Never Again (5SOS)

'Can I do this, should I do this, Can I fall in L..' I said to myself, I cant do this again, not again. I saw him there staring at me with his dark brown eyes. 'I cant not with him, his a player. All he wants is a night with you like Aaron did. I got up from the table to leave "whats wrong did I do something wrong" Calum said as he stood up grabbing my wrist stopping me from leaving. I pulled back and walked away without saying anything.


4. Chapter 3 // Hardcore

Next.. Chapter three, hardcore by Addy and Michael. Well the title really sums everything up. Be ready lovelies, Michael can really bring it. Hahaha..

Beware of hardcore by our sex master Michael Clifford!!

You were warned!!



I was back home, oh how I was glad to be home. I hate the fact that on my way to the taxi the creepy guy came up to me and started to kiss me like I was some kind of hoe or something. Well it was over before it started, he wasn't going to have a child for all I care after what I had did to him. I punched him across the face hard, and kicked his you know (dick) hard making him curled up into a ball on the side walk.

I changed into my pajamas and jumped into bed. I looked at my phone it was 10:59 and I also saw a text from Cat saying;

'Babe I'm sorry, I knew he was a creep. But the boys said he was ok. Tell the girls I'm at Luke's place. Be back in the morning, night Lina. Love ya'

I knew she was at Luke's place, she is always there after a party. She might look so innocent and nice, but don't be fooled by that. She is so much more then that.

I placed my phone on my table lamp and switched of the light, before you know it I was fast asleep.


It was 2:30 in the morning when something woke me up. I heard screaming and something fell and a glass shattering. I took my phone wanting to dial 911, but my phone was out if battery. 'PERFECT' I jumped out of my bed and reached for the nearest thing. I was terrified, is someone in the house. Are we being robbed.

I walked out slowly with a pillow in my hand. How do you kill a robber with a pillow. I was to scared to think,

Then I heard it "Oh Michael.. Faster baby faster." The sentence ended with a hard moan. The pillow in my hand dropped and so did my jaw. What the fuck, I got scared because someone was in Addy's room having hardcore sex. It must be Addy and Michael. What was all the shattering glass and all. Oh my god this is disgusting.

"Oh yeah, babe you make me feel so good." A male familiar voice let out. Ewww, I cant stand it anymore. This is just weird, its like walking in a room to find your parents having sex. 'YUCK!!'


The moaning stopped, I heard someone jumping off the bed then rushed to the door and the door creaked opened and Addy peaked out her head. "Lina you're home, I was hoping you were already hooking up with that guy, whats his name." She said

"Steve." Michael yelled from inside,

"Eww, that creep. No fucking way, I hate set ups. Now please keep it down." I turned and walked back into my room.

"Sorry Lina." Addy yelled before slamming the door.

I got back to bed wanting to continued to sleep when the sound of laughter and giggling and moaning started. Oh my god, I cant get a good night sleep like this. I closed my eyes trying to get the noises out if my head and sleep.

✖️Addy ✖️

Michael and I was in the dance floor dancing out hearts out. We were having the fun of our life, just the two of us and the world. I was full over drunk, we both were. But I could still see straight though. I was dancing all over him.

"Mikey." I danced more. I pushed him and he landed on the nearest couch and I gave him the lap dance he had wanted all night.

Then he pulled me on his lap and started to kiss me. And he was kissing me hard as he rubbed my thigh up and down turning me on. He let out a moan and whispered in my ear. "Babe, lets get out of here."

"Sure," I replied as I kiss him on the neck slowly.

"Your place, Calum is at my place."

"Ok" I got up and pulled him out if the club and stopped a taxi.

He were literally making out all the way back to our place (me and the girls).

No one would be there, Cat and Mel would be at the boys place. And Lina well I hope she is at that guy Steve's getting the night that she is missing all this years.

When we got to my place, I teased Michael while he was paying the cab driver, "Mikey hurry up, you dont want me to be alone in bed do you."

"Wait up babe."

When I saw him at the front door. I yelled "Catch me if you can," as I ran to my room and shut the door, not locking it though. Michael loves games, it turns him on. I hid my self in my closet, and waited for him. I heard my room door opened and slammed shut.

"Where could the girl be?" He spoke up, "come out come out wherever you are." Without any control I let out a giggle, revealing where I was hiding. He rushed to my closet and he opened the door. I squealed when he grabbed me into a rough hug spinning me around and his elbow hit my flower vase to the ground breaking it. "Opss, sorry." He pouted, I pulled him connecting out lips not caring about the vase.

Then he started kissing me hard, and carried me up from the waist, as if I was as light as a paper. he threw me on bed and got up on top of me, and continued kissing me hard.

I pulled the hem of his shirt, signaling him to take off his shirt. I bit my lip as he took off his shirt, looking at his gorgeous abs. He threw his shirt on the ground, as I ran my finger through his abs down to his crotch. I could feel him hard under his jeans. I untied his off his belt and threw it to the ground as he unbuckled his pants. I helped him with his pants as he struggles with it. When he slid off his pants leaving him in his boxers. He looked at me and bit his lips.

