I asked cause usually he would be with Cat.

"Your her friend, your suppose to know."

"Your her boyfriend." I teased, he pouted at me and sat down slowly next to me. Then I saw Addy and Michael walking over his hands around Addy's waist. They look so cute together.

"They do dont they." Luke blurred out.

I looked over to his with a confused reaction, did I just said that out loud?

Then he giggled out "Your so cute when you look confused." What the, did he just flirt. At me.


This chap sucks hard, I have the writers block. I dont freakin know how to get Calum and Lina together.

Question: should I really make Luke fall for Lina or something?

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