Never Again (5SOS)

'Can I do this, should I do this, Can I fall in L..' I said to myself, I cant do this again, not again. I saw him there staring at me with his dark brown eyes. 'I cant not with him, his a player. All he wants is a night with you like Aaron did. I got up from the table to leave "whats wrong did I do something wrong" Calum said as he stood up grabbing my wrist stopping me from leaving. I pulled back and walked away without saying anything.


14. Chapter 13 // Rose Tattoo


I woke up to screaming and squealing from downstairs, they could wake up early here. I got up and headed to the bathroom and took a shower before putting on a simple outfit. A black T-shirt and sweatpants, I had no plan on partying, my plan now is to go to the beach for start on my poem/song.

I headed down with a guitar that belonged to Addy, "Hey girls, morning." Addy and Ashton was cooking, it looked like pancakes. Lots of em, "Morning sleeping beauty," Luke teased with a smile, after that night Luke and I put the 'thing' in our past. We haven't talked about it at all, but he seems to be happy with Cat so I assume he didn't even remember it.

"So who was the lucky guy last night?" Cat asked in curiosity, all eyes was on me. Then I realized that Calum wasn't there, where could he be? Wait why would I care, "It was Jamie, his mother wanted to talk to me." I said proudly, his mother told me that I was the first girl that she had ever talked to. And that she cant wait to see me in person. "Oh really, until 2 in the morning." Addy teased, "Well at least I didn't disturb anyone from their slumber, unlike some people," I said sarcastically "Ohh, faster..." I moan out but didn't get to finish my sentence cause I started to laugh hysterically, the others laughed along except for Michael and Addy. When I was done I realized that I still hadn't seen Calum, "Where's Calum?" I asked then regretted that I ever did, "His out to see his family, why. Miss him already?" Cat answered and her last sentence ended sarcastically, "urrghhh, no way. Just curious. I'll be outside working on my project." I rolled my eyes and got up snatch the guitar and my scrap book then walked outside with a piece of pancake hanging out my mouth.


I had to get out of this house, why was I jealous when I saw Jamie's ID caller on Lina's phone and who was he to call Lina until 2 in the morning.

I went back to my place, and lied to the others saying that I was going to see my parents. Well a lie wont hurt anyone. As soon as I got inside I went straight to the bar. My bar, it was fully stocked, but I love wines. Especially vintage wines, the taste, the smell are so rich, it made me fell in love all over again. I haven't been here for 3 whole years, I miss this place. My sister uses this place when she is back here. And when I walked to the living room my heart stopped.

Why is that stupid picture still there, I walked to it and put it facing down "Bitch," I cursed out, what should I do today? I took a sip of the sweet wine. "Maybe the beach would be cool"


I drove to the beach that was near Mel's beach house so I would be back before dark for the party. With my ear phones blasting in full volume playing the song 'American Idiot - Greenday' I took my shoes off before walking along the beach. Bopping my head as I hum the song, then I saw someone I was avoiding this whole day. The reason I lied to the others, she was sitting under a tree with a guitar in her hand, I never knew that she could play. I knew that she had a beautiful voice but she was never really committed to singing or even playing.

Should I walk up to her or not, My heart was beating fast as the song changed, "Oh my god Calum, just go up to her. It not like she's going to eat you or anything." I said to myself as I unplugged the earphones and turned off the song. I walked up to her slowly and stopped when I saw her threw a pen to the beach sand. What's wrong with her, I took the pen and walked over to her "I think you dropped something," I said holding out the pen to her with a smile just from looking at her with her messy hair and balls of papers around her. What has this girl been doing all day?

She looked up and was shocked to see me "Umm, Calum.. yeah thank you" she took the pen from me and put her hand on her face then started to cry, "hey hey, whats wrong." I hushed as I got down to comfort her. She looked up at me with her red puffy eyes, "I-I c-cant do t-this," she choked out "its too hard" ok I'm confused now, but she just kept crying her eyes out as she wrapped her arms around my waist. To be honest I'm enjoying this more then I think. I didn't know what to say, all I did was rubbed her back in circle. Then I noticed that she had a rose tattoo behind her waist, I never knew she had a tattoo. I always knew her as this good girl who never get in trouble.

When she stopped she pulled away and straighten herself up, she still looks cute when she's all wrecked up. "Now tell me whats wrong," I said as I put my finger under her chin pushing her facing me. Her beautiful brown eyes, those eyes reminds me of hope.

Wait stop, Calum. What are you saying. You cant fall for her, she is no one. She is just that girl you once liked.


"Now tell me whats wrong," he said pushing my chin up to face him, why is he so nice to me. Everything about him is different from this view. Since that kiss and that almost kiss he has been so different. I have been so different, why does he make me feel like this. Snap out of it, Jamie's the good guy, and Calum isn't. His a jerk that wasn't to get in my pants

"Nothing," I sat back tying my hair back to a ponytail. And put back my glasses. "Why do you do that?" He blurred out looking confused "Do what?"

"That, first you'll be like sweet and then you'll act like nothing happened."

"Why do you care Calum. Its not like I'm the only one who does it."

"Thats different."

"Whats so different about it,"

"Its just is"

"Urrgghh, just leave me alone Cal. I have enough problem."

"Ok, I'm sorry, but please do tell me whats wrong."

I took my scrap book and the guitar "its none of your business." Then got up and walked away, back to the beach house. Leaving him there shocked and speechless. Why am I so rude to him. And why the fuck does he care about whats wrong in my life. Urrghhh he is so confusing, first his this two face jerk who sleeps with every girl he meets, then his this sweet innocent guy who suddenly comes and comforts you and cares. Why do I even care, its not like I like him. Do I?


Ok I'm out of ideas,

Urrmm I'll try to update if I got fresh ideas on how this should go.

But for now I have to study. I flunk an important test that determines my whole life. And I'm gonna have to retake it.

Bye love you..

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