Never Again (5SOS)

'Can I do this, should I do this, Can I fall in L..' I said to myself, I cant do this again, not again. I saw him there staring at me with his dark brown eyes. 'I cant not with him, his a player. All he wants is a night with you like Aaron did. I got up from the table to leave "whats wrong did I do something wrong" Calum said as he stood up grabbing my wrist stopping me from leaving. I pulled back and walked away without saying anything.


6. Chapter 5 // Drunk 1

Ok hey lovelies, lets start.


I woke up still sleepy to the alarm. I looked over it was 7am, I didnt want to wake up. I wanted to stay in bed all day. Add and Michael gave me the worst night ever. It felt like they were going on it all night.

I had to wake up, my schedule is very tight for today. First I have to tutor someone in maths, then I have to go to the campus for extra class. Its my ordinary saturday morning. He is going to be here by 10am so I got a lot of time to get ready. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and put on my favourite song of the day 'Quiet-Demi Lovato' before heading to the shower. I took off my cloths and stepped in the showed as the hot steamy water ran to my bare skin. It felt so good being in a hot shower. I sang along with the song as loud as I could wanting to wake Addy and Michael in their slumber.

"Woah, Nice voice darling." A familiar husky voice called out from the bathroom door. Thank god the glass was covered with steam. "What the fuck, its not 10am yet Calum!" I yelled as I covered myself with towel. Then peaked my head out the door.

"And how the hell did you get in here?" I smirked at him.

"Addy opened the door for me."

"She's awake?"

"Yup, and Michael too. What time do you think it is now."

"7 in the morning."

He let out a laughed "Actually darling, its 10:30." And he laughed again.

I jumped out the shower and looked at my phone. What the hell, he was telling the truth. I'm never late, his the one who is. "I'm so sorry, I over slept. I'll be ready in a minute." Then I felt hand around my waist. "I know how you could make it up to me." His hands slowly went down. Before he could do what I think he was about to do, I grabbed him hand and pushed him away. "Dont even dream about it." He gave me a devilish smile. "Just a little tease, I can make you feel so good. Better then-"

I cut him off before he could say that dicks name, "Shut up, and get out." I pushed him out and slammed the door on his face, fuck him. He make my blood rise all the time. But the fact that I am tutoring him is because the teacher asign me to it. They said that its for my scholarship. But actually the real reason was Calum chose me to tutor him. Cause I was the brightest in math class, and that he wanted us to stay talking. To him when you talk to someone and the other person replies it mean they are friends. I dont want to be friends with a two-face-playboy-jerk like him. I 'HATE' him, more then anything in the world.

The girls would question me why would I make deal with the person I hate most. Well I have my reasons, first he has connection to people that I may need one day. And second he is scared of me. Want to know why he couldnt run off from my deals, well the story goes like this;

Me and Calum were close, well not the kind of close where you hook up or anything. But close, I liked him as a friend. He was a cool dude to hang out with before the incident. But before that I was a virgin and was stupidly in love with Aaron.

The girls and I had a party for Ashton's birthday at our place. And it went wild when oceans of people started to crash our place (all thanks to Christina) and there was alchohol involve. We planded a simple birthday party but it all went south when Chistina texted the whole campus.

Then Calum got drunk, and I dared him to wear a Cats red dress. Which he did, and I took the picture with no intent to use it on him to threaten him or anything. But it all changed. So that how it went, if he doesnt do what I say when I say it how I say it the whole campus will see his picture.

I took my black singlet, top it with my red leather jacket and my ripped levi's blue jeans. Comd my brunnette hair and let them flow to the side of my shoulder. I ran downstairs to the kitchen for breakfest, I was so hungry.

When I got to the kitchen everyone was there. All the girls and their boyfriends including Calum was there having their breakfest.

"Moring princess," Ashton let out. "Slept late I presume,"

"Actually, I didnt. But a loud NOISE woke me up at two in the morning and never shut up." I sarcasted as I looked over to Addy and Michael. Then I let out a laugh followed by the girls. The boys didnt really know what I meant, well other then Michael. He knew pretty clear what I meant. I took out my yogurt from the fridge and looked over to Calum.

"Hey, I cant do today. I have class later and before that I have to pick something up." Taking in a full spoon of yogurt in my mouth. "Take a rain check." I smiled and finished my yogurt with a few scoop and threw in it the bin. "When?"

