Never Again (5SOS)

'Can I do this, should I do this, Can I fall in L..' I said to myself, I cant do this again, not again. I saw him there staring at me with his dark brown eyes. 'I cant not with him, his a player. All he wants is a night with you like Aaron did. I got up from the table to leave "whats wrong did I do something wrong" Calum said as he stood up grabbing my wrist stopping me from leaving. I pulled back and walked away without saying anything.


5. Chapter 4 // Its real

Hey Lovelies, whats up.. I hope you are ready for this chapter. I was inspired by 'graphicharry' red one of her story 'SEX || Ashton Irwin' you are going to be addicted to it and fall in love with the story.

The inspiration was 'Daddy kink' I just love it, so be ready for it.

You were warned!!


Me and Mel really hit it off with a band when Mel started to dance on top of the bar, having us kicked out of the club.

I laughed my hearts out when we were kicked out, Mel was furious, "You cant do this to us," she was kicking and screaming her heart out. The security was carrying her as I followed them out, I couldn't get her out. She was strong even though she looks small.


I drove us to my place while Mel at the passenger seat singing along to 'American Idiot - Green Day' her favourite song. She mostly was yelling the words, I looked over to her side and let out a giggle, she turned to me and turned down her down the music, "Whats so funny?"

I just shook my head "Nothing, you are just so cute." And I gave him a smile, I turned to the road "Are you sure," she giggled "Daddy"

I stopped at the red light and looked over to Mel bitting my lip as she did the same. The street wasnt crowded like always. Then she slide his hand down to my jeans unbuckling them before zipping them down grabbing my crotch, I looked at her in shock then her head went down and putting me in her mouth making me groan, "W-What do you think your doing M-Mel, I'm D-Driving." She pumped me in and out slowly making me moan out cursing her name, she licked my top "F-Fuck Mel." The traffic light turned green. "Mel its green."

She sat up but her hands was still grabbing on my crotch, I hit the gas and continued driving. She giggled, and started to give me a handjob "Do you like it Daddy?" She giggled, I couldn't concentrate on the road. I drove slow making the car behind cutting us, flipping us of but I couldn't give a shit. She was making me feel so good. "D-dont stop, Daddy's so close princess" as I felt tingling, she went faster and faster. Then I cum on her hand, I gasped for air. She zipped my jeans back up, and giggled "Thank you princess."

"Your welcome Daddy." She gave me a little wink.

"When we get back, you are going to get it."

"I doubt that you could make me feel as good as I just did." She giggled.

"Want to bet," I gave her a devilish smile.


When we got to my penthouse building just two blocks from Mel and the girls place. Their place is huge. Cat has the best parents ever, Mel is lucky to have friends like them. They really took care of each other. I became friends with the boys because of Mel, if it isnt for her I would have been the guy with no friends.

Michael and Calum were best friends from Australia, well Luke in the other hand is the shy guy in our campus. He is a bit weird, but still girls loved his weirdness. But the girls are not as crazy as they are around Calum. There is something about Calum that makes him so irresistible and it annoys me. Not to say that I want another girl or to cheat on Mel, I love Mel but it feel so great of other girls were crazy and wants to sleep with you. Every guys feels that way ok.

We got to the elevator and I grabbed hand turning her around to face me and put my hands on her waist. I connected our lips as the elevator door swung open, I pushed her into the elevator not breaking the kiss, I stopped for a while and pressed the top floor button and the door shut.

I turned to her who was still in my arms, and gave her a devilish smile. "You have been a very bad girl." She looked up at me biting he lip, "Don't punish me Daddy. Not so hard." She pleaded.

I reconnected our lips, kissing her hard as my hand slid down to her panties teasing her core as she moan softly into my mouth. "You're so wet." I said as I looked down to her biting my lip. "For Daddy"

She smiled "All for you Daddy." As she moaned out. Hearing her moan turns me on every time. Her sweet little voice.

