Never Again (5SOS)

'Can I do this, should I do this, Can I fall in L..' I said to myself, I cant do this again, not again. I saw him there staring at me with his dark brown eyes. 'I cant not with him, his a player. All he wants is a night with you like Aaron did. I got up from the table to leave "whats wrong did I do something wrong" Calum said as he stood up grabbing my wrist stopping me from leaving. I pulled back and walked away without saying anything.


13. Chapter 12 // Plan


Mel's beach house was huge, the girls and I have been there twice and I still get the jitters when I step into the place. I'm the only one between my friends who doesn't have big houses like this. Addy, she has a cabin, and not the small and dirty kind. Its the bug and fancy kind that was three story high and has a pool in the backyard and hot tub on the rooftop. Her father left the house just for her. And what do I have, nothing.

"This place is HUGE..." Calum spoke up, pulling the 'U'. He read my mind. This place never gets old of just looking at it. It has 5 bedroom and 5 bathroom including the master bedroom. The kitchen is big and it also has a bar. "Oh come on Calum, yours aren't that bad either." Mel teased. Calum has his own place here in Sydney. And it was also huge, he lives alone. How I know that, well we were ones close friends.

Michael, Luke and Calum has never seen Mel's beach house before, well except Ashton. His been here too many times. So its not a shock that their jaws was wide open and speechless.

"Ok, so lets split up and for the ones that knows the place show the newbies. Well have fun." Mel suggested then grabbed Ashton's arm and lead him to the beach. Well its obvious that the other are taking the partner and left me with Calum. "So, its just you and me then." Calum spoke as he placed his on my neck. His breath in my neck made me nervous, he made me nervous. I don't even know why, snap out of it Lina. He is no good. I took a step forward away from him, "Urrmm, I-" before I could nervously make a fool of myself Calum saved it for me. "Shall we." He said as he hold out his hand like a gentlemen. I saw the smirked in his face and that made me wonder, maybe he just wants to try to get in my pants. Yup thats it. He has been trying since that night in the club. You cant loose to him not now not ever. Just remember why you hate him in the first place. He is not cute or hot in anyway. Wait what!

"I will show you around, but I will not touch you." I said sarcastically before turning and headed up the stairs. Followed by stunned Calum. Why the hell did I do that for, he was just trying to be nice. Urrghhh Lina why are you getting soft with him.



"Told you its not going to work," I told Ashton as we both stood out at the backyard eavesdropping on Lina and Calum. "She is just to stubborn, and he is just well him." I continued. I turned to face Ashton who was staring at me from top to bottom as he bit his lower lip. "Ashton!" I teased as I walked down to the beach, I love the view here. It just peaceful. "Mel, we cant rush true love. Lets them figure it out on their own. The only thing we can do is give them a little push." He said, as he wrapped his arms around my waist, how the hell did I get him. He always knows what to say when to say it. And everything he says always makes sense.

"I love you, you know that." I said as I turned to face him. I love every inch of him. His eyes, his nose, his cheeks, his lips, his dimples. Even his long hair. I don't really understand why he had to keep it that long but as long as his happy with it I am. The hair to me doesn't define who he really is. But still I love seeing him in shorted hair.

"I love you to babe." He replied as hr leaned closer and gave me a peck on the lips before he hoisted me up into his arms. I squealed as he walked while holding me tight. "Your not doing what I think your doing Ash." I huffed , his always doing this to me. I know that his big and strong and I was small and venerable. I was the smallest among the 4 girls.

"I'm totally doing what you think I'm going to do Mel." I replied with a devilish smile, "Don't you da-" before I could finish he jumped in the cold ocean making me grabbed him tightly across his neck. "I hate you," I yelled between laughters "I love you too babe."


The art work on the ceiling is so unique and looks so complicated. "Luke what are you doing?" Cat said as she hopped on the bed beside me joyfully. "Nothing just admiring the art work." I answered still not taking my eyes off the ceiling. Then my mind went to when we were at the airport. Lina was blushing when she got off Calum. And why the hell was he carrying her anyway. I have never seen her blush that much since, well since Aaron. And she was in love back then. She cant be, not to a guy that could hurt 10 girls on one time.

"Luke," Cat was now on top of me snapping me to reality. "Yes," I answered softly, I stared at Cat. Why the hell am I feeling this way, why am I having doubts over do I still love Cat or have I ever loved her. 'Snap out of it Cat, you love her and only her. She's my first and my last.'


"Michael stop!" I yelled, "Stttopp!" I yelled between giggle. He was tickling me like crazy, we picked the room with best view of the beach. "Ok, now I'm done." Michael giggled, and he hopped on the bed beside me. "Babe can I ask you something?" He said in a serious tone as he looked over at me.

"Sure, what's up?" I answered as I turned to face him placing my elbow on the bed and my chin on the palm of my hand facing him. "Why him?" He asked looking up at the ceiling. "Why not him?"

"I mean well his him. How would you know that Lina even wants to be with him?" He asked


"Calum, get out please." I demand nicely, he was laying back on my bed crossing his hand behind his head. "What if I don't want to." He chuckled out. "You do know the we're the only ones without couples here right, so we might as well get cozy with each other," he sat up looking at me as he wiggled his eyebrow, why is he so cute "Just ge-" before I could finish my phone rang, and when I looked down to see who it was Calum snatch the phone from me and frowned as he saw the screen name. Why is he frowning? Then he threw my phone on the bed and left the room without a word said. Whats gotten into him, first his nice and cheesy and next his just well him. Is he bipolar or something, I gotta ask the boys that later.


So hihi😱😱😱 who was it, whats with Luke? Whats with Calum?

Do suggest what should happen next, so I maybe could update twice in a day for you lovelies..

Plus I have a new fanfic, its about Michael Clifford. Titled 'I Will NOT!!' Do try read vote and maybe comment a little. Thanks love..

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