Never Again (5SOS)

'Can I do this, should I do this, Can I fall in L..' I said to myself, I cant do this again, not again. I saw him there staring at me with his dark brown eyes. 'I cant not with him, his a player. All he wants is a night with you like Aaron did. I got up from the table to leave "whats wrong did I do something wrong" Calum said as he stood up grabbing my wrist stopping me from leaving. I pulled back and walked away without saying anything.


3. Chapter 2 // Perfect


She turned walked away from me, how could she resist me. But she was right, I will remember that I owe her, I always do. But that was the first time we actually kissed, she was really good at it to. No girl has ever turned me on in a make out session before, I'm already turned on before finding a girl to sleep with. Ussually, I would ask her to help me with math. She is very good in math, and I really need to get good result to keep up with soccer. She hates me a lot, and I actually know why. And I feel so bad of doing that to her, not having her back that time.

I had to, Christina wasnt going to sleep with me if I ever did it. It was worth it, how would I put this she fucks hard. And I didnt feel sorry for that.

What made her more furious was when her friends and the boys asked me why wasnt she talking to me. All I answered was "I have no idea"

That's mean, I know but what was I suppose to do, she had a boyfriend back then. I had to entertain myself. Lina is a sweet naive and shy. But when you really get to know her for her, she is a cool girl. She has a good sence in music, movies, cars and so on.

She is too good for me.

And too good means bad trouble, I have been hurt once. Never again will I get hurt, fooled, manipulated like that again. That girl made me like this, addicted to sex, pleasure, girls. I never seatled down with one girl more then a night, after what that girl did to me (not Lina)

I got to the danced flood and spotted a brunnett staring at me, oh how hot she was. I walked up to her "Hi, I'm Calum.."

"And I'm drunk" she cut me of before I could finish my sentence, she got up and whispered to my ear, me eyes lit up when she said the magic word. I didnt need to do anything, not even flirt. Girls just come jumping to suck my dick, and that's how I like it. She pulled me out and she called out for a cab.


✖️ Cat ✖️

I got back to Luke's place not that drunk actually, he doesn't need me to be drunk to get me in bed really. I love him and he loves me, we have got into so many fights but it never last for so long. He is just too sweet and quiet a charm speaker when it comes to apologizing.

Luke's place it very well organize and tidy. He isn't like any other guy out there, sometimes. He went to the kitchen to fetch some champagne, I walked into his room then heard my phone ring, it was a text from Lina.

'Cat tell the others I'm heading home, don't worry about me ok.

Love Lina ❤️'

Then I remembered, Lina was alone, I knew she wouldn't like that Steve guy. He is too weird, but the boys said that he was cool. So we agreed, I felt bad about leaving Lina like that while the girls and I are having fun. I had to go home, Luke would understand.

Then I felt arms wrapping around my waist slowly as he rest his chin on my shoulder "What are you thinking about a love."

"Lina texted saying that she was heading home, alone. I have to go see if she is alright." I pushed his arms off to walk out the room but he was fast he quickly wrapped his arms tightly around my waist not letting me leave. "She'll be fine."

I tried to worm myself out of his grip, but he was too strong. "She needs me."

"But I need you more." He answer as he genteelly pressing his lips against the bare skin on my neck. My heart began to flutter and a sensation running through me. "L-Luke" I gasped out, he was tickling me, "Stop please, She is alone." My sentence ends with a soft moan.

Luke can really make me feel so special, so unique.

My dad would totaly kill him then me if he find out that I'm sleeping with him. Even though they adore Luke but they will never aprove of that kind of thing. Well my dad doesnt, my mom is a different story. She is a very cool mom, she knows that I'm sleeping with Luke. The only thing that she had to say was stay protected and careful.

He turned me and we were faced to faced, his ocean blue eyes stared down to my green eyes. I have never been so in love with someone this much. "I love you, Cat." He blurred out and smiled. He is so dreamy, how we feel in love was pretty weird.

He leaned over and our lips colide. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tighter to him as our tounge explored each others mouth. His arms going through my shirt to my butt.

He slowly pushed me and I landed on his comfy bed, I sat there helping him get undress looking up to his abs. How the hell did I end up with this perfect guy. I ran my hands through his body, that made him giggled.

He took off the dress that I was in and left me there with my red sexy Victoria secret in wear. Looking up at him as he pushed me slowly and got up on top of me. He placed his soft lips on my neck and kissed it slowly to my collarbone. He sucked at my collarbone and I let out a soft moan, enough to make him giggled.

"L-Luke," I gasped out, his cold hands went down from my shoulder to my breast to the middle hook in between my bra and he unlatched the hook exposing my breast. He began sucking down to my breast and to my nipple, I let out a moan as his hand moved down and rubbed over my underwear, making me squirm at the sudden contact. He continues to move his fingers back and fourth, as I grip onto to mattress sheet and let out a hard moan.

He pulled down my underwear and kissed slowly from my breast down and started to eat me out, causing me to arch my back in shock.

He was sucking on my clit and I was biting my lips and let out a hard moan. He then switch his tongue to his finger and rubbed my clit and stuck his tongue in my entrance and it felt so good. And as I felt so close to coming he pulled away. And connected our lips, as we were making out I traced my hands down to his jeans and pulled off his belt before unzipped his pants.

He got off me and struggled out his skinny jeans. Him and his tight skinny jeans, I knew where he would always put his condoms. I wormed my way to the side of his bed and slid open the drawer and took out a piece of plastic. I turned to him and smiled, "Do you need some help with..?"

He took the condom from my hand and put it on before he entered me.

I moaned, well fuck. It felt do good.

When we both came, he layed down beside me and cuddled up, since we were both tired.

When I looked to my side he was already fast asleep he looked so peaceful. I took the sheet and wrapped us both under it before I fell asleep.


This story wont just be about one girl and one guy. It will be about all of them. So I would really need ideas, if you guys have anything. Please do help.

Sorry about the sex part, it sucks I know. I'm a virgin, I don't know how it feels to be having sex with anyone. Hihi, or even having a make out session. I'll try my best ok.

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