Never Again (5SOS)

'Can I do this, should I do this, Can I fall in L..' I said to myself, I cant do this again, not again. I saw him there staring at me with his dark brown eyes. 'I cant not with him, his a player. All he wants is a night with you like Aaron did. I got up from the table to leave "whats wrong did I do something wrong" Calum said as he stood up grabbing my wrist stopping me from leaving. I pulled back and walked away without saying anything.


7. Chapter 6 // Drunk 2

I don't want to just continue from just Lina's point of view. I want you lovelies to keep wondering what the hell happened next. Did Calum and Lina make out, or not? CaLina. Hahaha


This is what happened before the party. How the party started,


I woke up to a headache, I looked over to my shoulder to see an empty spot. Where could she be, she cant just disappear. Usually I would be the first to wake up and surprise her with a cute little breakfast in bed. I sat up and looked around, her clothes were nowhere to be found.

Then the bathroom door opened, "Luke, you're awake." She gave me her sweet little smile and came over to the bed in her towel. She leaned over placing a light kiss on my lips. She is really the best girlfriend you could ever ask for. I smiled at her and stared at her from top to bottom as she went to my closet and searched for her cloths, she has a hot rocking body.

I am really grateful that her parents doesn't hate me.

And for the very first time my parents are really into her. Especially my mom, she once told me that she would choose my bride to be if I couldn't fine the right girl. By right is the kind of girl she thinks right.

When she first met Cat she told me "Never let her go cause she's a keeper." I smiled to myself when she said that. I didn't really told Cat that she said that. I just told her that she likes her.

"Babe, get out of bed. I have to go my place and see if Lina's ok"

I just smiled and laid back in bed. "What if I don't want to?" I chuckled and looked back at her.

She grinned at me "If you don't, I don't mind. But I'll still go" she said. Wait I cant let her leave alone. If I did then she'll go ballistic. I got up and her smiled went wild. "What" I asked.

"Nothing, just hurry up" she smiled and continued with her hair and make up. She doesn't really need make up really. She has this natural beauty which made me love her more then ever.


We got to Cat's place and it was about 8:30am. Lina should be awake by now. She is always early, she is the kind of person who is always right on time with everything. I like talking to her, she seems to understand everything, or she tries to. I think she know all my secrets more then Cat does. I seem to be more comfortable around Lina.

But I sympathizes her, her mom died and her dad is an alcoholic. And she has no one but the three best friends. Thank god her dad didn't try to do anything to hurt her or anything. She keeps saying that she hates her dad bit I see the truth in her eyes. She couldn't hate her dad, she is too nice to hate someone.

Like how she says that she hates Calum, well I'm not really sure. But from all I know when she was dating that jerk (Aaron) she has a sweet spot for Calum. You dont hate the person you have a crush on just because he didnt back you up in something. Do you?

I tell Lina almost everything even though she isn't my girlfriend. Cat is suppose to know everything about me but its just, I feel more open with Lina then my own girlfriend. Is that a bad thing, I mean I love Cat so much. But its just best friends have something that a girlfriend doesn't.

Lina should be really mad at us because of the guy from last night. Maybe mostly at me cause I suggested Steve. He seemed nice and good for Lina.

Usually when we walked inside the house you could already smell the grind coffee, Lina loves fresh made coffee in the morning. But today nothing. "Girls I'm home," Cat yelled from the staircase

She looked at me "Lina should be up by now," she said as she ran upstairs to Lina's room and I followed her from behind. When we got to her room, we saw Lina in bed sleeping peacefully. Wow she must be very tired, "shhh," Cat pushed me out as she closed the door quietly leaving Lina to sleep. "Let go down stairs and I'll fix us some breakfast." She whispered and gave me a peck on the lips.



We walked to the kitchen and fixed us breakfast, Luke offered to help but I didn't let him. He just watched me cooked from the counter.

"Morning Cat," Mel and Ashton came to the kitchen catching us by surprise, "Mel, Ash. Morning." I answered as I set up the table ready to eat. I poured orange juice as Mel and Ashton sat down to join us. Then Addy came down in Michael's Blink-182 t-shirt and a short jeans. Her neck was all covered with hickeys. The first thing that came to me was that, it must have been from Michael. Who else. "Morning girls, where Lina." Addy asked as she sat down at the table.

"She's late." I answered.

"But she is always early. Maybe she got drunk last night. And finally got laid." Mel continued with a giggle.

"Actually, no she didn't. She got back alone." Addy replied, "And got a surprise from us." Michael cut in,

"Michael," Addy shot a 'I will kill you' stare. He just put up his hand in surrender.

"What do you mean by that." I asked, but I knew what they meant.

We went on with our normal routine breakfast and conversation, making fun of each other laughing but not so loud as always. We didn't really want to wake Lina, she really needs a good rest. She works too hard sometimes, actually all the time. I mean college is important, but everyone need to loosen up.