"Third floor." The door swung open on the floor below ours. I pulled my hands away got behind Mel as we both to turned to the door to find a sweet old lady smiling at us. "Ash darling, Going down?" She asked with her sweet smile. I had to stay behind Mel cause we do not want an innocent old lady to see a young man hard on under his jeans do we.

"Yes, Mrs.McCartney" Mel and I gave her a smile as I set my chin on her bare shoulder.

"Ohh ok," the door swung shut and we both laughed our hearts out.

"Thank god, so close." She gasped out.


We got to my penthouse, I opened the door to find someone was in the house. What the hell.

The tv was on, I shut the door and walked to the living room hand entwine with each other. I looked down on the couch to find Calum there lying like he was the 'King' of this place. Calum and I live in that house together with Michael while the both of them looks for they're own place. They were suppose to stay in campus, I offered them to stay at my place. It tend to get lonely here. This is my dad's penthouse when he used to work in New York. "Cal, what the hell are you doing here?" He sat up in shock as 'Blended' was playing. "I thought you would be at a girls place getting fucked by now."

He looked at me and smirked, "Oh its already done, she fell asleep instantly. I couldn't sleep she is quite a snorer." He layed back down "And that is not sexy." He chuckles a bit "What were you two planing on fucking each other tonight?"

"Well-" Mel cut me off "Nope, I'm tired anyways." She gave me a light kiss on the cheek and walked to my room.

"Fuck you Calum," I whispered in anger, Mel is shy when it comes to having sex and knowing that someone is in the house. "You ruined everything."

I walked to my room and heard Calum yelled "Have fun fucking." I slammed the door shut then locking it.

"So he isn't leaving huh." Mel said as she sat on the bed in my band t-shirt with no pants on. She looks so hot in it, "nope," I pouted as I walked to her pushing her down on the bed. I don't care anymore, I was hard on under my jeans. I was hoping for a 'Get off me' or 'Not now, Calum's here' kind of reaction but instead

"Kiss me, Daddy." She whispered. I nodded and connected our lips together and our lips just went in sync at a slow passionate pace. I love her more then anything. I could be myself when I'm with her without hiding or pretending. She really means a lot, and the best thing is my mom adores her. And once said "She's a keeper Ash, never let her go no matter what." When you mother says that you got to believe her, well because she is your mother.

She slid her tongue across my lower lip and I allowed her to enter. I pulled her closer to me as I tangled my finger through her black knight hair.

I kissed down from her jawline to her neck searching for her sweet spot as I sucked on it gently. I wondered my hands down to her panty line and put my hands into her underwear. I began to rubbing her slowly and gently teasing her and I realized that she was trying her best to keep herself from moaning. "Moan for Daddy." I whispered to her ear and bit her earlobe gently. But still she but her lip controlling the pleasure to moan.

I slid one finger inside of her and began teasing her. She connected her lips to mine as I slid the second finger and went faster and faster as she lightly let out a moan in my mouth.

I felt her hands went down to my jeans unzipping them. "Take them off daddy, we don't want your cock to rip your jeans apart, do we now." I shook my head no then I removed my hand from her core and licked her clean. I pulled down my jeans and my cloths as she did the same.

I separated her legs and connected my lips to her core sucking at her clit slowly. She let out a moan that she was keeping and I looked up at her and smiled. I began licking at her clit and she gripped onto my hair cursing out my name without a care about Calum in the other room. She was a moaning mess with how I was treating her right now. Her moans really turns me on.

"Fuck, I can't take it anymore." I got up and she furrowed her eyebrows at me.

"Whats wrong daddy." She asked with a worried reaction.

"I need to fuck you," I got on to of her connecting our lips and her tongue automatically slid in my mouth, I put myself in her trusting in and out slowly and with every trust she lets out a light moan.

"I love you," I gasped out

"I love you too daddy." She moaned out.


Ok well enough sex for now, lets get back to how are we going to get Calum and Lina together. They are both fucked as shit. And soooo hard headed.

Calum, Sex, oh my god. This the world is going to blow up in peaces.

Haha. So stay tuned.

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