"I'll text you when." I shouted as I ran to the door grabbing my keys and got to my car. I didnt realize that Calum was following me out, "Hey, about last night." He looked down.

"What about it?" I answer in curiosuty as I opened the door.

"I mean, I-" before he could finish his slow unfinish sentence I cut him of

"Save it, you owe me and thats it no more no less." I got in the car. And started the car before speeding off, I'm going to be late. With the traffic, oh man. I hope not though.

But what ran to my mind is why did I have to be so rude, he didnt even finish his sentence. Now the nerve on wanting to know what he was going to say or ask was running through my mind like a broken record.


After class it was 6pm, I know its late, I have so many project, assignment to do. The scholarship is so improtant to me. When you dont have anyone else except you best friends you got to do something dont you. My dad sold everything we had to people, I'm practically homeless if its not for the girls. I cant just let the girls carry me all the way for a perfect life right. I would sacrifice my saturday so I could get best credits from teachers.

I drove in the drive walk and saw cars stacked in front of the house, people was walking in and out. Did the girls threw a party without me? They didn't mention any party, I stepped out the car and walked to the front door as soon as I wanted to walk in a girl came running out to the bushes and threw up. "Eww, disgusting." Went around the house searching for the girls and the boys. But they were nowhere to be found.

"Shit!" I yelled in frustration. I put my hands to my face trying to think straight.

"Hi can you help me." A voice said tapping on my shoulder. When I turned around and looked up I saw a guy with yellow corn hair and his eyes was light green. He has this irresistible soft pink lips. His red cheeks stood out with his pale with skin. He had a cute blue leather jacket on with a band t-shirt. His jeans looks like Levi's. "I'm sorry to disturb you but you seem like the only one sober enough to help me, I'm Jamie." He let out his hand and I shook it, weirdly.

"Actually I am the only one sober. I'm Lina, what can I help you with?" I blushed a little, I think he saw me blush. Fuck

"Urrm, where can I find the bathroom." Now he is blushing. He needs to piss,

"Ohh, come follow me." I lead us to the kitchen bathroom, "here." I turned to him and smiled,

"Thanks Lina,"

He walked to the bathroom then I saw Cat and Mel walking pass the kitchen door, I ran to catch them.

"Cat, Mel. What the hell happened?"

They both turned around and giggled. They were drunk, like so drunk. This is bad,

This kind of thing has happen before "Calum convinced us to throw a party and we did, this is the best party ever." Mel came up and pulled me into a tight hug. Fuck Calum, I should've known.

I have to do something before the neighbors calls the police, "hey, there you are," a familiar voice said from behind me.

"Hey, who is this cute stuff?" Cat giggled out,

"Wait, are you with Lina." Mel interrupted Jamie before he could answer.

"When were you going to tell us," Cat continued, "Our Lina is finally having sex again with a guy.

"Shut up Cat!" I yelled as my hand covered her mouth. She is making me look like an idiot,

"Fuck her will you, she needs it," Mel giggled,

I walked to over to Jamie and pushed him away knowing the girls wont shut up if I don't.

"I'm sorry about my friends."

He looked at me and smiled, oh my god that smile. I needed that, a smile that could really light up New York in a blackout. "I know how you feel, but may I ask you something."

"Sure anything." I answered as we stepped into the living room where no one was there. The living room and our bedroom is always the restricted area. The living room has so many antiques, Cat's idea or interior design, she wants a british vintage look.

"Urrm, Why did your friends told me to have sex with you?"

WHAT!! Fuck, what was I suppose to answer. I cant tell im the truth, then more question will be asked, shit shit shit!! Then I felt someone pulled me by the hand, leading me to upstairs. "Can I borrow her." He yelled over to Jamie who looks stund by the persons reaction. I looked over to the person who was pulling me, it was Calum.

We reached my room and he slammed the door shut, then looked at me with a smile, he took a step closer as I took a step back. What the hell, what is he trying to do. I could see by his face that he was drunk as the girls was.

He took a step closer and closer as I did back until my back hit the wall. He grinned at me, and pin his hand to the wall near my face. "I miss you soft sweet lips, Lina" he said with his sexy sweet husky voice. I didnt know how to react to that, I didnt even know what to say. He leaned closer and closer, I could feel his breath at my face


Fuck what is going to happen, is Calum going to kiss Lina? is she going to kiss back? Is that Jamie guy going to be just in this chapter, should he return with a fucking BANG. Ahhh I cant wait.

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