She think that she owes a lot to me and the girls. But actually to me she doesn't at all, she is a good friend. Me and the girls are more then best friend we are more to sisters. Growing up together, I'm actually really jealous of Lina. She's a natural when it comes to helping people. She is a good listener, I know how Luke and the boys tells her mostly everything that even us their girlfriends don't know.

Michael, Luke and Ashton tell Lina almost everything that has been on their mind, things that they don't fell comfortable on telling their girlfriend about. I mean what the hell right, boyfriends are suppose to tell their girlfriends everything. Not their girlfriends best friend. But thank god Lina's not the kind of girl who keeps secret from her friends. Mostly everything that the boys tell her she would tell them to us but in a her good words. So we wont get into a fight.

At first I thought that Luke had a thing for Lina, but when I knew that Michael and Ashton was in on it to I was ok with it. I mean, even I tell her everything. My parents, Mel and Addy doesn't even know me as much as Lina does. Lina keeps a lot of peoples secret. Talking to her is like the best way to get the heavy weight of your shoulder. She really knows what to say when to say it.

Sometimes I just don't understand life it self. Why do good people get the most hard life. I mean Lina is like the most innocent, sweet, unselfish person that I known my whole life. Yet she get the worst hits that any of us get. After her mom died, her dad started drinking and hitting her. That really made me sad. She would come over to my place for sleep over or even go to school in over size shirt and sweat pants just to hide the bruises. She would lie to our faces just for her dad. She would make up crazy reasons about her bruises, like she tripped and hit the bed.

It was stupid but she really loves her dad, what changed her from loving to hating the shit out of her dad was when she came home and got beaten up so bad by him. She was in the ICU for a week with a broke arm and cuts all over. She didn't remember what had happen but If it wasn't because of Addy I think she would be dead by now.

Lina left her history book at Addy's place, she went over to return it. She heard Lina screaming in pain. Addy just kicked the door and beat the hell out of Lina's dad. Wait I forgot to mention, Addy is a black belt and she is into WWE. Ao yeah.

When we were almost done with breakfast Calum came in asking about Lina. "She's still sleeping." Luke answered. "Shhh, listen. I don't think she's sleeping anymore." Addy shh us and we listen to Lina singing in the shower. She voice was amazing, we encouraged her to go audition for a talent show once but she's a shy one. To her singing is a hobby, not a career.

"I'll go say hi," Calum wiggled his eyebrow and ran upstairs before I could say no. Calum is a pervert thats for sure, but Michael once told Addy that he wasn't always like that. He was more to a softy and a very romantic guy, well once upon a time. He said that a girl broke Calum's fragile heart and left him to just like that. I don't really know how that feels, but all I know is that I hope Luke doesn't do it. He's my first love, and my first everything.


Calum came back a few minutes later, "Yup, she's up." He chuckled "She'll be down in a minute." The he walked over to the boys whispering something.

Then Lina came in the kitchen. In her usually boring outfit and her glasses. Why does she wear that thick glasses when I already bought her those lenses.

"Moring princess," Ashton let out. "Slept late I presume,"

"Actually, I didnt. But a loud NOISE woke me up at two in the morning and never shut up." She said sarcastically as as looked over to Addy and Michael. Then She let out a laugh and we followed, the girls and I knew what that meant. But the boys didnt really know what she meant, well maybe Michael did. She took out her yogurt from the fridge and looked over to Calum.

They were rescheduling their tutor class. I will never understand why Lina is still friends with that douchbag. I mean even though he didn't admit what he did to Lina, the girls and I knew that Lina wasn't lying. Why would she. Luke told me that Calum has a thing for Lina, but I doubt it. He is always with a different girl every week. And I don't want my best friend to be in anyway liking that dick. I didn't realize that Calum was following her out, but when he got back to the kitchen he had this weird grinned across his face.

"Lets throw a party tonight."



After a debating on how the girls are not about to throw a party at their place, they finally agreed with Calum stupid suggestion. Calum could sometimes be very convincing.

We were setting up the place for the party while Calum went to the liquor store and spread the word. I mean I don't know why the girls agreed, but when Calum told the girls that Christina was having a party tonight, they instantly said yes. I will never understand girls hate.


The party went wild in a second, I lost Cat in the crowd. I wasn't planning on getting drunk at all tonight. I wanted sober sex from my lovely girlfriend, but I got to find her first. I was literally walking all over the house, she disappeared just like that. As I was searching for Cat, random girls who I have never met before comes on to me and started to touch me all over and asked me to 'Fuck' them. I was so disgusted by it. I really had to find Cat and get out of here. This party is getting out of hand. Before that I really need a drink,

I was walking to the kitchen to get myself a drink when I saw the one thing that I thought would never happen to me.


What, what did Luke see. Ahhh hahahah.

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