"Your turn!" He yelled. I sat up but he was still in front of me. I reached for my side zip before he grabbed my hand, I shook his head no "Not like that," I looked at him confused then he put his hand on the top of my shirt between my boobs and pulled it hard tearing them apart. Leaving me in my red bra and thongs "Hey, that is new." And threw them on the ground.

He pushed me hard on the bed and whispered to my ears, "I like it better thorn off, you." He looked at me and bit his lips, as I did the same. Looking up at him with his red hair, oh how they look good on him. I had dipped pink and it looked horrible.

He kissed my jawline and down to my collar bone as his hand went slowly down from my bare skin to my panties and teasing me from the fabric. When he hit my sweet spot I bit my lip containing the moan, he realized that I was keeping it in. "Let it out baby, don't keep it in." He whispered to my ear while his hand slowly slit under my panties teasing me hard and nibbles on my earlobe, I moaned out "Fuck," he sucked my collar bone leaving love bites.

I slowly slide my hands done to his crotch and started to massage him from the out side of his boxers. He moaned out my name with a curse, as he slid two fingers in me going in and out hard. I arched as the pleasure consumed me "Oh Michael.. Faster baby faster."ended with a hard loud moan as he liked.

I slowly slid my hand to his ass and pulled down his boxers revealing himself on my stomach. I grabbed him with me hand and started to give him a handjob. "Ohh, baby I love you." He moaned out. I felt my stomach turning, "baby I'm close." I gasped out of the pleasure that he was giving me as I squeezed his crotch, "ahh," he let out and pulled his fingers out of me, making me smirk at him. "We don't want you to cum before me do we." He let out, he bit his lips. Oh how I hated it when he teased me like that.

I pushed him rather roughly, making the bed bounce so I was on top of him and kissed him slowly down from his collar bone to his nipples making him giggle and down to his crotch. I grabbed him and slowly licking his tip as he let out a hard moan. "Stop teasing me," I put him in my mouth and bobbing it in and out slowly. The I felt his finger through my hair pulling on it. I pulled out and looked up at him as he looked down to me. "Why'd you stop?" I smiled "No touching or I will stop." He raised up his hand in surrender and I continued, he let out a few hard moan as I went faster and faster until I put all of him entirely in my mouth, deep throating him. He let out another hard moan cursing my name "Oh yeah, babe you make me feel so good."

"HEY COULD YOU TWO KEEP IT DOWN!! THERE IS SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE TRYING TO GET SOME SLEEP YOU KNOW!!" I heard a familiar voice yelled from outside my room as she banged on my room door.

I got off the bed as Michael sat up in shock, I rushed to the door and cracked open peaking out with an awkward smile, "Lina you're home, I was hoping you were already hooking up with that guy, whats his name." I said

"Steve." Michael yelled from inside,

"Eww, that creep. No fucking way, I hate set ups. Now please keep it down." She turned and walked back into her room.

"Sorry Lina." I yelled before slamming the door. When I turned I jumped as I saw Michael faced to face with me with a devilish smile, "Now where were we." He pushed me to the wall hard but still a little gentle. He carried me up as my legs wrapped around his waist. I let out a giggle and he unclad my bra, the clap was between my breast. He bit his lip and harshly sucked my collar bone. "No more teasing," he breath out on my collar bone as he adjust himself in me trusting hard in and out. "Moan my name baby, and moan it hard." He gasped out as he trusted in me faster and faster.

"Fuck Michael," I yelled out, it was like a porn video. He carried me to the bed as he slowly laid us down still in me, he was so good. He groan, his head pushed back as he trusted harder faster in me. I moaned, cursing his name repeatedly.

I pushed him as I got on top of him and bounced up and down and bended down kissing him on the lips slowly and passionately, and he slid his tongue in my mouth.

Then he bit my lower lip, pushing me back laying me down getting on top of me "I'm so close, but.." and pulling himself out and gave me a devilish smile. I know what he wanted me to do, "lay back babe" he did as I said and I slowly got to his crotch and put him in my mouth slowly sucking him making him groan "stop teasing," I followed him as he wish and put all of him and bobbed faster in and out until I felt a twitch and he cum in my mouth then I swallowed. I looked up at him and bit my lip, "your turn love," he pulled me up and got on top of me and went down spreading my leg and went between them to my core,

His tongue instantly knew what to do, exploring and dancing then he put three fingers in me pumping in and out fast as his tongue went through my core causing me to moan his name softly as I arch back grabbing on the mattress sheet. When he hit my my sweet spot I let out my satisfaction with a hard groan "F-Fuck Mikey, y-your so good." I felt my stomach turning "I'm so close." He went faster then I came on his tongue and he slurps my cum and smiles at me. I was gasping for air and smiled back at him. "Thank you baby," he climb to my side pulling the sheet and we cuddled.

"My pleasure love." He kissed my forehead and I felt my eyes going heavy and fell fast asleep.


I literally had a lot of fun writing this chapter, I literally imagined Michael as the sex master. I love imagine him as the sex master. Shitt!! Hahahahaha..

So how is it. My next chapter is Mr.Giggle himself. Maybe I'm gonna put a little daddy kink in it. What do you think. Hahahaha.

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